Lamb's Settlement Cemetery

aka Union ; Carson; Minnonite, Shively Cemetery

 Union Township

St. Joseph County

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NAME Birth Death Known Information Submitted by:
Alward, Francis M. 1847 1918 Sarah J., his wife 1846 - 1916 (also Mother/Father stones
In next spot is buried Clyde J. Alward 1883 - 1943
Sharob Vanden Bossche
Pecher, Alice M. 1863 1936 (My notes- wife of Frank F., she was Alice M. Long, she died Dec. 12, 1936) Karen L. Everdon
Pecher, Frank F. 1857 1857 (My notes- he died Oct. 24, 1930, and was son of Daniel Pecher / Petcher and Arie Ann Martin - they are buried in St Joseph's Catholic cem in Mishawaka; and he was grandson of John Simon Pecher- died Sept. 17, 1855, buried in Cedar Grove Cem, Univ of Notre Dame, and Appolonia Adams Pecher- died April 18, 1896, age 101, 1 month, and 1 day,  she is buried in St. Joseph's Catholic Cem in Mishawaka) Karen L. Everdon
Pecher, Frank Jr. 1879 1955 (my notes- son of Frank F. and Alice Pecher- his obituary said he was born Dec. 30, 1877, not 1879 as listed on grave, unknown which date is correct, and he died April 8, 1955).   Karen L. Everdon
Pecher, Marvin S. 1897 1930 (my notes- he also son of Frank F. & Alice Pecher- he was sometimes listed as Marion Stanley Pecher, he died young after attack of acute indigestion per his obit, and died on Feb. 22, 1921).   Karen L. Everdon



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