Located at Ash Road and County Road 20, just south of the RR tracks

Osceola, Indiana

Penn Township, St. Joseph County

Osceola Town Hall - 574-674-8114


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Agostino, James R.   July 17, 1939 May 18, 1998 b/d South Bend Dan Rich
Byrkit, George V. 2/20/1837 9/13/1898   S. Vanden Bossche
Byrkit, Jane   6/30/1862 Age: 24y 8m 4d S. Vanden Bossche
Campbell, Evedene   1912 4/17/1960 b. Mishawaka; d. Gary IN; Nee Garn; Wife of Newton Campbell, DDS Mary Jo Koran
Freed, Genevieve D. (Whitmore)   April 18, 1922 October 12, 2000 b. Nemaha IA, d.Mishawaka; Wife of George Freed Dan Rich
Gill, Charles M. 1884 1971 "Father" S. Vanden Bossche
Gill, Daniel 1842 1926 (GAR Marker) S. Vanden Bossche
Gill, Emma M. 1887 1937 "Mother" S. Vanden Bossche
Gill, Mary J. 1840 1925 "Mother" S. Vanden Bossche
Hicks, Adelia J.   October 17, 1863 June 13, 1930 b. St. Joseph County IN; d. South Bend; nee Bryson; Wife of Oscar P. Dan Rich
Jones, Christena L.   12-5-1841 11-20-1916 b. Holmes Co., Ohio d. Elkhart, IN; nee Sloat Carlene Willings
Jones, Thomas Jefferson   2-14-1836 1-4-1923  b. Holmes Co., Ohio  d. Elkhart, IN Carlene Willings
Kring, Jack Renner   9/8/1937 11/9/1983 b. South Bend; d. Memphis TN Mary Jo Koran
Oberhart, Abbie B. 1871 1893 Wife of C F Oberhart S. Vanden Bossche
Rorie, Hassell O. 11/27/1921 4/9/2008   S. Vanden Bossche
Ross, Albert G.     Penn - 1847 S. Vanden Bossche
Ross, Albert M. 1875 1892 B. Michigan; d. Iowa S. Vanden Bossche
Sawyer, Anna C.   7/6/1909 1/17/2000 b/d Mishawaka Mary Jo Koran
Stanley, Charley Eugene   11-29-1893 07-05-1973 son of Arthur E. & Millie J. (Deming) Stanley Carlene Willings
Stanley, Mary R.   12-12-1894 12-19-1977 dau of Samuel & Mary M. (Jones) Whittaker Carlene Willings
Warner, Bailey 10-18-1890 7-11-1968 IN - PFC - Army - WWI S. Vanden Bossche
Warner, Charles 1859 1892   S. Vanden Bossche
Warner, Emaline 1860 1953   S. Vanden Bossche
Warner, Loyd N. 1864 1931 "Father" S. Vanden Bossche
Warner, Minerva 1863 1945 "Mother" S. Vanden Bossche
Warner, Mary A.   8/18/1905 d. 68y 1m 1d S. Vanden Bossche
Warner, Samuel J.   6/27/1917 d. 80y 11m 5d S. Vanden Bossche
Whittaker, Mary Matilda   6-3-1865 3-14-1916 dau of Thomas Jefferson & Christena (Sloat) Jones Carlene Willings
Whittaker, Samuel   2-27-1838 1-8-1906 son of John I. & Nellie (Lewis) Whittaker Carlene Willings
Zimmer, Mrs. David L.   9/20/1887 10/8/1941 b. St Joseph Co; d. Mishawaka; Nee Peck; Wife of David L. Zimmer Mary Jo Koran


This is just a start of the cemetery, if you have others that are buried there please send to: County Coordinator



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