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Alumni Banquet May 10, 1913


Prof. H. G. Knight  -  Toastmaster


“Our Yesterdays” -  Gilbert Martin ‘04


“Who’s Who?” -  Lynn Craig ‘10


“When Cupid Shied His Little Lance”  -  Marie Casey ‘11


“In Times to Come  -  Bertha Cravens ‘02


“The Lucky Unlucky”  -  H. A. Jones ‘09


“The Seniors”  -  Paul Darrah ‘13






When Cupid Shied His Little Lance


Mr. Toastmaster, Alumni:


When cupid shies his little lance, something usually happens – be it in high school or the world at large.  It seems to be that mischievous little god’s business to make unsuspecting people fall in love.  This blissful condition – so ably defined by Geo. Fitch, as a “squashy condition of the head produced by an appetite in the heart” causes great and mighty changes in the lives of the victims.  It is a grand thing for the heart, enlarging it to many times its former capacity, but what it does for the mind is mournful to contemplate.


Love blinds the eyes, warps the judgement, spoils the taste, weakens the will and upsets the fondest parental plans.  It also softens the disposition, takes the sting out of misfortune, makes hard work worth while, and fills the land with happy homes.


It preys upon the old and the young alike, the dignified teacher as well as the susceptible pupil.  In proof that this wonderful little god has always been a favorite of Scottsburg High School and has received great encouragement and proper treatment from faculty and students, let facts be submitted to a candid world.


Of the 130 graduates of SHS not counting the present class, more than one third have succumbed to Cupid’s darts.  Three classes, 1900, ’01, and ’05 have been entirely depopulated by the irresistible god.  The majority of classes ’98, ’02 and ’06 walked blindly but joyfully into his net – and classes ’03, ’07 and ’09 gave cupid great returns.


No class has been entirely slighted by Cupid, yet it seems that ’10 and ’11 were by no means favorites.  Not however because there were not anxious and willing subjects in these classes, for Flora Garriott, Bruce McCullough, Leland Hougland, Lynn Craig and Prince Hazzard were members – but cupid’s quiver carried mostly the leaden tipped darts.  Only three fatalities are recorded.


Of those who have married and “lived happily ever afterward” the following are worthy representatives – Mr. and Mrs. Jurgens, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Vest, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Wells, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Reid, and Mr. and Mrs. Garriott Cravens.


A number of Bachelor maids who perhaps have had chances, have resisted all assaults of cupid.  Those who stand high in the Noble Order of Bachelors are Permelia Boyd, Rhoda Hazzard, Bertha Craven, Janie Collins, Maude Higgins, Ethel Hubbard, Mary Thomas and Bernice Darrah.


Among the “Spinster Gentlemen” we find Bro. Martin, “Shorty” Hardy, Jonesy, Bob Morgan, Bill Gamble, and Morton Higgins.  Nothing they can do will induce Cupid to bestow any favors upon them.  They are lost.


The incurables, or those chronically in love, number Hudson Biery, Wm. Bina Johnson, Lee Craig, Harry Wells, Mabel Dalton, Isis Hougland and Hazel Bennett, Lambert Dismore.  If anyone knows of anything to allay or mitigate such a condition, he will be regarded as a public benefactor if he can help these love-lorn creatures.


Cupid has his watchful eye on all of the class of 1913, and three-fourths of the faculty, also Merle Storen, Mary Gladden, Clarice Morgan, Halcy Hughbanks, Bess Hubbard and Grace Wells.  From present indications the fatalities will be appalling.


Here’s to them!!


Love can be cured but it isn’t worthwhile.  It is far too fascinating in its terrible progress.  Those who know, say that Love makes the world go round, but Prof. Reeves says it does more than that.  It makes the world go round & round & round & round with a perfectly divine dizziness.  If it does all this, no wonder cupid has been enthroned as the patron saint of Scottsburg High School and therefore will be indefinitely continue to “shy his little lance.”




---Marie Casey



Scottsburg High School Alumni Association (1898 – 1913)


Class of 1898


Permelia Boyd

Leibert Weir

Goldie Spellman Jurgens


No class of 1899


Class of 1900

Lawrence Price

Horace Harrod

Maude McCullough McCracken

Class of 1901

Mae Johnson McCarren

Carrie Higgins McCullough

Ora B. Reid


Class of 1902

Myrtle Bridgewater Mitchell                       Leda Montgomery Johnson

Edna Reid Partlow                                             Rhoda Hazzard

Bertha Cravens                                         Rosa Ray

Ada Fisher                                               Mabel Robison McCullough

James J. Weir                                           Paul Cranford

Harvey B. Alexander


Class of 1903


Mary Price                                               Delmar R. Weir

James Y. McCullough                                Frank P. Dismore


Class of 1904

Janie Evelyn Collings                                Clinton Howard Gamble

Albert Alonzo Hartley                                Alice Ethel Hazzard

Lettie Jane McCullough Reid                      Maude Pearl Higgins

Bessie Myrtle Weir Reid                             J. Gilbert Martin


Class of 1905


Clifford Lawson Reid


Class of 1906


Grace Thomas Smith                                  Floyd Dennis Robertson

Maud Hougland Fewell                             Jessie Alton Vest

Ethel Hubbard                                          Grace Rawlings Anderson

William E. Wallace                                   Allan Barlow Hardy

Isalme Wilson                                           Fred Thurman Gladden

Blanche Ray Smith                                             Floy Vest Gudgel


Class of 1907


Sylva Ellsworth Bennett                             Garriott Marion Cravens

Von Cravens Garriott                                 Bertha Lucinda Hanger

Carl Morton Higgins                                 Lydia Myrtle Hougland Wells

Joseph Ellson Hougland                             Zella Jones

Jesse William Miner                                  Raymond Jacob Reece

Lloyd Elwin Reid                                      Merle Storen

Anna Elizabeth Hougland Vest


Class of 1908


Hudson Raymond Biery                              Victoria Carlyle

Avery Elbert Carlyle                                  Delmar Lee Cooley

Lillie Harriett Hazzard                               Fred Herbert McCullough

Clarice Beatrice Morgan                            Carrie Haines Price

Mary Maud Robison                                  Mary Thomas

Sarah Virginia Zaring Thompson


Class of 1909


Grace Moffit Stout                                     Paul Hudson Carlyle

Herman Albert Jones                                 Mildred Ethel Tyson Baker

Ernest Cline Morgan                                 Walter Quinton Davis

Mary Viola Gladden                                  William Bina Johnson

Gilbert Munsen Higdon                              Garriott Lee Gamble

Pluma Mary Cortner Heidenrich



Class of 1910


Leland Hougland                                      Webster Collins

Thomas Guernsey                                      Flora Carriott

Sadie Cravens                                           Mary Reece

Louis Schuler                                            Lee Craig

Hazel Hendricks                                        Lynn Craig

Halcy Hughbanks                                      James Ray

Bruce McCullough                                    Clarence Rawlings

Bess Hubbard


Class of 1911


Ruby Skeel                                                Lena Schneck

Olivia Gail Sparks Davis                            Morrison Verner Weir

Cora Williams                                           Grace Ann Wells

Earl H. Cranford                                       Hazel Glenn Bennett

Mabel Dalton                                           Lambert Dismore

Prince A. Hazzard                                     Anna Belle Higdon Rawlings

William Storen                                          Bertha Cortner

Flossie Corwin                                          Marie Casey

Lee Christie                                              Verda Mae Blunt

Lillian Agnes Carlysle                                Landry D. Cravens


Class of 1912


Emma Collins Gamble                               Edna Craigie

Clarence Follick                                        Mae Fleming

Claude Gladden                                        Asa Rogers

Ina Zaring                                                Estelle Polk

Grace Helmrich                                         Bessie Harrison

Myrl McCartney                                        Alice Mitchell

Mabel Peeler                                            Harry Wells

Josephine Shea                                          Bernice Darrah





Class of 1913


Grace Boatman                                         Andrew Bollack

Ethel Bottorff                                            Bessie Carlyle

Roscoe Cooley                                          Lola Craig

Viva Dale Craig                                        Adah Cravens

Frank Cravens                                          Paul Darrah

Forrest Everitt                                          Avery Gardner

Bruce Hardy                                             Roscoe Hinds

Nettie Hougland                                        Atlas Mann

Leo McCaffrey                                          Mae McCullough

Mae Meranda                                           Frank Miller

Kate Permelia Morrison                             Ada Nunamaker

Otto Shirley                                              Esther Thomas

Louise Ulmer                                            Lawrence Williams




U. F. Lewis                                              Mrs. Jennie G. Wilson

Willard L. Morrison                                  Charles Deibler

Sanford Murphy                                        J. E. Graham

T. J. Kirby                                                Agnes E. Wilson

Hershel G. Rynerson                                  Waldo F. Mitchell

R. H. Weir                                                Daisy Trout

J. D. Darnell                                            H. A. Jones

J. O. Cooley                                             L. E. Reeves

Dora Wilson                                                      S. L. Rickard

Bess Hubbard                                           Grace Wells