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Letter contributed by Cheryl Bierer, Kay Hamlyn and Delores Julian.

John McTarsney served in the Indiana Volunteer Infantry 93rd Regiment Company B. He Died in Andersonville, Ga.

September 22, 1863

Dear Wife,


I know take my pen in hand to inform you that I am well. Thank God forit and hoping that when those few lines comes to hand will find you andfamily well and happy to have received your letter dated the 13th of Augustand I was very glad to hear that you were all well. That is a long timeago now. Think that one a month will do but I would like one a week thenI would think it long enough to not hear from you or see you but I thinkthe time is not far distant when will get home to stay with you and thechildren forever. I have saw it in the papers where General Hill sent forour General, he told that the war was at ? (that's the word I couldn't understand)but there would be another battle yet at Culpepper. Celia we are seventeenmiles from Vicksburg. We are on picket every other night and that it (sic)pretty hard but we must stand it. Celia I have sent you three letters andI get no answer and I was not going to write until I would get one but Icould not stand it any longer. I do want you to write often for it doesme good to hear from you if I can't see you. If I knew the post office thatBill Mitchel gets his letters in would send James a letter for I want tohear from him, he might write to me. Celia, I am trying to get home on afurlow and if I do that wil be in the next month. I have told the Captainand he said to put in the next time but if I hear that peace is made sothat I could get home in two or three months I will not go. I don't liketo spend the moeny for it is hard to earn and you do stand in need of it.Celia for my part I try hard and spend as little as possible but everythingis high here that we want well. I suppose that you heard we had Chattanoogaand General Steel took Little Rock in Arkansas, that is the capitol of thatState and we have Fort Sumter so that the rebels has no way to get anything that they want so they are bound to give up.

Celia give my best respects to Mr. Broshers and familyand James Mallon and family and Mrs. Renalds and James Ulmerand family. Celia write often and what is going on in Centerville. ThomasI do want to see you and Josephine and Bill to see how big you have grewsince I left you. So no more at present but remain your affectionate husbanduntil death. You said you would like to have two blankets but I can't sendthem.Thought I woulda got home on furlow but the furlow is played out fora while. Celia we are now in good quarters and I think we will enjoy themthis winter. Anyhow we are on duty every other day but it's not like marchingthrough the mud and rain and lay down on the ground at night. James I wantyou and Billey to go to school if there is any near you and try and learnto write and sypher (cipher) and Tommy and Jody must stay at home with youand be good children to I come home and I will send them to school to. Celia want you to get meat and flower (flour) for yourself and try and liveas well as you can for you don't know how long you may live and as soonas I get paid I will send you more and that will be in this month I thinkand I hope the will. Celia I got the needle and thread that you sent me.Ido wish that you could send one every week and I would be satisyed (satisfied).You sold your cow and lost eight dollars that woulda bought a right smartof feed for her. I wish that you could have kept her it would have helpyou and 8 dollars is hard to get but it can not be help. You done the bestyou could. You must buy one in the spring or when you can. Celia, I wantyou to take care of yourself and your children and that God may bless youall and keep you from all harm. Give my love to Lizzie and Mary Jane. Celiawrite as soon as you get this one. So no more at present but remain yourloving husband.


Signed John McTarsney

Celia McTarsney.

Celia I want to know whether StuartBroshers is in the army or not.