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Stones in Sellersburg Cemetery
Clark County, Indiana

Photos by Richard L. Pearson
(Photos taken 2005 and 2006)

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Tackett, Shirl - Funeral home marker

Tackett, Terry Lynn (infant)

Tash, Herman L. & Glenna M.

Tash, Mary M.

Tash, Thomas W.

  • Taylor, Carl N. - Military
    Charles - Military marker WW II

  • Taylor, Dennis Ray - Another view? (child)

    Taylor, George M.

    Taylor, James I. (recent grave behind this 5/2006)

    Taylor, Mabel - next to Carl N. Taylor's military marker

    Taylor, Morton H & Nellie M.

  • Taylor, Morton H. & Nellie M.Taylor, Morton H. - Military - WW II

  • Taylor, Myrtle
    Wife of G. M.

    Taylor, Virgil L. Jr., Son of Mr. & Mrs. V. L. Taylor (child)

    Terry, Willard & Evalee c.

    Thomas, Andrew J. & Lula B.
    distant view

    Thomas, Catherine

    Thomas, Lawrence B

    Thomas, Walter A. & Lucille C.

    Thompson, Ann L.

    Thompson, Blanche

    Thompson, David K. "Weezer"

    Thompson, Marion H. & Lena K.
    Thompson, M. H. Jr.

  • Thorn, Harriette E.

  • Tichenor, C. L., Pvt.

  • Tobin plot

  • Tobin, Maggie M.

  • Tobin, Ulysses Lee & Mildred Riggle
    another view

  • Tolle, Raymond E., Nancye & Estil R.

  • Tomes, Stevenson A. II

  • Totten, Owen D.
    Military marker - WW II

  • Tower, Alfred M. & Flora B.
    another vie.

    Townsend, H. Augustus & Dora Buhler
    distand view

  • Townsend, Lester M. & Josephine E.

  • Townsend, Simon E & Minnie S.
    another view

  • Townsend, Thomas M.

  • Tracy, Ernest F. & Irma M.
    Ernest F - Military marker - WW II

    Trenton, Mary E.

    Tribbey, Steve & Joann & Stephanie
    another view

  • Trimpe, Shirley Haas

  • Triplett, John E. - Military marker
    another view

    Truax, Marie
    Funeral home marker

    another view of funeral home marker in front of Welsh stone

  • Truex, Fred E. & Anna K. & Myrtle I.

  • Truex, Louise A.

  • Turk, Frank E.

  • Turk, James F. & Virginia Chester
    James Francis - Military marker - WW II

    Military marker - another view

  • Turk, Michael (infant)

  • Twichel, C. P.

  • Unmarked or Unidentified Grave Photos

  • Several stones, including Riggle and Coldiron
    Several old stones

    Several stones

    Several stones

    Several stones in older section of cemetery

  • 4 small stones

  • 5 small stones

  • Recent (2005) burial near Robert A. Cox

  • Unidentified, small square stone

  • 2 unmarked stones or cornerstones

  • 2 unmarked graves near Crabtree & Hutchison

  • New grave, no stone, base only

  • New grave, no stone, base only2

  • Unmarked- A - new grave
    another view

  • Unknown - recent grave

  • Unmarked grave near Freddie F. Hall

  • Unmarked grave near Washmon & Renn markers

  • Unmarked spaces near O. Robert Moore's marker

  • Umarked grave, near Joy I. & Marvin Bottorff

  • Unmarked grave near Maggie Tobin

  • unmarked lots (in front of Chitwood markers)

  • Unmarked graves - Can see Reed, Reese, and Weber markers in background

  • Unmarked graves - near end of row

  • Unmarked Graves near John & Lydia Samples

  • Umarked graves - near Herbert & Naomi McRae monument

  • Unmarked graves, next to Latshaw

  • Unknown burial - Near Eliza Stout's stone

  • Unmarked lots at edge of cemetery

  • Unmarked graves, near Harve Curtis & Lena E.

  • unmarked graves near Raymond G. Sr. & Esther E. Baxter's stone

  • Unmarked graves near Pinckley markers

  • unmarked graves near Stanley Smith stone

  • Unknown, evidently a Scheller marker, small and covered with bush

  • Unknown, broken into small piecek. May be a whole marker or just a part of one. May be a rock?

  • Unknown, Charles (or Son of Charles) large tall stone

  • unmarked graves near Henry C. & Vera C. Eicher marker

  • 1 Unmarked grave near Henry C. & Vera C. Eicher

  • very small stone, possibly footstone, no writing visible

  • Unknown - Unknown - Several stones and unmarked graves in older part of cem,; beside stone of Francis J. Faust

  • Unknown, infant (b. & d. 1879); stone laying flat

  • Unknown - Two small stones, one a little larger than the other; near Francis J. Faust

  • U

    Utrecht Lot
    another view of Utrecht stones

    Emma W., Daut. of L. & H.Uettrecht
    Eddie, Son of L & H Utrecht

    Eddie - distant view

  • Utrecht, Esther H.- same marker ar Edith M. Kiewit

  • Utrecht, Henrietta & Louis C.

  • Utrecht, Myrtle L. & William

  • Utrecht, Louis L. & Helen A.
    Military marker

  • V

    Valentine, James D. & Stella M.
    James D.- Military Marker WW II

  • Valentine, Richard A. & Helen M.

  • VanBuren, Charles E. & Adah M.

  • Vance, Kenneth William & Ruby DeVaney

  • Vance, Vera Vesta & Preston L.

  • Vandevert, Arthur, M. D. & Martha Whitcomb; and Maria C. Benson

  • VanMeter, David Bradley, Son of David & Paula (infant)

  • Vaughn, Mable M.

  • Vaught, Myron Guy & Martha Conaway
    distance view (to the right)

    Vocke, Diterik? (tall stone with 4 sides)

    Vocke, ? - Illegible; same marker as Diterik

  • Vogel, Daniel J. & Desmia E.
    Daniel Jerome - Military marker

  • Vogel, Harold P & Dorothy M.

  • Voyles, Norman G. & Bonnie J.


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