Message from the President

February 2014 



Spring is coming!  I would like it a little warmer, thank you!  It’s coming!

I would like to encourage you to go to some of the “bigger” conferences where you can network with other people from all over and see what their meetings are like.  Get ideas of what programs they have and where they get speakers from.  You don’t need to go to the national meetings, go to the smaller ones, Midwestern Roots (held on the even year in Indianapolis), Indiana Genealogical Society’s Annual Management Seminar and Conference(2015 will be April 25 in Terre Haute at Indiana State University).  Go to a meeting in another county and see what they do.  Go to a workshop or conference sponsored by another county that is close or one that you are interested in researching.  

Elections are going to be coming up in November and we need the co-operation of everyone.  Think about getting involved and bringing in new ideas.  I am 99% sure each of you has your own ideas.  We will try to publish the slate of officers on the website and through email.  Please, please contact me if you would and let me know what office or committee you would like to get involved in. 

At the annual conference in Fort Wayne, J. Mark Lowe presented: “Out on a Limb…Trapped by Bad Research”.  Feeling trapped by bad, weak or missing evidence contributes to misleading research.  Get back on track by reviewing your research finding, sharpen your techniques, evaluate your sources, and map a new course.  Often in collecting evidence, we omit steps and create later problems with our research.  “Haste makes waste!”

Remember to work from the known to the unknown.  We were the following to help us on our research:

Create a profile

Link your ancestor and neighbors

Understand the neighborhood

Examine each piece of evidence

Support your ideas with a research plan

Describe the research problem.  Summarize the known details.  Identify fully all records and repositories in this project.  Identify any limitations on the research.  Present both positive and negative findings.  Summarize the findings.  Develop a work plan for continuing the research.


Good luck on your researching…..


Barbara Kirkpatrick

 TIPCOA President

Meetings coming upConnect to us on Facebook for your reminder of events.  Our meetings are at 7:00 p.m. and held at the Bethany Presbyterian Church, 3305 Longlois Dr, Lafayette, IN 47904 A map is on our webpage.

Recent news;  L.A. Clugh has been appointed by the Indiana Genealogy Society as the Tippecanoe County Genealogist.  They are individuals who will help you answer questions about research in their own County. 2011

Did you know, there are new original images online?  Free of charge.  Look on the bottom left of the main webpage for this text; [See prototype for searching millions of records] You may also click on the map to see areas that are available.

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