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    Tippecanoe County Area Genealogical Society Membership Form 2016
Dues are for one year and run from January 1 through December 31.
    Name: __________________________________  Address: ___________________________________

      City: ________________________________________________   State : __________ Zip Code: ______________

     Telephone: ( _____ ) __________________________  E-mail: ________________________________________
  Your membership includes a newsletter from our Society sent by email.  

       w     New Member ______     w     Individual  $12 ______     w    Family  $15 ______
  Are you a member of the Indiana Genealogical Society? ____________________  

    Please Make Check Payable to TIPCOA and return to: 
  TIPCOA,   P.O. BOX 2464,  West Lafayette, 47996 .
--    Please write TIPCOA MEMBERSHIP on your envelope.

Below is our form to participate in our new  Society Members Networking Roster.
    Fill in the form if you are willing to network with others researching the same lines. Please list 
    only your ancestors that migrated to Tippecanoe County Indiana.  We can link your family files or 
    biographies to the head of the families that can be opened on the webpage.   See o
ur new Roster. 

Member Name & email or address

Tippecanoe Co.    Ancestor name.    Last and First

The last Country or State they migrated from?

What township did they live in when they were settled in Tippecanoe County?

The year they settled in Tippecanoe Co. Ind 

L.A.   (example)

Ewry, John

Montgomery Co. Ohio
















































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