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Favorite Free Genealogical Websites

Billie Seaton

PDF  -  Source of user provided family trees (WorldConnect), databases, messages boards, mailing lists, tips, guides to tracing family trees.  You must create a free membership account to post queries or messages.  -  Source for State and County resources, genealogy links, Historical Associations, Genealogy Associations, maps, obituaries, some local vital records and indexes, important web links.   You must create a free membership account to post queries.  -  Includes digitized film records of many births, marriage and death records, indexes of vital records (User provided records and extracted records), census reports, film rental (non digitized only), family trees, IGI (Individual Genealogy Index), User provided records and extracted records. You must create a free membership account to view some files.  -  Message board for individual surnames, states, counties, foreign countries, and special topics (immigration/emigration, wars, religions, and historical events.  You must create a free membership account to post queries.  -  A rich source of historical books, articles, family stories, individual websites, state archives,. Newspaper archives, obituaries. Find information using special search characters, Negative searches, quotations, date range, fill in blank (*), genealogy:, define:.

Other good websites to check out:  - User provided burial information on ancestors, virtual memorials with family links to children or parents, some obituaries or stories included for many.  Create a free membership and add your own family.  -  New York port arrivals prior to the Ellis Island port opening in 1892.  -  National Archives (NARA) in Washington D.C.  Military and homestead records can be ordered.  -  Bureau of Land Management records of first sales, homestead, and military bounty land records.  Also has some township maps.  -  Excellent source for town and county history books or cd's, old photos, old postcards, family histories, family bibles, letters.  Must be a member to make purchases.  -  Tippecanoe County Library,  Census reports,
Revolutionary War pension records, and books can be viewed and downloaded from home. PERSI Catalog.  Must have a tcpl card.  -  Publishes a list of the Top 100 Genealogy websites.


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