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Scott County, Indiana
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Lynching of Marion Tyler

Contributor: Randi Richardson

Jackson (MICH) Citizen Patriot, December 26, 1898, p. 1.

NOTE: The article below was abbreviated from the original as noted by the ellipsis. The first part of the article was essentially like that noted in the Indiana State Journal on December 28, 1898.


Masked Men Take Marion Tyler from Jail; They Hang Him to a Tree Close By

Scottsburg, Indiana, Dec. 26-A lynching took place here late Friday night and the procedure was so quiet that few of the residents knew of the occurrence until morning. Marion Tyler was the victim.

This is the first hanging in the history of Scot County either by law or by lynching.

Tyler's parents, residing at McLanesboro, Ill., were notified.

Tyler was married to Mrs. Laura Terrell of this place in the spring of 1897, and after with his wife removed to Indianapolis where they spent several months but did not live happily together. Mrs. Tyler left her husband and returned to her mother at this place. After her return here, Tyler made several trips to this city and attempted to get her to return with him, which she refused to do. September 3, Tyler came here to see his wife, and after she again refused to live with him, he shot her twice in the head and then shot himself. The wounds of each were at the time thought to be fatal, but up to the time of the lynching, both were recovering.

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