Message from the President

February 2014 



Greetings to my fellow genealogists,

Brrrrrr!  Where is Spring?  Can’t get out to do any research!  Snowbound!  Cabin fever!  We have been spoiled by mild winters.  We can do research at home on the internet, and then when we can go and do research we have “hints” of where and what to look for.

I was contacted by the Journal and Courier about doing genealogy.  This was out of the blue and I really wasn’t prepared to do an interview.  In fact, I was busy studying for the Bible Study that will begin in another week.  So my mind was not even in contact with genealogy.  I have no idea what the article will look like and I admitted being the president…what was I thinking? 


As we begin 2014 I hope the Society can bring to you what you are looking for.   Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  This Society is your Society!  If there is a speaker you would like to hear, topics you would like to hear, trip you would like to take (even overnight), please submit your requests.  We will do our best to make something happen.


*February 12, 2014 meeting will be at the TCHA Library, 10th and South Streets, 7:00pm, Lafayette, Indiana.  I hope everyone will be able to make it out.  You will be finding out what is available there and, on your time, come back and do research.  Whether you have been doing research for a long time or just started, there will be things for you to learn.  (Every time I go I find new things to explore with my family.)

*March 12th 2014 meeting is still in the planning.  We are trying to get into the Tippecanoe County Public Library on South Street, 7:00pm, Lafayette, Indiana.  They have some new equipment to show us how to use, some may have used it already and you can help in the future.  There is the Indiana Room, and I am sure there are other areas I am not that familiar with.


One new area I will be looking into is “School Records”.  I heard a talk on this subject and am looking forward to this new research source.  I have learned our church school records go back to the beginning.  I am anxious to see what I will find.  I hope to confirm I have the right parents and children together.  If I have no information with a name of a child in my records hopefully I can fill in information or put the child in the right family.  I do have some of these.

Is there a new area of research you want to look into?  I have not done research on every aspect there is.  I know I have only touched the surface.  Doing the Research Logs with everyone I hope will educate me and get me into my untouched records. 


Happy Hunting,

Barbara Kirkpatrick

Meetings coming upConnect to us on Facebook for your reminder of events.  Our meetings are at 7:00 p.m. and held at the Bethany Presbyterian Church, 3305 Longlois Dr, Lafayette, IN 47904 A map is on our webpage.

Recent news;  L.A. Clugh has been appointed by the Indiana Genealogy Society as the Tippecanoe County Genealogist.  They are individuals who will help you answer questions about research in their own County. 2011

Did you know, there are new original images online?  Free of charge.  Look on the bottom left of the main webpage for this text; [See prototype for searching millions of records] You may also click on the map to see areas that are available.

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