10776 Mckinley Hwy Osceola, IN 46561

located on US 20 (McKinley Hwy) in Osceola, Indiana

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Sanders, Arthur C.   08 May 1918 11 Jan 1996 b. Elkhart, IN; d. Elkhart, IN; Husband of Mildred Vickers Sanders. S. Vanden Bossche
Scheibelhut, Dennis L.   June 10, 1943 September 25, 1989 b. Mishawaka; d. South Bend Dan Rich
Scheibelhut, Dorothy M.   5/21/1921 4/19/2003 b. South Bend; d. Berry AL; Nee Radican; Wife of Richard C. Scheibelhut Mary Jo Koran
Scheibelhut, Mildred Aliine   April 9, 1933 February 17, 1998 b. Winchester TN; d. Mishawaka; nee Ford; Wife of Francis Ray Dan Rich
Scheibelhut, Mildred V.   11/12/1921 12/9/2002 b/d Mishawaka; Nee Trippel; Wife of Robert J. Scheibelhut Mary Jo Koran
Scheibelhut, Robert L.   September 27, 1920 December 14, 1992 b. Indiana; d. South Bend Dan Rich
Scheibelhut, Robert J.   12/1/1921 1/29/2002 b/d Mishawaka Mary Jo Koran
Schramm, Alma O.   10/22/1907 4/28/1994 b. Fowler IN; d. West Lafayette; Nee Cyr; Wife of Raymond F. Schramm Mary Jo Koran
Scott, Elsie A.   5/2/1908 12/9/1999 b. Clay City IN; d. South Bend; Nee Neiswinger; Wife of James A Scott Mary Jo Koran
Shafer, Daniel Francis   July 6, 1918 January 4, 2001 b. Mishawaka; d. South Bend Dan Rich
Sharrer, Violet J.   7/25/1908 6/24/1984 b. Rievesville WV; d. Michigan City; Nee Martin; Wife of Melvin S. Sharrer Mary Jo Koran
Sheffield, Joseph C.   1/10/1927 2/12/1997 b. Cardwell MO; d. South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Sheets, Mary Irene   November 10, 1904 December 1, 1987 b. South Bend; d. Mishawaka; nee Brooks; Wife Joseph L Dan Rich
Shultz, William R   December 29, 1916 October 30, 2000 b/d Mishawaka Dan Rich
Singler, Hildegard H.   December 13, 1906 April 18, 2001 b/d South Bend Dan Rich
Smiley, Allie I.   9/5/1917 3/12/1995 b. Freestone Co TX; d. South Bend; Nee Fisher; Wife of Owen C. Smiley Mary Jo Koran
Snyder, Donald L.   7/27/1947 1/25/2006 b/d South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Sobecki, Jeremiah J.   8/16/1977 9/21/1993 b/d South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Soule, Allen E. Sr. May 14, 1945 January 31, 2007 Husband of Ruth Ann Henry; Father to Allen jr. & Leslie Ann; son of Howard & Leota (Person) Soule S. Vanden Bossche
Soule, Fannie Opal 16 Jul 1881 1961 b. Fithian, Vermilion Co., IL; d. Mishawaka; Wife of Alvin A. Davidson and Frank L. Soule S. Vanden Bossche
Soule, Frank Leslie 17 Mar 1877 02 Nov 1949 b. Auburn, Indiana; d. Mishawaka; Husband of Pearl Ice Soule and Fannie Truman Davidson Soule S. Vanden Bossche
Springman, Matilda M.   1/18/1917 5/19/2001 d. South Bend; Nee Cabanaw; Wife of Robert H. Springman Mary Jo Koran
Squires, Robert A.   3/11/1923 10/20/2006 b. Worcester MA; d. South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Stalcup, Chlotene 1930 1997 Maiden Name: Bone; Wife of Robert Stalcup Donna Cleveland
Stalcup, Coleman H. 1904 1988 Husband of Lena Stalcup Donna Cleveland
Stalcup, Lena 1909 1977 Wife of Coleman Stalcup Donna Cleveland
Stalcup, Robert H. 1926 1993 Husband of Chlotene Bone Stalcup Donna Cleveland
Stayton, Harley Laureen   May 5, 1920 October 2, 2002 b. Yarnell WI; d. Mishawaka Dan Rich
Stebbins, Paul Dean   March 16, 1925 July 18, 2002 b. Mishawaka; d. South Bend Dan Rich
Steigmeyer, Thomas L.   May 15, 1925 March 15, 2001 b. Fort Wayne IN, d. Chicago IL Dan Rich
Stover, Arthur Earl Sr.   9/18/1879 6/20/1962 b. Berrien Springs MI; d. South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Stuart, Stephen G.   5/17/1968 6/10/1995 b. Mishawaka; d. Lafayette IN Mary Jo Koran
Stuban, Doris I   4/9/1921 8/28/2007 b/d South Bend; nee Strycker; wife of Michael Stuban Mary Jo Koran
Stuban , Michael Jr.   4/20/1918 1/27/1991 b. Shelburn IN; d. South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Szabo, Anthony W.   7/26/1945 10/11/2006 b/d South Bend; Note from Nadine Hardin, sister of Anthony (02/09/2007) ; “Veterans Section, lot #121B”. (He was a Marine Vietnam veteran, had a 21-gun salute at his funeral, and the section indicates his veteran status.) Mary Jo Koran
Talbot, Dorothy M.   6/10/1911 4/22/2007 b. South Bend; d. Port Richey FL; Nee Tubbs; Wife of Joseph Talbot Mary Jo Koran
Tekker, Dorothy L.   7/30/1917 11/14/2006 b. South Bend; d. Wakarusa; Nee Farrell; Wife of George T. Tekker II Mary Jo Koran
Thomas, Donald E. Sr.   7/14/1925 12/4/1984 b/d South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Thomas, Marie G. (Ice) 01/21/1938 08/02/2001   Pamm Garber
Thomas, Martha C.   9/23/1898 8/28/1995 b. Ghent Belgium; d. Mishawaka; Nee VanNevel; Wife of Fred DeMuer; Wife of Merle Thomas Mary Jo Koran
Thomas, Mary G.   2/19/1919 4/1/2001 b. South Bend; d. Mishawaka; Nee Lekens; Wife of Donald Thomas Mary Jo Koran
Thompson, Spencer Allen   3/20/2002 4/4/2002 b/d South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Thornburg, Roy E.   3/4/1908 4/24/1994 b. Bremen; d. Mishawaka Mary Jo Koran
Thornton, Michael D.   December 19, 1971 July 29, 2003 b. South Bend; d. Mishawaka Dan Rich
Tillman, Gustave J. Sr.   7/26/1928 12/18/1996 b. Eau Claire MI; d. Orland FL Mary Jo Koran
Tolle, William H.   7/22/1939 6/10/1985 b. Tulsa OK; d. South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Tranter, Harley Dean   7/25/1926 8/27/1996 b/d South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Trippel, Steven C.   4/29/1958 2/18/2000 b. Mishawaka; d. Marion IN Mary Jo Koran
Truax, Donald J.   Sept. 16, 1909 Dec. 31, 1992   Steve Floor
Turnbow, Fred T.   4/4/1926 7/24/2001 b. Perry Co TN; d. South Bend Mary Jo Koran






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