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1763 – 1838

George Stingley, the Revolutionary War Soldier was the son of John and Elizabeth Stingley.  He was born in Virginia September 12, 1763 and died 23 March 1838 in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. 
George’s father, John Johannes Stingley was born 7 September 1717 in Raumback, Germany. He came to Philadelphia on September 30, 1738. His name is recorded in VA XVII, Series 2 of the Pennsylvania Archives. He was married to Elizabeth Bussard Oberholtzer on 21 May 1751 in Warwick, Pennsylvania. John and Elizabeth had 7 children: John, Mary Polly, Jacob, Catherine, Lovisa, George and William Stingley. John resided in Hampshire County, Virginia, at the headwaters of Patterson Creek. He died September 1778 in Hampshire County, Virginia.
George married Klorie Hagler, daughter of Sebastion Hagler and Eve Hire Hagler, grand-daughter of Jacob Hagler Sr. and Leonard Hire Sr., both of whom came very early to the present town of Petersburg, West Virginia.  George and Klorie married in 1776 in Ross/Pickaway Co., Ohio.
George Stingley, while residing in Hampshire County, Virginia, enlisted in the Revolutionary War about November 4, 1781 and served under Captains Joseph Berry, Stinson and James Simeral. He was stationed at the garrison at Winchester, Virigina, as one of the guards over British prisoners taken at Cornwallis’s surrender, and was discharged May 4, 1882 by Col. Hugh Holmes. 
George and Klorie had a large family, sixteen according to some records and seventeen according to others. Their children are as follows: 
Clora, born 9 January 1784 
Leonard, born 7 May 1786 
George,  born 4 August 1787  
Elizabeth, born 11 December, 1788 
Mary, born 6 March 1790 
John, born 22 August 1792 
Abois, born 22 August 1792 
Jacob, born 29 November 1794
Eve, born 9 November 1796
William, born 11 November 1798
Anthony ,born 2 October 1800
Sebastian Boston, born 1 December 1802
Susan, born 2 November1804
Abraham, born 5 February 1806
Annie, born 1 January 1808
Moses, born 4 September 1810
Millie, born 10 December 1812

According to the 1876 Atlas of Tippecanoe County, the first permanent settlement in Lauramie Township was in 1828.  The deep solitude of the wilderness was broken by the arrival of a few hardy and courageous men who had pushed their way west. Those that came that year were Leonard, Anthony, William, and Daniel Stingley. After George’s son’s migrated to Tippecanoe County from Ohio George joined them.  The tract book shows George had land in 1830 in Lauramie Township. George was pensioned in Tippecanoe County in 1834 and He died in 1838.  George is buried in Stingley Cemetery, Lauramie Township.

The Daughters of the American Revolution and the Sons of the American Revolution will hold a Memorial Service at the Gravesite of George Stingley on May 15, 2004.  All are welcome to attend. George Stingley and his sister Mary Tilford and their families, who are direct descendants of George Stingley through the son Jacob, will be present.

The source of the material came from the Daughters of the America Revolution, the 1878 Atlas of Tippecanoe Co., the Pension records, the Will of George and the family file at the Alameda McCollough library in Tippecanoe County.   Researched and Written by Peggy Reen.  Tombstone photo courtesy of L.A. Terry-Clugh.

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