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Unless noted otherwise the obits are submitted by Dan Rich or John C. Monk

Gudates, Elizabeth M.  
Guendling, Frederick W.  
Guendling, James Joseph  
Guendling, Mary Agatha  
Guendling, Mildred  
Guentert, Donna Belle Halle  
Guentert, Eugene C. Jr.  
Guentert, Joseph J. Jr.  
Guentert, Roman L.  
Guenther, Brother Austin Paul  
Guerra, Adam S.  
Guerra, Anita  
Guerra, Anthony  
Guerra, Francisco  
Guerra, Olga E.  
Guerra, Rosa  
Guernsey, Harry C. Mary Jo Koran
Guess, Martha Jean Mary Jo Koran
Guidi, Giacome  
Guidi, Julius L.  
Guidi, Kim K.  
Guidi, Louise  
Guisinger, Jean L.  
Guisinger, John C.  
Gulbranson, James L.  
Gulliford, Elvira  
Gulyanics, Anna M.  
Gulyas, Mary J.  
Gumm, Jeron Cole  
Gumprecht, Elizabeth Mary Jo Koran
Gumz, Helen Mar  
Gundeck, Mary E. Mary Jo Koran
Gunn, James Quincy Jr.  
Gunther, Katherine  
Gurchiek, Thelma M. Mary Jo Koran
Gurley, Waneta Barber  
Gushwa, Albert B.  
Gushwa, Donald Monroe  
Gushwa, Irene E.  
Gushwa, John Welcome  
Gushwa, Lee R. Jr.  
Gushwa, Lewis H. Sr.  
Gushwa, Mary  
Gushwa, Mildred Ilene  
Gushwa, Ralph C.  
Gushwa, Ruth E. Alice Marie Beard
Gustafson, Bernice M.  
Gustafson, Frances L.  
Gustafson, John Robert Mary Jo Koran
Gustafson, Robert H. Sr.  
Gustin, Addie E. Mary Jo Koran
Gustin, Earl Knight Nadine A. Hardin
Guthrie, Dorothy L.  
Guthrie, Robert F.  
Guy, H. Kathryn  
Guyberson, Lonnie Lee  
Guyberson, Lucille Marie  
Guyberson, Randy A.  
Guyberson, William James Sr.  
Guyton, Betty M.  
Guyton, Lawrence E.  
Guzicki, Lola  
Guzicki, Leo J. Mary Jo Koran
Guzicki, Martha Marie  
Guzicki, Thaddeus  
Guzowski, Arthur L.  
Guzowski, Delphine D.  
Guzowski, Dorothy  
Gvozdanovich, Lena Rick Berkheiser
Gwilt, Leonard Steve Floor
Gwynn, Sister Mary Coacha  
Gyarmathy, Sister M. Emerita  
Gygi, Arthur F.  
Gygi, Bethany Christine Mary Jo Koran
Gygi, Cynthia Nicole Mary Jo Koran
Gygi, Savanah Lee Mary Jo Koran
Gyorgyi, Louella Jane  
Gyorgyi, Louis Richard  
Gyori, William E. Nadine Hardin
Gyorkos, Lillian Mary Jo Koran
Gyorkos, Victor J.  




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