EST. 1865

Northeast corner of Riley & Pine Roads

Liberty Township, St. Joseph County

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Submitted by: Steve Floor (Note: this is just part of the cemetery)

Transcribed by: Sharon


AMM, ELMER GEORGE   1880 1953 [memorial is shared with Ida Ellen] Steve Floor
AMM, FOROTHY   1910 1995   Steve Floor
AMM, HELEN   1908 1956 [memorial is shared with Elmer George] Steve Floor
AMM, IDA ELLEN   1876 1953   Steve Floor
AMM, IRENE L.   1918 1919 “Our Baby” [memorial is next to Lavina and Sterling Amm Steve Floor
AMM, LAVINA M.   1897 1977 “Wife” [shares memorial with Sterling. Memorial is next to Irene L. Amm] Steve Floor
AMM, LEONARD   1855 1939 [shares memorial with Nancy E.] Steve Floor
AMM, MARY A.   1917 1978   Steve Floor
AMM, NANCY F. NEWCOMER   1858 1914 “His Wife” [shares memorial with Leonard Steve Floor
AMM, STERLING A.   1897 1970 “Husband”[shares memorial with Lavina M. Memorial is next to Irene L. Amm] Steve Floor
AMM, WALTER EDWARD   1912 1976 “TEC 5 U.S. Army WWII” Steve Floor
BAUGHMAN, HENRY     03-27-1880 Age: 59yr 7mo 9day Steve Floor
BAUGHMAN, MARY     04-28-1889 Age: 69yr 5mo 18day – Wife of Henry Baughman Steve Floor
BAUGHMAN, SUSANNA     05-2?-1871 Age: 11y 11mo 22day – Daughter of H & M Baughman Steve Floor
BODINE, JOHN     04-21-1895 Age: 68yr 11mo 9day Steve Floor
BOWERS, HUGH     07-24-1872 Age: 56yr 8mo 2day [shares memorial with Susan] Steve Floor
BOWERS, SUSAN     12-22-1891 Age: 70yr 10mo 10day – Wife of Hugh [shares memorial with Hugh] Steve Floor
CHARZAN, LAWERENCE   06-21-1951 07-21-1993   Steve Floor
CONSER, DAVID G.     10-22-1909 Age: 88yr ??mo 22day [shares memorial with Elizabeth] Steve Floor
CONSER, ELIZABETH     05-26-1888 Age: 60yr 6mo 9day – Wife of David [shares memorial with David] Steve Floor
CORDRAY, MARY A.     07-??-?? “Wife of N. Cordray” Steve Floor
Goodling, Bernice T.   1/10/1913 11/27/1998 b. Lakeville IN; d. Bremen, IN; nee Beron; wife of Harold N. Goodling Mary Jo Koran
HUNDT, BESSIE A.   1934 2004 [memorial shared with Sarah] Steve Floor
JAMISON, JACOB   1833 1885   Steve Floor
JAMISON, SARAH   1842 1925 “His Wife” [memorial shared with Jacob] Steve Floor
JAMISON, SYBILLA     05-29-1874 Age: 78yr 21day “Our Mother” Steve Floor
JAMISON, WILLIAM   1799 1872   Steve Floor
KRAUS, JOHANN GEORG   12-14-1837 05-19-1899 “Born: Parkstein Bavaria Germany” Steve Floor
LENTZ, DANIEL     08-29-1906 Age: 71yr 5mo 17day [shares memorial with Lovina and Elmina] Steve Floor
LENTZ, ELMINA     10-27-1869 Age: 9yr 6mo 16day – Daughter of D & L [shares memorial with Daniel and Lovina] Steve Floor
LENTZ, LOVINIA     02-21-1901 Age: 60yr 14day – “His Wife” [shares memoral with Daniel and Elmina] Steve Floor
McEnderfer, Claude E.   June 21, 1908 December 30, 1992 b. in Liberty Township; d. South Bend, Indiana; buried January 01, 1993; married: Mildred B. Howell on January 19, 1935 at South Bend, Indiana Steve Floor
RUPERT, ELIAS   1860 1928 [memorial is next to & matches the memorial for Raymond C. Rupert] Steve Floor
RUPERT, RAYMOND C.   1912 1917 [memorial is next to & matches the memorial for Elias Rupert] Steve Floor
STULL, CATHERINE   06-30-1818   01-17-1906 Steve Floor
STULL, LEVI   1845 1877 [memorial shared with Mary] Steve Floor
STULL, MARY A. MANGUS   1845 1935 “His Wife” [memorial shared with Levi] Steve Floor
SUMMERS, ELIZABETH     04-02-1882 Age: 72yr ??mo ??day – Wife of William R. Summers Steve Floor
SUMMERS, FLORA E.   03-14-1874 09-09-1874 [memorial is shared with Jacob and Rebecca] Steve Floor
SUMMERS, JACOB   1845 1883 “Father” [memorial is shared with Rebecca and Flora E.] Steve Floor
SUMMERS, MARTHA L.     07-31-1880 Wife of G. W. Summers Steve Floor
SUMMERS, REBECCA   1849 1925 “Mother” [memorial is shared with Jacob & Flora E.] Steve Floor
WRIGHT, CASPER     01-21-1892 Age: 48yr 20day Steve Floor
WRIGHT, CATHERINE   07-27-1838 06-14-1900   Steve Floor
WRIGHT, CHARLES W.     09-29-1873 [??] Age: 1yr 3mo 28day “Son of C & C Steve Floor





Started – May 27, 2005