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Early Churches of Tippecanoe County Indiana

Members of the Tippecanoe County Area area Genealogy Society are working on this list of early churches of Tippecanoe County.   We hope to add photographs of each one.  If you or someone you know has a photograph of any Church below we  would love to post it. This database is an effort to help others find genealogy resources in your search to find family information and preserve the history.  Please remember this information came mainly from early history books of the past. The beginning of many churches started in building of other denominations.  The main tables were created from TIPCOA members Susan Y. Clawson and Joyce Watterson.   Many photographs came from myself or Kathy & Keith Hiser, who enjoyed their trip around  Tippecanoe County finding what was left of the buildings.  Thanks ladies and Keith, we really appreciate your time and effort on this project. 

We would love help, connecting any additional information or webpage's.   I can link them to help us all learn the past history.  Already many links have gone bad.  Please share new ones at   E-mail: TIPCOA CHURCH INFO       

Fairfield, Jackson, Perry, Randolph, Sheffield, Shelby, Tippecanoe, Union, Wabash, Washington, Wayne & Wea.

Lauramie township


Church name

Origin date



Significant events / cemeteries

Address & possible
records available

Methodist Episcopal new clippings 1917.

Dedication 9-1917

Clarks Hill Methodist

1849 on corner of Main and Harrison Streets, Clarks Hill (Ream and Ream)

Rev. Alfred Cave (Ream and Ream)

1849 or 1855 building on lot donated by Daniel Clark, founder of Clarks Hill; UB also met in building; 2nd building 1891; remodeled 1917 (DeHart; Ream and Ream)

Gained members when Union Church closed

Closed; building now a private home.

Methodist Episcopal

Stockwell Methodist Episcopal

 Program 1930

origin about 1855; in Stockwell on 1878 map


services held in school house; Methodist meetings held in the chapel of the Stockwell ME Academy until church built in 1864; absorbed George’s, Chissom’s, class at Yorktown, Yorktown Swedish ME, and Salem ME in Sheffield Twp (DeHart)

Wall collapse on 1864 building required repairs about 2005. Family Life Center added about 2005 (web site; SYC)

Stockwell United Methodist Church
6941 Church Street
Stockwell, IN 47983


Methodist Episcopal

George's ME Chapel

began about 1830, home of James Cole nr Stockwell

Rev. Vredenburg (BR) Rev. Huffaker (DeHart; Thompson )

built in 1840; in 1864 building at Stockwell (BR; DeHart); absorbed by Stockwell ME

First house of worship in Lauramie Twp

absorbed by Stockwell ME

Methodist Episcopal

Chissom's ME Chapel

on 1878 map, about 5 mi S of Stockwell


built in 1850, 5 miles south of Stockwell in SE part of twp; closed about 1900 (DeHart); absorbed by Stockwell ME


absorbed by Stockwell ME

Swedish Methodist Episcopal news clipping 1916

Yorktown Swedish ME church

need photo

CR 700E and SR 28; on 1878 map, on edge of Yorktown plat (1878)


First services held in schoolhouse; no building, but a parsonage and resident minister (DeHart); building erected 1873, torn down 1936 (Schumpert “Ghost”); absorbed by Stockwell ME

Yorktown cemetery
1 mi S of Stockwell on CR 700E

Closed early 1900s; absorbed by Stockwell ME

United Brethren new clippings 1916

Clarks Hill UB

1874, in Methodist building (Ream and Ream)

Rev. Teague (Ream and Ream)

First met as class in 1874 in Methodist building. Later moved to old Christian church until 1898, when moved to John Milligan’s hall. First building 1899 on corner of White and Park Streets (Ream and Ream)

Closed; building used by Pilgrim Holiness, later torn down. (Ream and Ream)

United Brethren

United Brethren congregations in Stockwell and Clarks Hill   (DeHart)

First services in homes; 1st bldg 1845 [where?] (DeHart; Thompson)

First met in homes; 1845 1st building [location unknown] (DeHart; Thompson)

United Brethren

Monroe UB


UB church at Monroe on CR 900 S. and US 52 (1878)

Is this the building est 1845? Demolished. Sign for Monroe Cemetery now attached to steps for old church building. See picture at Findagrave

Monroe Cemetery section 10 est. 1847 at Monroe on CR 900 S. and US 52.

United Brethren

Ashby UB Church

need photo

Church lot is in Sec 2, cemetery in Sec 3, off 800 S near 200 E, N of Concord (Clugh; Tippecanoe)

Could be Conroe Evangelical United Brethren in 1957?

Ashby UB Church cemetery or St. Joe cemetery as noted; [Conroe Church Cemetery is at 350 E and 800 S, N of Concord] (Clugh; Tippecanoe)

also see Conarroe


[Not to be confused with Conarroe/Conroe cemetery in Wea Twp]



need more help

in Concord, corner of Elm and Main Streets (1878 map)


Could be Conroe Evangelical United Brethren in 1957?

Concord Cemetery
S of Concord on 350E

Not connected with the church.

Christian (Disciples of Christ 1941)

Stockwell Christian (DeHart)






closed aft 1915 ??

Christian (Disciples of Christ) new clippings 1916

Old Christian Church Clarks Hill

3rd Clarks Hill Christian Church

org. 1866; 1st building at 9507 White St. (Ream and Ream)

Brother Samuel Otterman; disbanded 1875, bills paid, reorganized 1888 by Joe Davis (“Historical”)

First met in old Masonic Hall; 1st building 1873 at 9507 White St.; 2nd building corner Pearl and Union Streets in 1900; ; 2nd building struck by lightning in late 1940s and demolished in 1968 as unsafe; 3rd bldg 1966; no longer affiliated with Disciples of Christ (Ream and Ream); “Clarks Hill Christian” says org. .2 mi. SE of Clarks Hill but see Union Church.

1869 Rev. Covey (“Historical”); on 1878 map

Clarks Hill Christian Church Iguana Day Care

No longer affiliated with Disciples of Christ (Ream and Ream)

Clarks Hill Christian Church
9510 Pearl St
PO Box 248
Clarks Hill, IN 47930

Disciples of Christ.  

clipping of history of  Lauramie township 1916

Union Church

need photo

1844 building within Union cemetery, 2 mi. SE of Clarks Hill (McKinney)

Mr. Charles Williams (McKinney)


other ministers: Rev. Davy Grey, Rev. John Schultz, Rev. Hopkins (McKinney); Closed in 1850s when building deteriorated. Some moved to Clarks Hill ME church (Ream and Ream)

Union Cemetery 

(aka Old Campbellite) Sec. 35, off 1000 E just north of S County Line Road. 

May not be connected with the church.


Disciples of Christ (Christian) new clippings May 5,1916

Brushwood Church

need photo

5 mi W of Clarks Hill (Ream and Ream); unidentified church on 1878 map, W. of Clarks Hill and S of Yorktown, nr School No. 8 (Brushwood)

Ministers included Samuel Otterman. Closed 1860s when a dispute arose and members left to join other churches; Otterman went to Clarks Hill Christian (Ream and Ream)


Catholic       news clipping

St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church


Clarks Hill, corner of White and Union Streets (1878)

After 1854, by Irish Catholics, including Patrick Casey (McKinney)

Met in Cornelius Donahue living room at first; 1st building 1867 on front corner of the community lot, donated by Daniel Clark. Membership declined until Patrick and Johanna Casey were only remaining members. Closed 1920, lot donated to people of Clarks Hill (McKinney)

2nd church built in Clarks Hill

Clarks Hill Cemetery  Not connected to the church.


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Another area you will find help are the cemeteries that were connectedThis list is also by township.

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