Who Could Perform Marriages

in Tippecanoe County Indiana



C  to D 

Title First Name Surname Church Name  / Township or Town Dates Served
Constable Sandford Cabout Wayne township 1835
Rabbi Jacob Cadden Ahavus Achim  1886-1898
Rev. Thomas P. Cahill Catholic Priest 1877
Constable Samuel M. Cahow Lauramie  township 1833
Rev. Daniel D. Caile 1886
Constable Isaac Cain Randolph  township 1833
Rev. Cain Monroe United Brethren  1917
Mayor James L. Caldwell Lafayette 1885-1887
Judge James L. Caldwell Tippecanoe County 1915-1920
Constable John Caldwell Wabash  township 1834
Constable John Caldwell Wabash  township 1918
Rev. Robert H. Calvert Methodist Circuit Rider 1840-1854
Rev. S. P. Calvin Methodist Episcopal 1864-1881
Rev.  Calvin  Castle United Brethren - Otterbein no date
Rev. D. C. Campbell 1889-1922
Rev. George Campbell 1857
Rev. Harry   Campbell Romney Presbyterian no date
Rev. James Campbell Liberty Chapel United Brethren no date
Rev. James  C. or G. Campbell West Lafayette Methodist Episcopal & others 1890-1896
Rev. John A. Campbell Romney Presbyterian 1869-1890
Rev. Vincent W. Campbell 1853
Justice  William Campbell 1840
Rev. William Campbell Methodist Circuit Rider 1833-1860
Rev. Mathew E. Campion St. Mary's & St. Ann's Catholic 1875-1880
Rev. I. N. Candee First Presbyterian 1850-1855
Rev. Alfred N. Cane Methodist Circuit Rider 1847-1857
Rev. J. N.  Canfield Wildcat Christian 1873-1889
Rev. Vincent N. Canfield 1852-1856
Rev. Henry H. Cannon Battle Ground Methodist Episcopal 1917
Rabbi Hyman B. Cantor Temple Israel 1915-1916
Rabbi Harry N. Caplan Temple Israel 1922
Rev. Alfred N. Carel 1850
Rev. J. Carigill 1861
Rev. Earl Carlson 1855
Rev. D. T. Carnahan Associated Reformed Presbyterian 1846
Rev. David A. Carnahan Assoc. Ref. Presbyterian 1847
Rev. James A. Carnahan Oxford Presbyterian - Perry township 1830
Rev. James A. Carnahan Dayton Presbyterian 1830-1852
Justice  James A. Carnahan 1830-1865
Rev.  James A. Carnahan Dayton Presbyterian 1856-1877
Justice  P. H. Carr Wabash  township 1906-1910
Justice  Samuel B. Carr Washington  township 1914
Justice  John Carson 1880
Justice  Lott Carson Fairfield  township 1832-1836
Rev. Carson Stockwell Christian no date
Rev. J. H. Carstens St. Lawrence Catholic 1917-1919
Rev. C. M. Carter First Presbyterian 1893-1896
Rev. Cassius Carter First Baptist 1892-1897
Rev. Thomas G. Carver St. John's Episcopal 1870-1874
Rev. Alfred N. Case 1848
Rev. Elijah Case Universalist 1863-1867
Justice  Thomas Casebury 1850-1852
Justice  Peter Casper Wabash township 1840-1850
Rev. H. C. Cassell Wildcat Christian 1875-1895
Rev. C. M. Caster Baptist Church 1893
Justice  Jackson Caster 1856-1857
Constable Ernest V. Castle Fairfield  township 1931
Rev. Castle United Brethren 1892
Rev. J. M. Caufield Christian Church 1870
Rev. Vincent Caufield 1855
Rev. Alfred V. Cave Clarks Hill Methodist & others 1848-1856
Rev. Alexius Alkins Centner St. Boniface Catholic 1885
Rev. Nathaniel Ashael Chamberlain Methodist Episcopal 1872-1917
Rev. B. E. Chambers United Brethren - Colburn 1917-1920
Rev. Chambour German Lutheran Missionary 1847-1848
Rev. G. R. Champlin United Brethren - Colburn 1935-1937
Rev. William B. Chancellor Hope Chapel Presbyterian 1924
Rev. Charles J. Chansin Grace Protestant Episcopal 1879
Rev.  W. J. Chapin 1856
Rev. G. R. Chaplin Liberty Chapel United Brethren no date
Rev. John Chappel Farmers Institute - Quaker no date
Rev. John Chapper Farmers Institute - Quaker 1890
Justice  Isaac N. Chenoweth Shelby township 1880-1904
Justice  Uriah Chenoweth Shelby  township 1853-1854
Rev. George Child Buck Creek Methodist Episcopal 1848
Rev. Draper Chipman Buck Creek Methodist Episcopal 1842
Rev. Chivington 1910-1923
Rev. John H.  Cissel St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal 1882-1890
Justice  Edmund Clark 1861-1874
Justice  Edward Clark 1869
Rev. H. Clark 1900
Rev. Mary T. Clark 1882
Rev. Nathan H. Clark Farmers Institute - Quaker 1889
Justice  Samuel F. Clark Lauramie township 1833-1852
Rev. Wesley F. Clark Dayton Presbyterian / Methodist ? 1887-1911
Rev. William Clark Christian Church 1833-1835
Rev. William F. Clark Methodist Circuit Rider 1890-1891
Rev. William M. Clark Methodist Circuit Rider 1830-1834
Rev. Michael J. Clarke/Clark St. Boniface Catholic Church 1835-1857
Rev. Michael J. Clarke/Clark Sts. Mary & Martha Catholic 1843-1857
Rev. W. Clarke/Clark Sand Ridge Methodist Episcopal 1834
Rev. D. B. Clary 1848
Rev.  Charles J. Clausen Grace Episcopal 1876-1880
Rev. D. B. Clay 1849
Rev. William M. Claybough 1868
Rev. C. H. Claypool 1874
Rev. Ernest V. Claypool West Lafayette Methodist Episcopal & others 1888-1889
Rev. James H. Claypool Ninth Street Methodist Episcopal 1873-1896
Rev. John C. Claypool 1892-1901
Rev. John J. Claypool Clarks Hill, Stockwell Methodist & others 1887-1904
Rev. John M. Claypool Romney Methodist 1898-1901
Rev. James A. Clearwaters Methodist Episcopal Church - Battle Ground & others 1869-1923
Justice  Charles O. Cleaver Washington  township 1878-1884
Justice  David Cleaver Perry  township 1830-1832
Rev. I. S.  Cleaver United Brethren Church 1902-1904
Justice  James Cleaver 1837
Justice  Joseph Cleaver Perry  township 1834-1837
Rev. E. J. Clem Pilgrim Holiness 1921
Justice  Joseph Clem 1839
Rev. E. R. Clevenger Grand Prairie & Chauncey Baptist 1898
Rev. R. S. Clevenger United Brethren Church 1868-1869
Rev. L. B. Cline Montmorenci United Brethren 1912
Rev. William W. Clouse Dayton Methodist Episcopal 1916
Rev. J. C. Clovey Christian Church 1869
Rev. P. S. Coak Methodist Episcopal 1871
Rev. J .P. Coates Bethel African Methodist Episcopal 1885
Rev. Asa S. Cobb Romney Methodist 1872-1874
Rev. E. M. Cobb Fairview Church of the Brethren 1899-1908
Rev. L. A. Coble Wildcat Christian 1887
Rev. Robert Cochran Christian Church 1830-1834
Ensign Lynn A. Coe Salvation Army 1899-1900
Rabbi A. Cohen Sons of Abraham 1913-1914
Rev. Jesse J. Cohen 1861
Rabbi Frederick Cohn Ahavus Achim  1898-1899
Rev. Asa Coho United Brethren Church 1842-1843
Rev. H. T. Coker Clarks Hill Methodist 1923
Rev. B. S. Cole 1889-1891
Constable James N. Cole Lauramie township 1834
Rev. John P. Cole Second Presbyterian 1902
Rev. Martin D. Cole 1902
Rev. Walter D. Cole Trinity Methodist Episcopal 1899-1905
Rev. Jacob Colelazer Methodist Circuit Rider 1841
Rev. Sherman Collins Trinity Methodist Episcopal Chapel 1898-1900
Justice  William Collins 1909
Rev. W. W. Colmery First Presbyterian 1855-1857
Rev. Samuel P. Colvin Montmorenci Methodist Episcopal 1866-1868
Justice  O. M. Conahey 1883-1884
Justice  Moses Concannon no date
Justice  Thomas Concarmon 1837-1838
Rev. S. S. Condo 1874
Rev. L. S. Condy 1874
Rev. Francis M. Cones Clarks Hill Methodist 1886-1908
Rev. Aaron Conner Clarks Hill Methodist 1867
Rev. Americus W. Conner First Christian 1905-1908
Rev. James W. Conner 1868-1884
Rev. S. M. Conner 1871
Rev. Conner Stockwell Christian no date
Rev. Samual W. Conner, V.D.M. no date
Mayor John Connolly Lafayette 1859-1861
Rev. Thomas J. Connor 1880
Rev. E. Parker Conrad Bethel & Zion Evangelical Lutheran 1903-1914
Rev. Conrad St. Lawrence Catholic 1918
Rev. John Conway Wildcat Christian 1851
Captain Ross Conway Salvation Army 1918-1920
Rev. Elijah T. Cook 1834-1844
Rev. John H.  Cook German Methodist Episcopal 1863-1864
Rev. P. S. Cook United Brethren Church 1867-1868
Rev. Peter S. Cook Sixth Street Mission - Methodist Episcopal & others 1870-1872
Rev. S. H. Cook 1862
Rev. T. S. Cook Sixth Street Mission - Methodist Episcopal 1870-1871
Rev. Frank C. Coolbaugh St. John's Episcopal 1899-1902
Rev. Reeme R. Coon Visiting Deacon, Baptist 1845
Rev. D. W. Cooper Romney Presbyterian 1873-1878
Rev. Ed Cooper Liberty Chapel United Brethren 1909
Rev. Joseph S. Cooper 1866-1901
Rev. Josiah J. Cooper Methodist Circuit Rider 1836-1840
Rev. Samuel C. Cooper Methodist Circuit Rider 1830-1838
Rev. W. E.  Cooper Montmorenci United Brethren 1904-1908
Rev. J. W. C. Corey Christian Church 1868-1869
Justice  David Corkins 1854-1855
Rev. T. E. Corms Catholic Priest 1852
Justice  Cornelius 1853
Justice  E. Cory 1843
Rev. Jacob Cosad Clarks Hill Methodist 1850-1852
Justice  Nelson W. Cosner 1922
Justice  L. Coster 1901
Rev. E. E. Coudo 1869
Rev. J. Cougill Chapel United Brethren - Otterbein 1860-1891
Justice  James S. Coulter 1871
Rev. James Courtney Bakers Corner Methodist 1855
Rev. J. D.  Coverstone United Brethren Church 1901-1902
Rev. E. P. Covey 1893
Rev. W. C. Covey Clarks Hill Christian 1873
Rev. Salathiel Cowgill 1879-1886
Rev. Francis Cox Methodist Circuit Rider 1849-1891
Rev. Jacob Cozad Buck Creek Methodist Episcopal 1842-1851
Rev. Frost Craft Cairo Methodist & Trinity 1887-1892
Rev. Charles  Craig Methodist Episcopal 1848-1851
Justice  Peter Craig Wea township 1878
Rev.  George F. Cramer Mt. Zion Methodist Episcopal 1897
Justice  Alfred Crane 1848
Rev. S. B. F. Crane Sand Ridge Methodist Episcopal 1842
Judge Addison M. Crane or Crank Common Pleas 1849
Rev. William Crapp Mt. Zion Methodist Episcopal 1879-1881
Rev. P. J. Crawby 1903
Rev. David Crawford Methodist Circuit Rider 1856
Rev. George W. Crawford Trinity Methodist Episcopal 1855-1857
Rev. James Crawford Presbyterian 1828-1830
Rev. L. W. Crawford 1875-1876
Justice  Samuel P. Crawford Lauramie township 1891-1895
Rev. David Creighton Presbyterian 1907
Justice  Richard F. Crepe 1850
Rev. James Creppitt 1840
Rev. Daniel  Cripe Church of the Brethren 1859
Rev. George W. Cripe Fairview Church of the Brethren 1876-1883
Rev. Isaac   Cripe German Baptist 1867-1890
Rev. Jacob Cripe Church of the Brethren 1857
Constable Lewis W. Critser Tippecanoe township 1852
Rev. Solomon Crose Randolph township 1828-1838
Rev. Patrick J. Crosson St. Mary's Catholic 1878
Justice  Alexander Hamilton Crouse Wayne township 1883-1886
Rev. M. V. Crouse 1881-1882
Rev. A. Cuff 1873
Constable John Cullen Fairfield township 1852
Rev. Joseph A. Cullen Clarks Hill Methodist 1877-1890
Rev. John A. Cumber Methodist Episcopal 1871
Rev. Aaron Cummins United Brethren  1860-61, 63-65
Rev. Alton Maynard Cummins United Brethren  1896-1897
Rev. E. M. Cummins United Brethren  1864
Rev. J.  A. Cummins United Brethren  1891-1892
Rev. R. Cummins United Brethren  1867-1869
Rev. Thomas Cundy 1898
Rev. Armour Cunningham Battle Ground Methodist Episcopal 1867
Rev. James A. Cunningham 1836
Justice  John Cunningham Washington township 1833-1840
Justice  Charles Currar 1917
Rev. Hiram Curry Dayton Universalist 1828
Rev. W. W. Curry Lafayette Universalist 1871
Rev. J. H. Curstens Moore Memorial Chapel 1918-1920
Rev. Alexius  Curtner 1885
Rev. Elijah Cute 1866
Rev. Thomas M. Cutrill Catholic Priest 1877
Justice  John Cypher Tippecanoe 1906
Rev. John P. Dagey Hickory Grove English Lutheran 1837-1840
Rev.  B. F. Dailey 1888
Rev. R. M. Dalbey 1843
Rev. Isaac Dale Romney Methodist 1876-1891
Justice & JP Timothy Dame Fairfield  township 1846-1852
Rev. Frederick J. Dandurand St. Mary's Catholic 1895-1897
Rev. John Daniel or Daniels Methodist Episcopal 1850-1851
Rev. Frank K. Daugherty 1911-1923
Rev. Theo A. Daughty 1896
Justice  David J. Davidson 1850-1873
Justice  James Davidson Fairfield township 1906-1912
Rev. W. C. Davidson Chauncey Methodist Episcopal 1870-1871
Rev. Charles E. Davis United Brethren - Colburn 1910-1911
Justice  E. C. Davis 1883-1889
Rev. George Davis 1851-1864
Rev. H. L. Davis Methodist Episcopal 1895-1896
Rev. Henry Davis Congress Street Methodist Episcopal 1896-1897
Justice  James Davis 1841
Rev. James Davis United Brethren 1837-1853
Rev.  Joe Davis Wildcat Christian 1880
Rev. Joseph Davis Wildcat & Clarks Hill Christian 1888-1890
Rev. Josiah Davis 1845
Rev. Samuel Davis 1896
Rev. W. J. Davis 1866-1867
Rev. William Davis 1835
Rev. William Davis Mt. Zion Methodist Episcopal 1895-1897
Rev. W. C. Davisson Chauncey Methodist Episcopal & others 1870-1871
Justice  John Dawley 1843-1845
Rev. Edward Day Buck Creek Methodist Episcopal 1893
Rev. John Deal 1902
Justice  Edward Deergan 1868
Judge Richard P. DeHart Circuit Court 1902-1910
Rev. Leonard   Deininger St. Mary's Catholic 1925-1927
Rev. Francis Deipenbach St. Boniface Catholic 1863-1866
Rev. G. D. DeJone 1903
Rev. Justin Delagrange St. Mary's Catholic 1915-1916
Rev. James Delan 1893
Justice  Alman J. DeLong Wabash township 1926-1930
Rev. R. M. Delray no date
Rev. John B. DeMotte Mt. Zion Methodist Episcopal 1865-1874
Rev. John Dempsey St. Ann's Catholic 1884-1888
Rev. H. M. Denslow St. John's Episcopal 1902
Rev. Depen Oxford Church - Perry Twp. no date
Rev. Paul Deppen 1899
Rev. George A. Derhammer St. John's Lutheran 1916-1938
Rev. Albert G. Detch Congress Street Methodist Episcopal 1900-1903
Rev. William C. Dickinson Second Presbyterian 1872-1882
Justice  E. J. Dicks 1855-1856
Rev. John Diehl Fairview Church of the Brethren no date
Justice  R. Dienhart 1881
Rev. Casimur Dietrich St. Lawrence Catholic 1909-1910
Rev. David Dilling Fairview Church of the Brethren no date
Rev. R. C. Dillman 1912-1917
Justice  Robert Dimmitt 1857-1863
Rev. John R. Dinnen St. Mary's Catholic 1870-1927
Rev. R. H. Dippell 1879
Rev. N. C. Dittes Salem Reformed 1923-1928
Rev. T. Dixon Montmorenci United Brethren 1902-1904
Rev. Z. Dixon 1903-1904
Rev. A. C. Dnez 1901
Rev. T. F. Doake Methodist Episcopal 1895
Rev. L. D. Dodd West Point Methodist Episcopal 1910-1912
Rev. W. N. Donahue St. John's Episcopal 1874
Justice  Daniel M. Donald 1858-1859
Rev. John S. Donaldson Clarks Hill Methodist 1856-1857
Rev. T. S. Donaldson   1851-1858
Rev. John B., Jr. Donaldson Stidham Presbyterian 1918
Rev. Evantus Doud Methodist Circuit Rider 1850-1851
Rev. Thomas Dougherty 1881-1896
Rev. Thomas A. Doughty Free Methodist 1895-1897
Rev. Robert W. Douglas Farmers Institute - Quaker 1892
Rev. Charles E. Downey Buck Creek Methodist Episcopal 1902
Constable George Downing Wayne township 1836
Justice  George M. Downing 1851-1855
Rev. Edwin S. Doyle Baptist Church 1908
Rev. Phillip Doyle St. Boniface Catholic 1853
Rev. William Doyle Sts. Mary & Martha Catholic 1853
Rev. Tiffin F. Drake West Lafayette Methodist Episcopal & others 1892-1910
Rev. H. M. Dreslow St. John's Episcopal 1902
Rev. A. C. Droz 1899-1906
Constable Enos Dryer Sheffield township 1836
Justice  Lewis L. Dryer Sheffield township 1860-1910
Rev. Albert C. Dudley Central Presbyterian 1915-1920
Rev. P. B. Duffy 1902
Rev. Leon Dufrance St. Mary's Catholic 1917-1918
Rev. Leon  J. Dufresne St. Mary's Catholic 1918-1920
Rev. John Duncan United Brethren 1828
Rev. P. O. Duncan Grand Prairie Baptist 1909-1914
Rev. Dunham Dayton United Brethren 1828
Rev. Edward M. Dunkelberger Congress Street Methodist Episcopal 1890-1899
Rev. James H.  Dunlap, V.D.M. 1855
Rev. Edwin W. Dunlavey Trinity Methodist Episcopal 1913-1918
Rev. Howard H. Dunlavey Chauncey Methodist Episcopal & others 1886-1921
Rev. Howard H. Dunlavy Montmorenci Methodist Episcopal 1894-1896
Rev. William N. Dunn Congress Street Methodist Episcopal 1889-1891
Justice  Edward Durgan 1863-1869
Mayor George R. Durgan Lafayette 1904-1925
Rev. Patrick H. Dutch Methodist Circuit Rider 1857
Rev. Jesse L. Duvall Free Methodist 1898-1900


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