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Early Churches of Tippecanoe County Indiana


Members of the Tippecanoe County Area area Genealogy Society are working on this list of early churches of Tippecanoe County.   We hope to add photographs of each one.  If you or someone you know has a photograph of any Church below we  would love to post it. This database is an effort to help others find genealogy resources in your search to find family information and preserve the history.  Please remember this information came mainly from early history books of the past. The beginning of many churches started in building of other denominations.  The main tables were created from TIPCOA members Susan Y. Clawson and Joyce Watterson.   Many photographs came from myself or Kathy & Keith Hiser, who enjoyed their trip around  Tippecanoe County finding what was left of the buildings.  Thanks ladies and Keith, we really appreciate your time and effort on this project. 

We would love help, connecting any additional information or webpage's.   I can link them to help us all learn the past history.  Already many links have gone bad.  Please share new ones at   E-mail: TIPCOA CHURCH INFO       

Fairfield, Jackson, Lauramie, Perry, Randolph, Sheffield, Shelby, Tippecanoe, Union, Wabash, Wayne & Wea

Washington township


Church name

Origin date
& location



Significant events / cemeteries

Address & possible
records available

Evangelical Lutheran

Zion Lutheran


Need photo

Origin 5 Jan 1843(Waltmann); at Colburn/ Chapmanville; Sec 23 (1878)

Rev. E. Parker Conrad bio

 Elias Markert (Waltmann)  

made of logs, erected in 1845, at  site of the present cemetery south of town (Heritage 75/76); still open in 1957, shared minister Rev. Joseph Radabaugh with Bethel Lutheran at Pettit (1957 Directory). Closed

Cemetery W side of 1000 E; footstone of church at entrance

Closed. Contact: Jennifer I. Long, Archivist
ELCA Region 6 Archives
Trinity Lutheran Seminary
2199 East Main Street
Columbus, OH  43209-2334
614/235-4136 Extension 4606

Methodist and United Brethren

Americus Union Church (Community Church

Methodist services held early at the home of John Fisher

Land donated by William Digby (“Americus”)

1st church in twp built at Americus around 1843 (Crider); still open in 1957, minister Rev. Claude Crider (1957 Directory); rebuilt in 1893; renovated 1941 and 1969 (“Americus”)

1983-2006 Vernon Stingley; then Larry Williams; Effie Emrich, historian

Americus Cemetery

Americus Union
Non-Denominational Church
Larry Williams,. pastor

Methodist and United Brethren

Jewettsport  North Union church (Crider)  

Need photo

org. about 1854; Sec 30 (1878)


2nd church in twp built in 1854 by UB and Methodists, on Union Hill near Jewett’s Port (Heritage 75/76; DeHart)

Torn down about 1930



Colburn/Chapmanville Methodist  

Need photo

Chapmanville (1878)


built in 1875 by J. M. Saums (Heritage 75/76); closed 1902 or 1903; membership moved to Buck Creek (Crider; DeHart)

 Building sold

Closed. But see Colburn United
Brethren/EUB/United Methodist.

Methodist Episcopal

Buck Creek ME Church

Org, 1829, home of John Fisher, by Hackaliah Vredenberg


Hackaliah Vredenberg 1863, L. S. Buckles

Bldg erected by Henry Stair along Buck Creek 1832; moved into town in 1863. new bldg 1908-09); repaired 1960 (Crider); 1968 became United Methodist

100th Ann Church bldg celebrated October 2008

Buck Creek  United Methodist
4915 Ferret, 
PO Box  157
Buck Creek, IN 

United Brethren (later EUB, then United Methodist)

Transitville UB Church

Rorick St. in Transitville (1878)


Minister on Transitville Circuit in 1868 was Warren Taylor



United Brethren (later EUB, then United Methodist)

Colburn/Chapmanville United Brethren

Org. 1879; Chapmanville, labeled Breth (1878 map)


built in 1879 (Heritage 75/76); still open in 1957 as Colburn Evangelical UB  (1957 Directory); formed by group split from Colburn Methodist Church (“Colburn”)

Cemetery E side of 1000 E on edge of Colburn

Colburn United Methodist
10,000 South St.
Colburn, IN  479---

Kasey Schnepp, pastor
c/o Mary Schnepp
7304 N. County Line Rd E
Lafayette, IN  47905

Need info Colburn Church on  St. Rd 25 N. 

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Another area you will find help are the cemeteries that were connected.  This list is also by township.


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