Staff at Wood Lake 1956 - 1957

From Mike Vanden Bossche

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At the Flag Pole - Jim Hatch, Franz Nabicht, Mike Vanden Bossche Jim Little, Jim Hatch & Franz Nabicht Jim Little, Jim Hatch, Mike Vanden Bossche & Franz Nabicht Jim Little, Franz Nabicht & ??
Mike Vanden Bossche, Jim Little, Rene Vanderhagen Franz Nabicht, Jim Hatch & Mike Vanden Bossche 1946 - Steve Horvath, Jim Hatch, Jim Little, Franz Nabicht  
Time to lose the beards - 1956-57 Mike Vanden Bossche & Franz Nabicht Wood Lake - 1956 - 57 - Mike Vanden Bossche & Franz Nabicht 1956 - Jim Hatch, Franz Nabicht & Mike Vanden Bossche Headed for Schiff Scout Reservation - 1956 - Franz Nabicht
Bound for Schiff Scout Reservation from Wood Lake- 1956

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