EST. 1853

West side of Oak Road just north of Stanton, Southwest of Lakeville

Liberty Township, INDIANA

St. Joseph County

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Latitude: 41.487N
Longitude: -86.332W

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Cooney, Grace M.   8/20/1909 1/17/2000 b. Plymouth IN: d. Mishawaka; Nee Kizer; Wife of James E. Cooney Mary Jo Koran
Guard, Jesse M. 1864 1920   Pamm Garber
Hartsough, Edna A.   10/11/1899 2/12/1994 b. St Joseph Co IN; d. North Manchester IN; nee Rowe; wife of Ivon Hartsough Mary Jo Koran
Hartsough, Evelyn L.   6/26/1928 12/30/2001 b. Bremen; d. South Bend; Nee Hochstetler; Wife of Russell E. Hartsough Mary Jo Koran
Hartsough, Russell E.   7/23/1928 8/9/1993 b. St Joseph Co IN; d. South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Herbster, Donald M   22 Jan 1916 11 Mar 1993 b/d Lakeville Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Lamb,  James   1827 (or 1828) Oct. 2, 1896   Vince Mendoza
Lamb,  Mary Wharton   1822 1906 (records indicate James second wife)    Vince Mendoza
Lamb, Nancy       (no dates: records indicate James first wife) Vince Mendoza
Mangus, Helen G.   July 14, 1905 June 20, 1995 b. Mishawaka; d. Bremen IN; Wife of Milburn Dan Rich
Pak, Jeanine L.   10/25/1940 12/31/1995 b. Lakeville; d. Des Plaines IL Mary Jo Koran
Streich, Marjory J.   March 24, 1923 April 30, 2000 b. South Bend; nee Searfoss; Wife of Herbert G. Dan Rich
Truax, Harry A.   9/13/1915 2/11/1997 b/d South Bend Mary Jo Koran
Walter James E.   March 29, 1918 November 21, 2001 b. St. Joseph County IN, d. W. Palm Beach FL Dan Rich
Whiteman, Baby   1903   Pamm Garber
Whiteman, Cora, E. (McBride) 1883 1945 (Wife of John) Pamm Garber
Whiteman, Edith B. (Seybold) 1904 1993 (Wife of Foster) Pamm Garber
Whiteman, Foster E. 1902 1969 (Husband of Edith) Pamm Garber
Whiteman, Henry Parker     my 3rd great gran Pamm Garber
Whiteman, John 1879 1964 (Husband of Cora) Pamm Garber
Whiteman, Laura M. 1873 1918   Pamm Garber
Whiteman, Lizzie M. (McBride) 1882 1958   Pamm Garber
Whitinger, David 20 Feb 1811 30 May 1889 Husband of Jane Matchett S. Vanden Bossche
Whitinger, Jane 01 Jan 1819 02 Oct 1873 wife of David; nee Jane Anna Finley Matchette S. Vanden Bossche
Whitinger, John W.   7/30/1907 Age 58y; 5m; 10d S. Vanden Bossche
Whitinger, Sarah J.   06/05/1925 Age 70y; 6m: 8d; nee Burger; Wife of John W. S. Vanden Bossche
Whitinger, Susan 1858 1928 nee Thomas; wife of Thad S. Vanden Bossche
Whitinger, Thad 1854 1946   S. Vanden Bossche
Winrote, Harold F.       S. Vanden Bossche
Winrotte, Alvin 1857 1925   S. Vamdem Bossche
Winrotte, Elizabeth 1856 1940   S. Vanden Bossche
Winrotte, Donald V. 1893 1982 husband of Marie S. Vanden Bossche
Winrotte, Erma 1885 1948   S. Vanden Bossche
Winrotte, Franklin M. 1865 1928 husband of Sarah Jane S. Vanden Bossche
Winrotte, Iris (Dreibelis) 1904 1978   Pamm Garber
Winrotte, Lester 1906 1982   Pamm Garber
Winrotte, Letha B. (Crawford) 1900 1985   Pamm Garber
Winrotte, Marie 1897 1948 Wife of Donald V. S. Vanden Bossche
Winrotte, Ora Edward 15 Aug 1894 20 May 1963 Husband of Elva Crum; Leota Person and Letha B. Crawford; WWI Veteran S. Vanden Bossche
Winrotte, Ray E.   1937 Husband of Erma S. Vanden Bossche
Winrotte, Sarah Jane 1869 1928 wife of Frank M. S. Vanden Bossceh
Wiegand, Tyler Brant   May 4, 1993 April 16, 2011   Tina Hostetler




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