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Stones in Sellersburg Cemetery
Clark County, Indiana

Photos by Richard L. Pearson
(Photos taken 2005 and 2006)

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B. B. S. - footstone

Back, Charles R., Amy Jo., & Patricia

Bagshaw, Brenda J.

Bagshaw, Charles Jr.

Bagshaw, Henry; same stone as Sarah & Thomas
Thomas & Sarah

another view

Bagshaw, Stanley E

Bagshaw, Joyce M.

Bailey, Charles F. & Mabel C., John E., & Mary E.

Baker, Alva E. & Myrtle N.

Baker, Lide & John W.

Baker, Morrison H & Ruth M.

Baker, Thomas E. & Genevieve
Military marker - WW II

David Bruce (infant)

Inf. Dau. of T. E. & G.

Inf. Son of T. E. & E. G.

Ball, Clarence & Catherine

Ball, James Stephen, Husband of Wanda

Balmer, Mark Russell "Moose"
Back of Stone has: "Children-Russell & Sarah

distant view of stone

Banet, Paul A. Sr. & Alice M. (new Grave 5 - 2006)

Banks, John D. "Joe" & Betty M.

Barksdale, Caroline, Lucy M., and Richard E
distant view

Barnes, Charles W. & Norma B.
Military marker

Barnes, Patricia

Barnes, Ruth Ann - Dau. of Charles & Bertha

Barnett, Barbara May

Barnett, Dionna Lynn (infant)

Barnett, Jacob L. & Maggie M.

Barnett, Riley E & Edna
Military WW II

Barnett, Thomas M - same marker as Edna & Riley E.
Miltary - Vietnam

Barnett, Wilmer F. & Anice J. Hope

Barton, Marion H. & Dorotha L.

Bary, Harold - Military marker

Bates, Gertrude Martin, Daughter of Vina

Bates, Joseph W & Gertrude M.
Joseph W. - Military WW I

Baugh, Arthur M. "Son"

Baugh, Julia A. & James

Baugh, Sarah J., Wife of Felix
another view

different view

another view

Baum, Pearl M.

Baxter, Drusilla Belle, Wife of L. E.

Baxter, Eddie C.
Military marker

Baxter, Edna May

Baxter, Emmett O. & Shirley
another view

Baxter, May

Baxter, Raymond G Sr. & Esther E
view from a distance

Baxter, Raymond G. Jr. - Military - Korea

Baxter, Roy J. & Sally Uhl
distance view

Baxter, Walter E & Cora M.
Walter E. - Military - WW I

Bean, Harry H.
distance view

Bean, Laura B. - Daut. of W. E. & G [or C] _. - "Bron New Albany"

Bean, Nannie
distance view

Bean, William E. & Caroline A.
distance view

Bearden, Emma G. Bloore

Beaver, Robert W & Dorothy E.
Robert W. - Military marker WW II

Beavin, Curtis B. & Mary F.
Military marker

Beck, Alice Crowther

Beck, Chas. Pinckney & Mary A.

Beck, Edward L. & Gladys A.

Beck, John Norman

"Beck Sisters" - Alice "Betty" & Margaret "Peggy"

Bedell, Mary F.

Orval & Mary F. - distant view

Bedell, Virgil K & Lorene A.

Bedell, William E. & Vivian Popp

Bednarchik, John & Mary K. 2

Behrens, Herman F. "Doc"
Military marker

Behrens, Ruby

Bell, Margarett, wife of A. R.
distance view

Benson, Charles E & Alma R.
Charles E. - Military - WW II

Benson, James V. - Military marker - WW I

Benson, Louise

Benson, Maria C. - same marker as Arthur & Marie C. Vandevert

Benson, Rex & Daniel, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles (infants)

Benson, Ruth J.

Benton family stone (tall stone in background)

Robert B.

Berry, Alvin (infant) and Baby Sister (Infant)

Berry, Anna D. & Harry M.

Berry, Margaret Ann, Daughter of R. D. & C. L. (infant)

Berry, Paul O. & Elzora Morris Zippin

Berry, Peggy - Funeral home marker

Berry, Roy F. & Helen S.

Beyl, Arthur & Lula
distant view

Beyl, Arthur Jr. (child)

Beyl, Benjamin F.

Beyl, Benjamin H.

Beyl, Clarence & Katherine

Beyl, David R & Debora L.
David Robert - Military

Beyl, Donald Lee - Military marker - WW II

Beyl, Earl C. & Judy A. & Catherine S.

Beyl, Earl W. & Alice J.
distance view

Beyl, Ervin J.

Beyl, Florence E. & Paris L.

Beyl, Homer & Erma M. & Cecil

Beyl, Ida & Frank

Beyl, John Melvin & Peggy Baxter
John M. -Miltary marker

Beyl, Leroy L.

Beyl, Lillie Amos

Beyl, Lucy Beavin

Beyl, Minnie K.

Beyl, Paul Robert
Military - WW II

Beyl, Robert E. & Iris L

Beyl, Roscoe J. & Lillie Amos
Different view

Roscoe J. - Inscription

Beyl, Vivian F.

Biggs, Alberta R.

Biggs, Blanche E. & Ralph A.

Biggs, Eldon E. "Gene" & Brenda Ford

Biggs, Eldon G. & Cleda F.
distant view

Biggs, John Herman - Military marker

Biggs, Ralph A. Jr.

Bigler, William Andrew - Military marker WW II

Bilbrey, Patricia Ann

Binger - William, Claudia, Harlan, and Ralph

Bingham, Charles - Military stone - Wagoner 166th 42 Div

Bischoff, Edward P.

Mary Ann, Wife of Robt. D.

"Little Grovie"', Daughter of Robt. D. & Mary A.

Blakley, Alton E & Neoma E.
Military marker - WW II

Blakley, Clarence R.

Blakley, James Howard

Blakley, Joe T. & Anna

Blakley, King & Margaret Jean

Blakley, Walter E. & M. Pauline
another view

Blankenship, Roderick S. - Military

Blanton, Virgil & Shirley

Blevins, Allison H. & Flora A.

Blevins, Josie & LeRoy

Blincoe, James H. Sr. & Peggy J.

Blincoe, Joseph D. & Mae

Blincoe, Richard M. & Catherine A.

  • Bline, James L. & Mabel W.

  • Block, Thresa L.
    another view

  • Bloor, Hattie I.

  • Bloore, Richard V & Elizabeth H., His wife

  • Blotcher, Martha A.

  • Boardman, Charles H & Frances M.
    Charles H. - Bronze marker (not military)

  • Bohannon, Bonnie J.

  • Bolt, Ethan Tyler (infant)

  • Borho, Ray M., Edna Polly, Patrick R.

  • Bottorff, Alonzo & Arva

  • Bottorff, Anna C.

  • Bottorff, Ben J

  • Bottorff, Birdcell N.

  • Bottorff, Cathy (inf.)

  • Bottorff, Clarence & Vera L.

  • Bottorff, Clara Marie, Inf. Dau of Warren & Virgie

  • Bottorff, Elbert & Clara

  • Bottorff, Eleanor A.

  • Bottorff, Eliza, wife of G. W.

  • Bottorff, Elmira H., Wife of __. E.

  • Bottorff, Emma M. & Louis F.

  • Bottorff, Garson Emery & Carmel Edna

  • Bottorff, George A & Laura A.

  • Bottorff, George W. - Son of G. W. & E. J.>

  • Bottorff, Gladys F.
    distant view.

  • Bottorff, James W. & Regina L.

  • Bottorff, John C. & Sarah L.

  • Bottorff, John Jr. & Lois F.
    view 2

  • Bottorff, Marton L. "Sade"
    distant view

  • Bottorff, Marvin R & Joy I.
    Marvin Roy - Military - WW II

    Bottorff, Norman Eddie, Son of G. W. & __. (infant)

  • Bottorff, Quincy H.

  • Bottorff, Robert N.

  • Bottorff, Walter (d. 1907)

  • Bottorff, Walter J & Ruth S.

  • Bottorff, Walter L. & Mary K.

  • Bottorff, Warren W. & Virgie G.
    Clara Marie, Inf. Dau of Warren & Virgie

    Bottorff, Wm. "Hoby" & Robert N.

  • Bottorff, William M.

  • Bottorff, William W. & Ora C.

  • Bowerman, Elmer (next to Wm. Elmer Doughty's military marker)

  • Bowers, Frank & Martha

  • Bowyer, Illegible; small square stone

    side 2

    side 3

  • Bowyer, David H.

  • Bowyer, Quincy R. & Ella Grammer

  • Bowyer, R. Pinckney

  • Bowyer, Russell W.

  • Bowyer, William E. & Cora M.

  • Boyer, George W.

  • Boyer, Jessie

  • Boyer, Joyce L. Ward

  • Boyer, Paul T.

  • Boyer, Thomas J. & Mary B.

  • Brackett, Christopher (child)

  • Bradley, Leon F & Clara L.
    Leon Bill - Military WW II

  • Bradley, Paul & Jean

  • Bradley, Samuel & Evelyn L.

  • Bradley, Stanley E. - Military marker - Korea

  • Bradshaw, Christina M. - Funeral home marker

    Bradshaw, Hattie B.
    another view

    Bradshaw, Joseph Ernest

    Bradshaw, Joseph P. - Military stone - WW II

  • Bradshaw, Lucille P.

  • Bradshaw, Will Davis "Dave"

  • Brasill, Van N. & Eunice M.

  • Braun, Robert L. & Janet K.

  • Breeden, Aniel S. - Mililtary stone

  • Breeden, Josephine

  • Breeden, Roy L. & Mary E.

  • Brickey, William H.

    Bridgewater, Ray & Nora - (Robert Ray on other side)
    distant view

    Bridgewater, Robert Ray - (back of Ray & Nora's marker)

    Briner, George Robert & Margaret Louise
    G. Robert - Military - WW II

  • Briner, George W. & Edna B.

  • Briner, John A.

  • Briner, Julia E.

  • Briner, Leona & Isaac K.

  • Broadus, Glee A.

  • Broady, Asa A & Ida M.

  • Broady, Douglas R. & Rose E.

  • Broady, Jack E. & Bette J.

  • Broady, Janet A. & Donald P.

  • Broady, John S & Lorena F. Landreth

  • Broady, Kenneth N. "Sergeant" - "Killed in Action on Saipan"
    Military marker

  • Broady, Leander A. & Alice J.

  • Broady, Newton D. & Minnie L.

  • Broady, Robert Lee
    Robert L. - Military marker

  • Brock, John J. & Ethel V.

  • Brock, Paris G Sr. & Millie Howard

  • Brocklehurst, Jessie M.

  • Brooks, Bessie Kiebler

  • Brooks, Earl J. & Mary J.

  • Broughton, Carl & Virgie Smith

  • Brown, Eyria O.

  • Brown, Innes A. Jr. & Betty C.

  • Brown, Jesse J. & Retta E.

  • Brown, Rodney L. & Lorene

  • Brown, William U. & Vivian McQuillen

  • Buckles, Martin S.

  • Buckles, Ruth M.

  • Buckman-Blankenbaker, Joshua Allen (infant)

  • Burke, Donna Joyce

  • Burkhart, Carl Edw.

  • Burkhart, Irene M.

  • Burns, Carolyn H. & Robert E. Sr.

  • Burns, Melvin O.

  • Burns, Robert Edward - Military marker

  • Burns, Walter L. & Edith A.

  • Burr, Barbara F. & Dorothey L.

  • Burr, Ora & Florence

  • Burton, George I. & Margaret A.

  • Burton, Marcella A.

  • Bush, Christy - same marker as Bonnie Murphy

  • Butler, John F. Jr.

  • Butler, John F. Sr & Ruth
    John F. Sr. - Miltary marker - Korea

  • Butler, William & Myrtie E.

  • Byers, Alonzo Q. & Olive Ethel
    distant view

    Byers, Cecil I & Loretta M.
    Cecil I. - Military marker WW II

  • Byers, Edward M & Mary P.

  • Byers, John W. & Winona M.

  • Byers, Lloyd C.

  • Byers, Mikkel & S. J.

  • Byers, Norman Q. & Agnes M.
    Norman Q. - Military marker

  • Byers, Ray & Millie

  • Byers, Roy & Helen

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