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Below is a listing of some of our genealogy society members with their ancestors that migrated to Tippecanoe County Indiana. Members are willing to network with others researching the same lines. Maybe you can share something with them too. We are working to link files to the head of the families and biographies.  These members are not offering to do research for anyone.   Research request should be submitted to our TIPCOA Research Team.
 Email L.A. Clugh with any question. [** behind a members name, indicates home address only]   Listings may be removed if dues haven't been paid

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Ancestor Name       A to Z 

The last State or Country they migrated from. What township did they live in when they were settled. The year they settled in Tippecanoe County, Indiana
Ann Miller-Carr Anderson, James Ross Co. Ohio Sheffield 1823
Joyce Wiegand Antrim, Thomas Ohio Tippecanoe before 1840
Susan Y. Clawson Barr, Abraham Lancaster Co. PA Perry  1836
Bonnie Clark Baudy, Jacob Germany Fairfield 1859
Esther Best Berry, Elizabeth Clark Co. Ohio Shelby 1829
Esther Best Best, John Clark Co. Ohio Shelby 1829
Quentin Robinson Isaac Best Green Co. Ohio Wabash 1838
Cheryl Sterrett Beeker, John Rowan Co. NC Tippecanoe 1826
Mary Anne McCarty Betker, Agnes Lathen, Germany Fairfield 1886
Ann Miller-Carr Blackburn, David Butler Co. Ohio Washington & Perry 1828
Esther Best Booher, Jacob Switzerland Shelby abt 1852
George Frantz Bowen      
Quentin Robinson Elam Brees Butler Co. Ohio Lauramie bef 1840
Bonnie Clark Brenner, Christian Emmingen, Germany Shelby abt 1881
Katherine Hiser Bruehl, Agnes Louise Detroit, MI Fairfield 1930 ?
Rose Mary Patrick Bubb,George Indiana Perry 1860
Rose Mary Patrick Buck, Elizabeth Clinton Co.??   1845
Mary Anne McCarty Buggle, Isadore Baden, Germany Fairfield 1857
Esther Best Burkhardt, Elias + Adam Germany Shelby ? abt 1855
William McGlothlin Buskirk, John Ohio Wabash 1800's
Mary Anne McCarty Butz, John F. Sr. Stuttgart Wurttemburg, Germany Fairfield 1881
Charlotte & Harry Martin Cadwallader, Isaac Ross Co. Ohio Wabash bet 1841-1846
Adina Watkins-Dyer Campbell      
Joyce Wiegand Chapman, Jacob Botetourt Co, VA Washington before 1840
Adina Watkins-Dyer Carter      
Joyce Wiegand Chenoweth, Richard Ross Co, Ohio Lauramie before 1840
Adina Watkins-Dyer Clark, Edmund Connecticut Laruamie  
Joyce Wiegand Corwin, Daniel New York Tippecanoe 1828
Quentin Robinson Cooper, David Fountain Co. IN Wabash 1850
Patricia Stanbery ** Cox ? ? ?
Phillip Crane Crane ? ? ?
Charlotte & Harry Martin Crider, William N.C.  Perry  1851-1860
Mary Anne McCarty Cunningham, John R.  PA >Dearborn Co, IN Washington 1831
Ann Miller-Carr Davis, Barney Bourbon Co., KY Randolph 1829
Adina Watkins-Dyer Davis, Nathaniel W. Fayette Co., IN Lauramie 1850-1860
Karen M. McDaniel Deboy, David      
Karen M. McDaniel Demmerle, Jacob Germany    
Barb Kirkpatrick Denhardt, Henry Germany Randolph 1865
Mary Anne McCarty Dickebohm, Harman Hanover, Germany Fairfield 1881
Barbara Behling Dijkstra, Dykstra      
Adina Watkins-Dyer Downs, Williiam Ross Co., OH Tippecanoe ca. 1845
Bonnie Clark Duncan, Robert     1828
Rose Mary Patrick Dunk, William IN Perry 1874
Nancy Doak   Ebel      
Vivian Adams Ehersman, Catherine Butler Co. Ohio Perry abt 1890
Vivian Adams Ehersman, Olivia Clinton Co. IN Perry 1900
Susan Y. Clawson Ehresman, Catherine German> Butler Co. Ohio Perry 1840
Charles Gullion Elming, Frank Sweden Wayne 1875
Karen M. McDaniel Ely, Henry Ohio Fairfield 1825
Charles Gullion Evans, Isaac Jeffererson Co. TN Tippecanoe 1892
L.A. Clugh Ewry, John  Montgomery Co OH   Fairfield & Wayne 1828
Adina Watkins-Dyer Fisher, Isaac Cayuga Co., NY Tippecanoe   
Judith Persin Ford, Virginia Clark Co., IN Randolph mid 1830's
Rose Mary Patrick Fouts, Rachel N.C. Perry 1838
Susan Y. Clawson Frantz, Eli Berks Co. PA Sheffield 1850 & 1860
George Frantz Frantz      
Adina Watkins-Dyer Frogge      
Adina Watkins-Dyer Gates      
Mary Anne McCarty Gates, Jacob Preble Co. Ohio Washington Abt 1840
Adina Watkins-Dyer Gates, Henry Clarke Co.,OH.  Shelby 1829
Katherine Hiser Getzelman, Helen Kane Co. ILL Fairfield 1936
Susan Y. Clawson Gingrich, John II German, Butler Co. Ohio Perry 1840s & 1858
Mike & Shirley Babb Gingrich      
Charles Gullion Gullion, Elmer Boone Co. IN Fairfield 1910
Mary Anne McCarty Guthery  Preble Co. Ohio Washington abt 1840
Kate Robertson Halsema      
William McGlothlin Harris, Joshua IL Fairfield 1860
Nancy Doak   Hauser, Franziska Baden, Germany Fairfield 1865
Adina Watkins-Dyer Hawkins      
Nancy Doak Hengstler      
Katherine Hiser Hiser, George Blackford Co. IN Fairfield 1928
Nancy Doak Hittle, Andrew ? Indiana   1865
William McGlothlin Hoagland, Alexander      
Sheila Hooker Hooker. Sarah M. Warren Co. IN    
Charles Gullion Hooton, Clarence Boone Co. IN Fairfield 1925
Ann Miller-Carr Holmes, Walter Huron Co., Ohio Fairfield 1860
Ann Miller-Carr Holmes, Druzilla (Smith) Huron Co., Ohio Fairfield 1860
J.W. Thompson Huffman, Aaron Ohio Wea 1826
Karen M. McDaniel Isley, Daniel Ohio    
Bonnie Clark Jahn/Yohn, Christiana Grossbottwar, Germany Shelby 1880's
George Frantz Johnson      
Mona Schaeffer Jones, William WV > Wayne Co. IN Fairfield 1824
Charles Gullion Julian, George Montgomery Co. IN Jackson 1875
L.A. Clugh Kantz, Lucas Germany Wabash  abt 1846
Ann Miller-Carr Karr/Kerr, James Ross Co. Ohio Sheffield 1823
Ann Miller-Carr Karr/Kerr, Martha (Kirkpatrick) Ross Co., Ohio Sheffleld 1823
Rose Mary Patrick Killan, Philip New York Perry 1868
Carol Jones Killian      
Rozella Mears Kitchen Ohio Perry 1823
Mary Anne McCarty Klippel, Peter Jackson Co., IN Fairfield abt 1900
Esther Best Kull, Matthaus New Jersey   1897
George Frantz Landis      
Katherine Hiser Leathead Detroit, MI Fairfield 1928
Carol Jones Lesley      
Ramona Potts  ** Leslie/Lesley      
Ramona Potts ** Lester      
Rose Mary Patrick Liebenknight, Levi PA Washington 1857
L.A. Clugh Lock, Richard England Sheffield 1850?
Ramona Potts ** Low/Lowe      
Karen M. McDaniel Low, John      
Quentin Robinson Lucas, Benjamin Muskingum Co. Ohi Tippecanoe 1831
Bonnie Clark Mast, Johann George Wuttemburg, Germany Fairfield 1866
Mary Anne McCarty McKinley, Sarah (?) Dearborn Co. IN Washington  1831
Mike & Shirley Babb McKinney ? ? ?
William McGlothlin McL(G)aughlin, Edward Highland Co, Ohio Wea 1829
Barbara Munn McMahan, Joseph & Robert Ross Co., OHio Fairfield 1830-1840
Barbara Munn McMahan, Samuel PA Lauramie 1830
Mary Anne McCarty Meier/Meyer, Caroline Baden, Germany Fairfield 1857
George Frantz Meisenhelder      
Bonnie Clark Memmer, Anton Lug., Germany Fairfield 1859
Rozella Mears Miller   Washington  
Brad Chissom Montgomery, John Ohio Sheffield bef. 1850
Charlotte & Harry Martin Morris, Cornelius Springfield, Ohio Wabash 1831-1838
L.A. Clugh Morris, John England Sheffield abt 1859
Kay Weber Moser Germany Fairfield 1895
Barb Kirkpatrick Moser, Conrad Germany> Missouri   1872
Barb Kirkpatrick Niebergall, Johann Elias Germany Fairfield bef. 1868
Susan Y. Clawson Neyhard, Adam Ohio Washington 1840
Mary Anne McCarty O'Brien, Katherine Jackson Co. IN Fairfield abt 1900
Charles Gullion Osterling, Theodore Holland Wayne 1875
George Frantz Parson      
Esther Best Partlow      
Ramona Potts ** Payne/Paine      
Vivian Adams Payne, Benjamin Viogo Co IN. Or Texas Perry 1915
Bonnie Clark Philippi, Michael Biebern,Germany Fairfield 1851
Katrina M. Piper Piper, Geroge   Sheffield 1850
Mary Anne McCarty Primmer, Peter Carroll Co. IN   aft 1880
William McGlothlin Rains, Richard Highland Co, Ohio Wea 1829
Esther Best Rees, Elizabeth Bavaria, Germany Shelby 1863
Bonnie Clark Ridgway, Margaret Ohio Tippecanoe 1830
Rose Mary Patrick Roadruck, Jess Ohio Washington 1884
Quentin Robinson Robinson, William W. Clark Co. Ohio Wabash 1829
Adina Watkins-Dyer Rock      
Susan Y. Clawson Royal, William Butler Co. Ohio Sheffield 1849
Nancy Carney Saeger PA Sheffield  
Barb Kirkpatrick Sattler, John Germany>New Jersey Fairfield 1857
Adina Watkins-Dyer Sayer      
Kay Weber Schelhamer Prussia Fairfield 1864
Nancy Doak Schruben      
Barb Kirkpatrick Schuessler, Jaocb Germany Fairfield bef. 1860
Karen M. McDaniel Schuessler, Sophi      
Susan Y. Clawson Schwegler, Rudolph Switzlerland & CT Fairfield 1850
Joyce Wiegand Shoemaker, Daniel Ohio Sheffield before 1830
Ramona Potts ** Shoup      
Bonnie Clark Siefers/ Seifers Prussia, Germany Shelby 1858
Esther Best Smith Germany Shelby 1852
Katherine Hiser Smiley, Robert Kane Co. Ill Fairfield 1936
William McGlothlin Smith, Ephraim Ohio Wabash  
Nancy Doak Spitznagle, Barney Griessen, Baden,Germany Fairfield 1853
Nancy Doak Spitznagle, Joseph Griessen, Baden,Germany Fairfield 1856
Cheryl Sterrett Starrett, Samuel Adams Co. Ohio Tippecanoe 1826
Cheryl Sterrett Stingley, George Hampshire Co. VA Lauramie abt 1830
Ann Miller-Carr Stotts, Jacob Huron Co. Ohio Shelby 1874
George Frantz Storm      
Esther Best Straightman Ohio ? 1854
L.A. Clugh Terry, Orrin Simsbury Conn. Wayne 1834
Barb Kirkpatrick Theurer, Anna Katherina Germany   1860
J.W. Thompson Thompson, Joseph A Adams Co. Ohio W  
Ann Miller-Carr Thompson, Rees Scioto Co. Ohio Sheffield 1828
Ann Miller-Carr Thompson, Phoebe Kneff Lawrence Co., OH Sheffield 1828
Adina Watkins-Dyer Tuttle      
Charles Gullion Wallace, James Ireland Jackson abt 1848
Susan Y. Clawson Warwick, John D. Ohio Sheffield  & Perry 1827
Adina Watkins-Dyer Watkins, Henry Clay Warren Co Tippecanoe  
Ramona Potts ** Watkins/Wadkins      
Kay Weber Weber Prussia Fairfield 1864
Joyce Wiegand White      
June Haste White, Charles & Mary   Fairfield  
Rose Mary Patrick Wiegand, John New York Washington 1865
Susan Y. Clawson Widmer, John  Switzerland > Ohio Fairfield & Perry 1850s
Ramona Potts ** Wirick/Wyrick      
Karen M. McDaniel Wolfe, Martha      
Mike & Shirley Babb Yost      
Susan Y. Clawson Yost, Jacob Preble Co. Ohio Wea 1839
Rose Mary Patrick Yost, Jacob IN Perry 1854

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