Hungarian Sacred Heart Church

24981 State Road 2

Portage Township, South Bend, Indiana

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Arch / Arc, Ottilia 7/29/1906 9/28/1995 nee Tarr, w/o Thomas  
Arch / Arc, Thomas 11/16/1906 9/24/1991 Hungary, h/o Ottilia  
Arpasi, Joseph 1849 3/18/1905 Br. Rabapatona, HU  
Balogh, Victoria 2/25/1896 9/27/1969 b. Zenta Hungary; d South Bend; Nee Hanak; Wife of Anthony Balogh Mary Jo Koran
Barna, Frank 12 Feb 1916 24 Jul 1977 b. Yugoslavia, Hungary, d. Mishawaka; husband to Margaret Farkas Nadine Hardin
Barna, John 06 Nov 1896 11 Dec 1954 b. Yugoslavia, Hungary, d. South Bend; husband to Anna Takacs Nadine Hardin
Barna, Margaret 24 Oct 1898 02 Apr 1987 b. Hungary, d. South Bend; nee Margaret Farkas; wife to Frank Barna Nadine Hardin
Barna, Michael 29 Aug 1898 06 Aug 1941 b. Hungary, d. South Bend Nadine Hardin
Berzai, John 1895 10/28/1964 Br. Hegyko, HU  
Berzai, Regina 2/23/1900 7/25/1979 Br. Sopron Megye, HU, nee Solmos  
Bickel, Donna L. 4/20/1944 12/15/2005 b. Mishawaka, d. South Bend; Nee Kovachevich, Wife of Albert P. Bickel Mary Jo Koran
Biritz, Frank Jr. 9/28/1925 10/6/1984 h/o Phyllis M Slisz(2), Gertrude J Grocki(1)  
Biritz, Frank Sr. 5/25/1900 9/9/1965 br. Geresdorf, Aus/Hun h/o Kathryn  
Biritz, Kathryn 2/3/1902 4/11/1988 br. Minnehoff, Aus/Hun, w/o Frank Sr  
Biritz, Phyllis M 5/1/1924 5/17/2003 nee Slisz w/o Frank Jr, mar.7/31/1965  
Borsodi, William 7/2/1900 10/21/1972 b. Sopron Mege, Hungary; d. South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Caplin, Veronica B. 4/28/1910 12/17/1978 b/d South Bend; Nee Zalas; Wife of John Caplin Mary Jo Koran
Czajkowski, Mary Ann February 16, 1954 August 11, 2004 b. Mishawaka; d. South Bend; nee Ewald; Wife of Steven A. Dan Rich
Czerna, Norma M. 7/14/1925 5/25/2002 b/d South Bend; Nee Ward; Wife of Louis Czerna Mary Jo Koran
Deak, Ann I 3/13/1922 4/20/1997 b/d South Bend; Nee Nagy; Wife of Frank M Deak Mary Jo Koran
Doubbelaere, Mary Y. 4/3/1911 8/27/1995 b/d South Bend; Nee Horvath; Wife of Charles L. Doubbelaere Mary Jo Koran
Egyed, Joseph 8/18/1908 9/26/1976 b. South Bend; d. Port Charlotte FL Mary Jo Koran
Evans, Alethea Ann 8/8/1933 2/24/1998 b. South Bend; d. Mishawaka; Nee Nyers; Wife Donald Nelson Evans Mary Jo Koran
Farkas, Florence E. 07 Feb 1916 14 Dec 1992 b. Phillips, Wisconsin, d. South Bend; nee Florence E. Woods; wife of Louis Farkas Nadine Hardin
Farkas, Katherine 17 Oct 1887 31 Oct 1967 b. Babocsa, Hungary, d. South Bend; nee Katherine Radics; conflict arise from obituary stating her birth in Budapest (microfilm says Babosca). Nadine Hardin
Farkas, Louis 07 Apr 1909 25 May 1981 b. South Bend, d. South Bend; husband to Florence E. Wood. Nadine Hardin
Farkas, Steve 25 Dec 1878 20 Apr 1953 b. Homokszentgyorgy, Hungary, d. South Bend; husband to Katherine Radics Nadine Hardin
Garden, Arthur C. 6/28/1909 3/26/2000 b. Capaccio, Italy; d. South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Gerstbauer, Richard A. 6/22/1925 11/21/1994 b. Mishawaka, d. South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Gorbitz, Robert J. 11/14/1923 6/14/2000 b/d South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Hatala, Andrew 12/26/1886 7/12/1961 br Szobolcz, Pusta Dobos, Hu h/o Barbara  
Hatala, Barbara 4/7/1895 8/22/1978 nee Marjo, br Szanto HU, w/o Andrew  
Horvath, Gabor 1879 12/31/1940 br. Vittnyed, Sopron, HU, h/o Theresa  
Horvath, Theresa 6/29/1887 6/26/1977 br. Vittnyed, Sopron, HU, w/o Gabor  
James, Cecelia K 10/16/1911 8/9/1993 b. Michigan City IN; d. South Bend; Nee Kish; Wife of Edward James Mary Jo Koran
James, Edward 9/3/1902 4/15/1959 b. South Bend; d. Westville Mary Jo Koran
Jaworski, Richard 11/27/1937 9/13/1938 b/d South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Kepes, Elizabeth 12/27/1923 10/9/1985 b/d South Bend; Nee Bernath Mary Jo Koran
Klebusits, Elizabeth 10/12/1890 9/9/1977 br. Hidegsig, HU, w/o John. nee Horvath  
Klebusits, John 1/2/1876 10/24/1966 br. Hidegsig, HU, h/o Elizabeth  
Kocsis, John 1903 12/25/1968 b. Hungary; d. South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Kopcsa, Helen M. 8/7/1906 8/11/2000 b. Detroit MI; d. South Bend; Nee Torok; Wife of Andrew P. Kopcsa Mary Jo Koran
Kovachevich, Elsie S. November 8, 1906 January 28, 1995 b. Cleveland OH; d. Mishawaka; nee Obren; Wife of Michael Dan Rich
Krivosia, Sam 1881 12/28/1942 b. Yugoslavia; d. South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Kutrovatz, Frank 1878 11/16/1946 b. Austria; d. South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Lako, Mary Ann 4/1/1921 7/7/2000 b. Hurley WI; d. South Bend; Nee Rajkovich; Wife of Frank Lako Mary Jo Koran
Lekarczyk, Rosemary 7/3/1921 6/27/1997 b/d South Bend; Nee Simon; Wife of Joseph F. Lekarczyk Mary Jo Koran
Livengood,  Cecelia Simon 9-8-1903 5-29-1973 Daughter, Louise Livengood
Livengood,  Ernest E. 11-8-1932 12-9-2000 child of Ernest and Cecelia Louise Livengood
Livengood, Ernest G. 11-9-1900 4-7-1991   Louise Livengood
Livengood,  George E. 1-14-1925 9-11-2007 child of Ernest and Cecelia Louise Livengood
Lukovich / Lukavich, Paul 1/25/1883 1/25/1883 Br. Fertoszentmiklos HU  
Lukovich / Lukavich, Rose 5/16/1887 7/25/1959 Nee Szalay, Br. Fertoszentmiklos HU  
Marshall, Mary A. 11/2/1915 1/1/1996 b/d South Bend; Nee Kuzmitz; Wife of Don Marshall Mary Jo Koran
McKeen, Helen E 9/26/1924 4/25/2007 b/d South BDaughterend; Nee Kish Mary Jo Koran
Megyese, Elizabeth Simon 5-12-1892 8-26-1975    Louise Livengood
Megyese, Joseph E. Sr  10-4-1891 10-30-1979   Louise Livengood
Meszaros, John F. 3/3/1925 3/14/2006 b/d South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Meszaros, Mary K. 9/11/1914 9/3/1996 b/d South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Mitrovich, Helen 6/4/1921 12/22/1976 b. Erwin PA; d. South Bend; Nee Medich; Wife of Nicola Mitrovich Mary Jo Koran
Molnar, Irene I. 3/24/1918 6/6/2001 b. McMechen WV; d. South Bend; Nee Nyers; Wife of Joseph M Molnar Mary Jo Koran
Morris, Rose 8/4/1901 6/9/1971 nee Babicz/Babacz, br Mystic, IW, w/o Thomas Morris  
Nemeth, Frank 9/19/1917 12/21/1976 b/d South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Nemeth, George J. 4/24/1913 1/1/1996 b/d South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Nemeth, Goldie A. 4/10/1914 12/3/1985 b/d South Bend; Nee Tomolak; Wife of George Nemeth Mary Jo Koran
Nemeth, Louis M. 9/4/1904 2/9/1991 b/d South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Nowak, Frank A. 2/17/1928 2/28/2000 b/d South Bend; Nee Zahoran; Wife of Francis J. Nowak Mary Jo Koran
Paksi, Bertha 5/27/1893 1/6/1976 nee Brajich, h/o 1 Hornyak, 2 Paksi  
Paksi, Joseph 1890 3/7/1965 h/o Bertha Brajich  
Papai, Steve A. January 10, 1907 July 16, 1997 b. Divernon IL; d. New Carlisle IN Dan Rich
Pellico, Mary A. 10/26/1922 10/14/2000 b/d South Bend; Nee Demske; Wife of Victor A. Pellico Sr. Mary Jo Koran
Pinter, Mary M. 8/24/1908 1/14/2005 b/d South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Preger, David Cornelius 10/24/1911 11/8/1982 b South Bend; d. Syracuse NY Mary Jo Koran
Pytlewicz, Benedict J. 3/21/1915 12/17/1995 b/d South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Rebics, Barbara 12/4/1882 4/26/1955 br. Muzaj, Sopron, Hu, nee Barbara Loranz  
Rebics, Stephen 8/18/1871 2/9/1945 br. Muzaj, Sopron, Hu, h/o Barbara  
Riba, Anna K. 2/22/1916 9/21/1993 b. WI; d. South Bend; Nee Sayer; Wife of Boldie L. Riba Mary Jo Koran
Rosnick, Irene 27 Dec 1903 05 Jul 1965 b. Daruvar, Hungary, d. Miami, Florida; former resident of South Bend; nee Irene Farkas; wife of Samuel Rosnick, formerly married to Michael Barna Nadine Hardin
Ruszkowski, Margaret T. March 21, 1913 February 16, 2001 b. Gary IN; d. South Bend; nee Zahoran; Wife of Walter Dan Rich
Sabo, Margaret 7/7/1911 5/8/2000 b. South Bend; d. Elkhart Mary Jo Koran
Samarich, Branko J. 6/20/1910 1/2/1973 b. Nevesinje, Hercegovina, Yugoslavia; d. South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Sarmer, Ernest J. July 30, 1916 January 8, 2006 b. Akron OH, d. South Bend Dan Rich
Simon,  Anna Molnar 5-22-1867 4-5-1947 Mother   Louise Livengood
Simon, Joseph 2-16-1867 12-271926 Father Louise Livengood
Solmos, Sandor, Alex 7/29/1873 1/20/1946 Br. Sopron Megye, HU, h/o Susanna  
Solmos, Susanna 8/14/1877 10/6/1959 Br. Sopron Megye, HU, nee Szalay  
Stoens, Madge 8/12/1912 5/21/1989 b. Hungary; d. South Bend; Nee Varga; Wife of James T. Stoens Mary Jo Koran
Szalay, Gizella 7/19/1898 8/9/1949 nee Abraham, w/o Julius  
Szalay, Julius 2/2/1895 7/6/1943 br. Fertoszentmiklos, HU, h/o Gizella  
Szalay, Gizella 7/19/1898 8/9/1949 nee Abraham, w/o Julius  
Taicsich, John 2/2/1897 8/2/1978 br. Nikitsch, Burgenland, AU, h/o Theresa  
Taicsich, Theresa 1899 10/8/1985 nee Buczolich, w/o John  
Tompkins, Ann B. 7/12/1916 9/3/1996 b. South Bend; d. Plainfield IN; Nee Boosi; Wife of Benjamin W. Tompkins Mary Jo Koran
Torok, Agatha 12/21/1877 3/5/1945 Br. Hungary, nee Kovach  
Torok, Anna 1854   Br. Fertoszentmiklos HU  
Torok, Joseph 1852 1/7/1920 Br. Fertoszentmiklos HU  
Torok, Joseph 2/27/1891 6/27/1914 Br Sopron Megye, HU  
Torok, Joseph 3/19/1875 11/15/1918 Br. Fertoszentmiklos HU  
Torok, Mary 1895 3/4/1990 nee Kovach, br. SBN  
Van Heesbeke, Mary 11/9/1907 6/14/1968 b. Iron Mountain MI; d. South Bend; Nee Knezevich; Wife of Cyril Van Heesbeke Mary Jo Koran
Woltman, Bailey 1/14/1994 1/14/1994 b/d South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Yanko, Helen 5/31/1896 10/5/1986 b. Sopron Megye, Hungary; d. South Bend; Nee Voros; Wife of David Yanko Mary Jo Koran



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