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Who Could Perform Marriages

in Tippecanoe County Indiana



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Title First Name Surname Church Name  / Township or Town Dates Served
Rev. J. L.  Ickes United Brethren Church 1904-1905
Rev. Ildephous Catholic Priest 1909
Rev. James Iliff 1863
Rev. Peter Iman 1834
Rev. G. W. Infield 1899-1905
Rev. Wisner K. Ingalls Stockwell Methodist Episcopal 1918-1921
Justice  George Insley 1864
Justice  Columbus C. Irwin Wayne township 1914-1915
Rev. Hull Itskin State Soldiers Home 1925
Rev. Homer P. Ivey St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal 1913-1914
Justice  A. W. Jackman 1899
Rev. Albert W. Jackman Wildcat & Clarks Hill Christian 1890-1921
Rev. H. G. Jackman 1863-1867
Rev. Alexander S. Jackson Second Baptist 1898-1899
Rev. Henry Godden Jackson Stockwell Methodist Episcopal 1863-1867
Rev. J. M. Jackson Methodist Episcopal 1882
Rev. Samuel R. Jackson St. John's Episcopal 1838
Rev. W. Jackson 1865
Rev. Elmer Jacobs Universalist 1876-1877
Rev. William Jacobs United Brethren no date
Rev. A. Jaffe 1896-1897
Rev. Charles Jakes Stockwell Methodist Episcopal 1893-1906
Justice  Timothy James 1850
Rev. L. H. Jamison Wildcat Christian 1859
Rev. J. S. Jamsin 1860
Justice  Abel Janney Randolph & Wayne townships 1827-1830
Rev. Francis Jansen St. Mary's Catholic 1898-1899
Rev. Gunner Janson Swedish Lutheran 1921-1922
Rev. Allen Jay Farmers Institute - Quaker 1887
Rabbi Abraham Jeffa  Sons of Abraham 1894-1897
Rev. H. Jeffe 1896
Justice  Dawson Thomas Jefferson Shelby township 1914
Rev. M. G. Jefferson 1843
Rev. Samuel M. Jefferson Christian Church 1874-1877
Rev. M. G. Jefferys 1843
Rev. C. Jeffries Methodist 1843-1846
Justice  C. Jeffries 1845-1847
Rev. Robertson Jeffries African Methodist Episcopal 1874
Rev. H. F. Jenkins Cairo Methodist 1887-1890
Rev. Nimrod F. Jenkins Battle Ground Methodist Episcopal 1887-1889
Justice  Edward T. Jenks 1865-1878
Justice  C. P. Jennings 1866
Rev. C. P. Jennings First Presbyterian 1863-1866
Rev. Matthias Jesse 1895
Rev. J. Newton Jessup First Christian 1919-1936
Rev. William R. Jewell Christian Church 1871-1874
Rev. Isaac Jngar Grace Episcopal 1868
Rabbi Abraham Joffe Sons of Abraham  1896-1897
Rev. Charles Johns Buck Creek Methodist Episcopal 1851
Rev. Johns Montmorenci United Brethren 1894-1898
Rev. A. Johns  1864
Constable Abner Johnson Lauramie township 1833
Rev. Amasa Johnson Methodist Circuit Rider 1840-1842
Rev. Amos Johnson Methodist Circuit Rider 1833
Rev. August Johnson Swedish Lutheran 1902-1905
Rev. Charles L. Johnson Free Methodist 1923-1925
Rev. E. Johnson United Brethren Church 1870-1871
Rev. Edward Johnson Swedish Lutheran 1891-1899
Rev. Elijah R. Johnson Methodist Episcopal 1869-1876
Rev. Frank  Johnson Mintoyne Methodist Episcopal 1910-1912
Rev. Henry Johnson 1878-1896
Rev. J. H. Johnson Methodist Circuit Rider 1843
Rev. James Johnson Battle Ground Methodist Episcopal 1848-1853
Rev. John B. Johnson Methodist Circuit Rider 1843-1854
Justice  John E. Johnson 1852-1855
Rev. John O. Johnson 1854
Constable John W. Johnson Fairfield township 1834
Justice  Joseph N. Johnson 1886
Rev. M. Johnson 1868
Justice  M. F. Johnson 1870-1872
Justice  M. J. Johnson 1872
Rev. Michael  Johnson Buck Creek Methodist Episcopal & others 1847-1868
Rev. Robert C. Johnson 1866-1869
Rev. Samuel Rossevelt Johnson St. John's Episcopal 1837-1847
Rev. Taylor S. Johnson Second Baptist 1891
Constable Thomas S. Johnson Wayne township 1834
Justice  Thomas S. Johnson Wayne township 1834-1835
Rev. William Johnson 1881-1893
Rev. Johnson Stockwell Christian no date
Justice  A. M. Jones 1837
Rev. Charles Jones Buck Creek Methodist Episcopal 1851
Rev. D. W. Jones Methodist Episcopal 1872
Rev. Edward L. Jones Baptist Church 1853
Rev. George B. Jones 1909
Justice  J. A. Jones 1897
Rev. J. Luther Jones Methodist Episcopal 1888-1915
Rev. John J. Jones Clarks Hill Methodist 1859
Rev. Nathaniel Jones 1875
Justice  Thomas Jones Lauramie township 1889-1895
Rev. W. F. Jones 1886
Rev. W. H. Jones United Brethren 1876-1902
Rev. W. W. Jones Chauncey Methodist Episcopal 1851-1887
Rev. Wiley Jones Mt. Zion Methodist Episcopal 1868
Rev. Jones Grand Prairie Baptist 1853
Rev. A. M. Jordan Second Baptist 1893
Rev. Clifford C. Jordan Battle Ground Methodist Episcopal 1912-1913
Rev. Maurice Joy St. Mary's Catholic 1877-1878
Rev. D. W. Joyce Methodist Episcopal 1872
Rev. Isaac W. Joyce Trinity Methodist Episcopal & others 1859-1876
Justice  George O. Julian Jackson township 1903-1907
Justice  Noah Justice Fairfield township 1880-1899
Mayor Noah Justice Lafayette 1894-1902


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