Catholic Parish of St. Patrick South Bend, In

Founded : 1859 – Current Parish

Pastor: Fr. Leonard Chrobot Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor of Sociology and Coordinator - American Polish Research Fellowship Program, University of Notre Dame

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1. Parish Exterior

2. Parish Rectory

3. Original Church 1858-1859

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Genealogy Records


LDS Records

Church records, 1861-1988

Catholic Church. St. Patrick (South Bend, Indiana) (Main Author)


Microfilm of originals in the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend in Fort Wayne, Indiana.



Baptisms 1861-1865 marriages 1862-1865 first communion 1862-1864 confirmation 1862-1864 death 1862-1863 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617237 Item 1 ]
Baptisms 1865-1871 marriages 1866-1870 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617237 Item 2 ]
Baptisms 1871-1885 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617237 Item 3 ]
Marriages 1871-1926 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617237 Item 4 ]
Deaths 1876-1895 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617237 Item 5 ]
Deaths 1886-1973 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617237 Item 6 ]
Baptisms 1885-1907 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617237 Item 7 ]
Confirmations 1901-1944 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617237 Item 8 ]
First communion 1906-1988 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617237 Item 9 ]
Baptisms 1907-1921 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617238 Item 1 ]
Minutes of St. Vincent de Paul Society 1907-1909 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617238 Item 2 ]
Minutes of St. Vincent de Paul Society 1915-1921 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 1617238 Item 3 ]


South Bend Public Library

Films are available in the Genealogy Center, second floor, Crimp Film rolls 32 & 33

Roll 32

Item  1             all records                        1861-1871

Item 2             Baptism/Marriage            1865-1871

Item 3             Baptism                     1871-1885

Item 4             Marriages                    1871-1874

Item 5             Deaths                                    1876-185

Item 6             Deaths                                    1885-1907

Item7              Baptism                     1885-1907

Item 8             Confirmation             1901-1944

Item 9             Communion               1906-1988

Roll 33

Item 1             Baptism                     1907-1921   

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Mailing Addresses:

St. Patrick - St. Hedwig Parish Office
309 S. Taylor St.
South Bend, IN 46601
St. Patrick - St. Hedwig Rectory
331 S. Scott St.
South Bend, IN 46601

Phone Numbers:

Parish Office: (574) 232-5839 (Monday - Friday: 9am - 12pm & 1pm - 4 pm)
Priest's Residence: (574) 287-8932
Hedwig Memorial Center Rental: (574) 287-8935
Hedwig Memorial Center (Direct Line): (574) 472-2955

Fax Numbers:

Parish Office: (574) 232-5830
Priest's Residence: (574) 232-9787


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History Of St. Patrick


St. Patrick's Church.

In the year 1859, Rev. Thomas Carroll, C. S. C., built the first St. Patrick's Church, a small brick structure 60x30 feet, with a seating capacity of 350. To pay for the erection of this church, Father Carroll collected money abroad. During the pastorate of Rev. P. P. Cooney, C. S. C., 36 feet were added to the length of this building, and a wing of 50x32 feet, which for some years served as a school, and then as a place of worship for German and Polish Catholics, until they were able to provide a church for themselves. At this time, all the Catholics on the west side of the St. Joseph river, about 1,250 souls, belonged to St. Patrick's Church. Thomas Murphy was very kind to Father Carroll, and until the parochial residence was built, the pastor made his home with Mr. Murphy, whenever in town. This first St. Patrick's Church was located on Division street, and the Grand Trunk railroad, having secured right of way on this street, made the situation undesirable for church purposes. During the pastorate of Rev. D. J. Spillard, C. S. C., the property was sold for $8,000, and with it the present parochial residence was built.

The present property of St. Patrick's parish, was purchased during the pastorates of Rev. D. J. Hagerty, C. S. C., and Rev. John W. Clark, C. S. C., for $7,200. It extends through from Taylor to Scott street 400 feet, and has a frontage of 140 feet on Taylor street, and 100 feet on Scott street. The corner-stone of the present church, which is the second of St. Patrick's [278] parish, was laid in 1866, and was completed the following year, Father Hagerty being the pastor. The church, with a seating capacity of 800, is of Gothic architecture, richly frescoed in cream and gold. All the furniture is of the best material and harmonizes with the architecture of the building. The church cost about $37,000, and the furnishings about $8,000. Many improvements have since been made to beautify the grounds, not to mention a thousand feet of cement walks, and an iron fence on Taylor street.

The new St. Patrick's school, built in 1898 by Father Clark, measures 54x83 feet, and has three large class-rooms with accomodation for 150 children. The building also contains a large hall, a society room, and a well furnished gymnasium. It cost was $14,000. This school is for boys only, who are taught by the Sisters of the Holy Cross in a course of eight grades. Adjacent to St. Patrick's Church is St. Joseph's Academy, conducted by the same Sisters, which serves also as a parochial school for the girls, 261 pupils attend the school. This property belongs to the Sisters, and was provided in 1886. The Sisters of the Holy Cross, who teach in South Bend, all reside at St. Joseph's Academy.
The first parochial residence was next to the old St. Patrick's Church, on Division street, and was a very fine house at that time, 1865, having cost $8,000. The present parochial residence on Taylor street was erected by Father Spillard, in 1892, at a cost of $7,500. The debt on the church property is $4,000.

The Sodality of the Children of Mary was organized in 1866, as well as the Holy Rosary Society, canonically established in 1892. The present pastor, Rev. John F. DeGroote, C. S. C., organized the St. Cecilia's Society for girls, up to their seventeenth year of age, after which they become Children of Mary. In 1904, he organized the Holy Name Society, and in 1905, the St. Vincent de Paul Conference. At present the number of souls in the parish is about 1,282, or 273 families. Three young men of the parish have become priests, and five of its young women have entered religious communities.

St. Patrick's Church has had these pastors: Rev. Thomas Carroll, C. S. C., from 1858 to 1864, during this time he resided at Notre Dame; Rev. Joseph Carrier, C. S. C., was the pastor [279] during the absence of Father Carroll, on a collecing tour; Rev. William Corby, C. S. C., was pastor for three or four months, in 1865; Rev. Peter P. Cooney, C. S. C., was pastor from 1865 till March 12, 1871; Rev. Daniel J. Spillard, C. S. C., from March 1871 till April 1874, and again from 1891 until 1893; Rev. William O'Mahoney, C. S. C., for seven or eight months, 1874; Rev. John Lauth, C. S. C., for one year, 1875; Rev. Peter Lauth, C. S. C., from January 1876 till August 1880; Rev. Denis J. Hagerty, C. S. C., from August 1880 till January 1891; Rev. John W. Clark, C. S. C., from 1893 till March 16, 1899; Rev. John F. DeGroote, C. S. C., pastor since March 29, 1899



Source: The Diocese of Fort Wayne, 1857--September 22--1907, A Book of Historical Reference, 1669-1907. By the Rt. Rev. H. J. Alerding. Fort Wayne: The Archer Printing Co. 1907

Items of Historical Interest

        (St. Patrick's, 1865) "In 1865 a separate school for boys was opened by Rev. P.O. Cooney, C.S.C., in a wing of the old church. In 1872 Rev. D. J. Spillane, C.S.C. erected a new frame school house at the cost of $1,600. This building was removed to its present location (1898) on South Scott Street.... at present there are 80 boys in attendance, under the control of two teachers. The older boys are taught by Brother Romanus. This Brother was preceded in the school by Brothers Aloysius, Hilarion, Hilary, Theogene, Justin, Emmanuel, Benjamin, Daniel, Raymond, Urban and Hubert. The average annual expense for maintenance of the school is about $700., paid for by the revenues of the church.

The pro rata of each pupil's expense is $9.00."

-- A History of Catholicity in Indiana, Blanchard: Vol. I, p. 530. 1898.

        (1892) "Brother Benjamin was appointed superior of St. Patrick's School." Provincial Chapter, 1892.

        (St. Patrick's School) First school in a wing of the Church (50' X 32') erected in 1867. Separated from body of the Church by folding doors. In 1872 a two-story frame building, erected for school-house. Pupils in 1895: 82. Teachers:

        (St. Patrick's School, 1867) "We visited St. Patrick's School South Bend the other day, and were courteously received by our old friends, Brothers Philip and Nazarius. To judge by the appearance of the bright, intelligent faces surrounding them, their office is a pleasant one, though not a sinecure."

-- Scholastic, Oct. 12, 1867

        (St. Patrick's, 1866; Sorin) "The new foundation at St. Patrick's is still in swaddling clothes, but will perhaps emerge from them. The Rev. Fr. Cooney is superior." Sorin. 1866

        (St. Patrick's School, 1872) "...we attended the examination in the parish school, which is under charge of Brother Theogene, C.S.C. To judge from the classes we heard -- the arithmetic classes -- Brother Theogene's efforts to make the young ideas shoot have resulted in complete success. We had time to hear the arithmetic classes only; and on pointing out some of those whose promptness and intelligent answers to questions pleased us, he gave us their names...."

-- Scholastic, April 13, 1872.

        (St. Patrick's; 1880) "Brother Angelus was appointed assistant teacher in St. Patrick's."  Local Council, Jan. 9, 1880

        (1880; Provincial Archives) "Brother Bernadine was appointed to South Bend." (St. Patrick's ??)Provincial Council, July 30, 1880

        (St. Patrick's, South Bend, 1898) "The school is taught by two Brothers and two Sisters of Holy Cross from St. Joseph's Academy, and two lay teachers. The total number of pupils is about 489, and of these the girls, 130 in number are taught in the Academy."

-- History of etc. Blanchard, Vol. I, p. 437. 1898


Catholic Churches of St. Joseph County

Source University of Notre Dame Archives 


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