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Message from the President

May 2016 



We are into spring with summer right around the corner and the itch to hit the road and do research is getting stronger. Usually my trips are centered around courthouses and cemeteries but this year my great aunt has agreed to let me go through the trunks that has all the old family records and photographs, many over 100 years old. No one has seen the contents since my great grandparents were alive so I feel very honored and excited to have this opportunity. I am hoping this will hold the clues to breaking through brick walls and locating burial sights of lost ancestors.

Thank you to all the members that have helped clean and organize the poor farm records from the 1830's through the 1850's. We have completed the 4 dedicated meetings. As the records were being cleaned they were also being indexed. When the indexing is finished we will have another source for finding long forgotten or lost people to share should have when this is done the project can be expanded to include later years. Thanks to Marsha Selmer and L.A. Clugh for keeping us on track.

This year the Indiana Genealogical Society seminar and conference was in Fort Wayne. A few of the topics were online family trees, paperless genealogy, and preserving your personal archive. At the end of the day on Friday we were given the interesting opportunity to tour behind the scenes of the Genealogy Center at the Allen County Library. This included the process of accepting donations and how they are classified. I particularly enjoyed seeing the area in the library basement where and have stations with new scanners where they are copying the books from the library so they can be put online for the public to read and use for research. The process to scan and get a book online takes only one day.

The program for May is about connecting with distant relatives thru DNA. We will be watching a video Getting started in Genetic Genealogy that simplifies the understanding of DNA and then connecting with people with whom you have a partial match. This helps to break through brick walls.

For the June meeting, I am waiting to hear about a possible tour of the special collections section at Purdue University. If this does not workout we will have a brick wall roundtable. Will have an update at our next meeting.


President Billie Seaton  


May 2015 



We are off to a good start for the first part of this year. Our first work session at TCHA library was a success; more than 20 people came to help with sorting the documents, learning how to clean and repair old documents, and learning some names of some of the forgotten lives from pre 1850 Tippecanoe County. I hope we continue with the good turnout for future sessions at TCHA.

April 25th was the IGS Convention and TIPCOA was awarded a grant of $500.00 towards supplies to properly clean, repair, store and index some of the oldest records from the Tippecanoe Courthouse. These records have not been viewed by anyone for over 150 years. In many instances other county's records such as these did not survive and the people and their names contained in those records have been lost forever. We are fortunate to have the chance to make these forgotten people known for those who are searching for them now and in the future.

The speaker at the IGS convention this year was Judy Russell (The Legal Genealogist.) Judyís presentations are very informative and entertaining and I wasnít ready for them to end. I learned quite a lot from her and the TIPCOA board is looking into the possibility of showing you one of her webinars.

The seminar and the conference were very well organized. We were able to walk from our hotel to the Terre Haute Library which has a very good genealogy department. L.A. was able to find information on her family. We were also able to walk to restaurants and cafes for meals. If you have any ancestors that were in Vigo County and you havenít been there on a research trip, I highly recommend you go.

We are planning a trip to the Indiana Historical Library and the Indiana State Library for July. These two libraries are across the street from each other so you will be able to spend time in each or just one. I will find out what each library has in their collections and let you know before we go. We have also been looking into the State Archives as a possible future trip. Will keep you informed.

The 2016-2017 budgets has been signed into law and though funding for the Indiana State Library was put back in the amount was not as much as it has been in years past. So I expect there to be a few changes due to the smaller amount but I have not been able to find any information as to how this will affect the library.

President Billie Seaton



February 2015 

Greetings TIPCOA Members,

Welcome to 2015, it is now the beginning of February and spring is just a little over a month away.  It is time to shed the winter blahs and get involved breaking down your brick walls or find new information on your family.

The new TIPCOA board members met in the middle of January and have planned several presentations which we think you will enjoy.  We also discussed TIPCOA taking on a new project which will take three to four meetings over the course of a year to complete.  If it is successful we can continue it further.  More information will be available at the February meeting.

Please think of which cemetery you would like to tour this August and if you would like to take a research trip in July and if so, where.  Your input is important and I will be asking you for your thoughts at the meeting.


House Bill 1001 has been proposed to cut 24% from the State funding to The Indiana State Library and to eliminate the Genealogy Department altogether.  State budget director said that the libraries services are the same that would be offered through  Please write, call, or email your state representative to vote against this bill.  If it passes, Indiana will lose a great asset and all residents and everyone with ties to Indianaís past will lose.


President Billie Seaton Our new email.



The Indiana Genealogical Society's annual conference will be held on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at University Hall on the campus of Indiana State University (401 N. Seventh St.) in Terre Haute, Indiana. The featured speaker will be Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL, of  The Legal Genealogist. The local host will be the  Wabash Valley Genealogy Society.

DEADLINE: The deadline to register online is Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 11:59 pm Eastern. After that, you can only register at the door ($50 per person). If you want to purchase a membership before registering for the conference, you must do so before Monday, April 20, 2015 at 11:59 pm Eastern, to give us enough time to e-mail you the login information you will need to get the member rate.  REGISTRATION: Register online for the conference using the form below or print out and mail in the  Registration Form.


Meetings coming upConnect to us on Facebook for your reminder of events.  Our meetings are at 7:00 p.m. and held at the Bethany Presbyterian Church, 3305 Longlois Dr, Lafayette, IN 47904 A map is on our webpage.

Recent news;  L.A. Clugh has been appointed by the Indiana Genealogy Society as the Tippecanoe County Genealogist in 2011. (IGC) They are individuals who will help you answer questions about research in their own County.

Did you know  has original images online?  Free of charge.

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