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Who Could Perform Marriages

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Title First Name Surname Church Name  / Township or Town Dates Served
Justice  Levi Quaintance Wea township 1910
Rev. Thomas Quilling 1865-1886
Rev. Isaiah Quinn Fairview Church of the Brethren no date
Rev. Peter Quinn St. Mary's Catholic 1897-1898
Rev. Joseph Rademacher St. Mary's Catholic 1880-1883
Rev. Louis L. Ratliff Bethel African Methodist Episcopal 1918
Justice  Charles A. Raub Wayne township 1851
Constable Charles A. Raub Wayne township 1851
Justice  Charles A. Raub Wayne township 1840-1842
Rev. Charles M. Rauch Romney  1901-1903
Justice  Henry Rauch Randolph township    1910-1914
Rev. Edwin Ray Methodist Circuit Rider 1830's
Rev. William Porter Ray St. John's Episcopal 1856-1857
Constable Frank Rayburn Wea township 1930
Rev. John H.  Rayle Montmorenci Methodist Episcopal 1893-1911
Rev. James S. Read Grand Prairie Baptist & Chauncey 1881-1887
Justice  Theodore Rease 1882
Rev. George Reber 1888
Justice  Albert Red 1880
Rev. H. A. Redenburgh 1848
Rev. David Reder Buck Creek Methodist Episcopal 1852
Rev. Thomas J. Reder Mt. Zion Methodist Episcopal 1904-1925
Rev. John Rediger Evangelical Mennonite - Perry township no date
Rev. James Redinbo 1869
Justice  James Redinbo 1866-1872
Rev. Reece Grand Prairie Baptist 1833
Rev. Albert Reed 1879-1880
Rev. Clifford Reed St. Mary's Catholic 1920-1925
Rev. J. C.  Reed Ninth Street Methodist Episcopal 1871-1872
Rev. J. B. Reed 1891
Justice  James Reed also in Cass County 1908
Rev. James C. Reed Methodist Episcopal 1857-1877
Rev. James S. Reed Chauncey & Grand Prairie Baptist 1881-1885
Rev. Joseph C. Reed St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal 1857-1858
Justice  Macajah Reed 1837
Rev. O. S. Reed 1888-1889
Rev. Samuel Reed Methodist Episcopal 1840
Justice  Macajah Reeder 1836
Rev. T. J. Reeder Montmorenci Methodist Episcopal 1916-1917
Rev. J. B. Reeg 1891
Rev. H.   Reepley 1897
Rev.  C. W. Rees Baptist Church 1870
Rev. Andrew Reese 1906
Rev. William Reese 1833-1835
Rev. Felix Mathew Reff St. Mary's & Martha Catholic 1850
Rev. N. V. Regenos United Brethren - Colburn 1929-1930
Rev. A. J. Reichart Holy Trinity English Lutheran 1898
Rev. Clark  Reid United Brethren - Perry Twp no date
Justice  James Reid 1909
Rev. Paul G. Reisen Dayton Methodist Episcopal 1925-1928
Rev. Andrew Renwick First Presbyterian 1867-1868
Rev. Fred Replogle Fairview Church of the Brethren 1915, 1920-1931
Rev. Jonathan Repp 1832
Rev. F. M. Reule Ninth Street Methodist Episcopal no date
Justice  Daniel Rex 1904
Rev. Pearce T. Rhodes 1845
Rev. Daniel Rice Second Presbyterian 1858-1871
Rev.  George  Rice 1866-1894
Rev. James Rice 1865
Rev. Eli Richards 1862-1863
Rev. John W. Richards Mt. Zion Methodist Episcopal & others 1899-1901
Rev. Robert Richardson West Point Methodist Episcopal 1924-1925
Rev. O. L. Richart United Brethren - Colburn 1911-1912
Rev. P. F. Riche 1895-1897
Rev. John Richey Methodist Circuit Rider 1834-1835
Rev. J. Richman 1831
Justice  R. H. Richmond Washington township 1852
Constable R. H. Richmond Washington township 1852
Rev. James Ricketts Clarks Hill Methodist 1847-1858
Rev. Joel Ridge 1891
Rev. William   Riechenmeyer German Methodist Episcopal 1868-1872
Rev. Walter Rieley Grand Prairie Baptist 1890
Rev. Abraham V. Rier
Justice  T. T. Right Sheffield township 1835
Constable T. T. Right Sheffield township 1835
Rev. John Rilander Methodist Episcopal 1872
Rev. Charles H. Riley Buck Creek Methodist Episcopal 1898
Rev. Henry C. Riley Buck Creek Methodist Episcopal 1904-1922
Rev. J. W. Riley 1897
Rev. Walter Riley Grand Prairie Baptist 1890-1899
Rev. William B. Riley First Baptist 1888-1890
Rev. D.  Rinehart Methodist Episcopal 1891
Justice  David Rinehart Lauramie township 1880-1882
Justice  George W. Ringer 1868
Justice  I. P. Rinkenna 1842
Rev. O. B. Rippeltoe Congress Street Methodist Episcopal & others  1903-1918
Rev. P. F. Roach St. Ann's Catholic 1884-1900
Justice  M. Roads 1838
Rev. Martin Roads Minister - Lauramie township no date
Rev. Enos E. Robbins Free Methodist 1888-1891, 1902
Rev. C. J. Roberts United Brethren - Colburn 1947-1949
Rev. J. T. Roberts 1917
Justice  John Roberts Tippecanoe township 1832-1840
Rev. John H.  Roberts United Brethren Church 1878-1881
Rev. S. L. Roberts 1870
Rev. T. Roberts Buck Creek Methodist Episcopal 1867
Rev. W. Z. Roberts United Brethren Church 1914-1918
Rev. W. H. Roberts Romney Presbyterian no date
Rev. Warren H. Roberts St. John's Episcopal 1875-1879
Justice  William E. Roberts 1924
Rev. Zacariah Roberts African Methodist Episcopal 1887-1888
Rev. William Robeson 1830
Justice  William Robeson Randolph township 1830-1832
Rev. D.  Robinson 1902-1914
Rev. John Robinson Wesleyan Methodist 1837-1876
Rev. L. D. Robinson 1880
Rev. R  C. Robinson Sandridge Methodist Episcopal 1845
Rev. Thomas J. Robinson 1870-1884
Justice  William D. Robinson 1882-1884
Justice  William I. Robinson 1876
Rev. Claire B. Robison First Church Scientist 1915-1920
Rev. John Robison 1836-1857
Rev. J. P. Roche St. Ann's Catholic 1895
Rev. Patrick F. Roche St. Mary's & St. Ann's  Catholic 1882-1902
Rev. Joseph Rodemacher St. Mary's Catholic 1880-1882
Rev. David A. Rodgers Clarks Hill Methodist 1883-1898
Justice  William Rodgers 1856-1859
Rev. J. M. Rodman Christian Church 1901-1902
Justice  A. M. Roe 1842
Rev. William Roesener 1904
Rev. Clarence D. Rogers 1898
Rev. Eli Rogers Buck Creek Methodist Episcopal 1835
Rev. Henry M. Rogers Presbyterian, Dayton & Rossville 1880-1905
Rev. Josh M. Rogers Buck Creek Methodist Episcopal 1851-1852
Rev. Joshua M. Rogers Buck Creek Methodist Episcopal 1851
Rev. S. E. Rogers 1878
Rev. Schuyler C. Rogers St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal 1920
Rev. V. C. Rogers Badger Grove Church 1922-1923
Justice  William Rogers 1857-1859
Justice  John A. Rohler Lauramie township 1919
Rev. Jacob Rohn Buck Creek Methodist Episcopal 1895-1901
Rev. Henry Rohrig 1901
Rev. Adalbert Rolfes St. Lawrence Catholic 1923-1925
Rev. Charles Rollins African Methodist Episcopal 1846
Rev. Frederick Romig 1856
Rev. Peter Ronin 1890
Justice  Jacob Roop 1846-1855
Rev. Samuel Roosevelt St. John's Episcopal 1844
Rev. John W. Root Fairview Church - Perry Township 1909-1916
Rev. Henry Rose 1896-1899
Justice  Joshua Roseberry 1835-1857
Rev. E. Rosell, D.D. 1864-1865
Rev. John Rosenbarger United Brethren 1898-1901
Rev. John Rosenberg no date
Mayor Albert R. Ross 1925-1929
Rev. Henry Ross Montmorenci Methodist Episcopal & others 1889-1898
Justice  Jacob Ross 1851-1853
Rev. Joseph B. Ross Clarks Hill Methodist 1892
Rev. L. W. Ross  St. John's Episcopal 1863-1864
Rev. E. H. Rost Presbyterian 1883
Rev. E. Roszell Methodist Episcopal Circuit Rider 1859-1864
Rev. B. Howard Roth 1907
Justice  Francis M. Roth Sheffield township 1871-1873
Rev. Kilian Roth St. Boniface Catholic 1911-1912
Rev. Phillip Rothmann St. Boniface Catholic 1884-1886
Justice  George H. Roudebush 1856-1858
Rev. Walter Roudebush Colburn United Brethren 1925-1927
Rev. John Rowe 1841
Rev. C. J. Rowe, Jr. Grand Prairie Baptist 1878
Rev. C. J. Rowles 1865
Rev. Rossiter C. Rowley Traveling Deacon, Methodist Episcopal 1842-1844
Rev. Clarence D. Royce Montmorenci Methodist Episcopal & others 1891-1903
Rev. John H.  Royle 1905-1907
Rev. Clarence D. Royse West Lafayette Methodist Episcopal 1903
Rev. F. M. Rudisill 1862
Rev. B.    Ruele Ninth Street Methodist Episcopal 1869-1876
Rev. B. Ruf Reformed Church of America 1912
Rev. Acker Ruland 1846
Rev. Franklin M. Rule Ninth Street Methodist Episcopal 1868-1876
Rev. Henry Rule Methodist Episcopal 1869-1876
Rev. F. Rumely St. Mary's Catholic 1916-1917
Justice  David Rummis 1842
Justice  David Runyon or Runnion 1842-1843
Rev. Henry Rupley United Brethren - Colburn 1889-1911
Rev. J. Rupple English Lutheran 1898
Justice  E. Irvin Rush 1874
Justice  Moses Rush Tippecanoe township 1838-1841
Justice  Ruben T. Rush 1881
Justice  William Rush 1885
Rev. Loren W. Russ St. John's Episcopal 1859-1870
Justice  Charles W. Russell 1901
Rev. D. A. Russell 1857
Rev. John Ryan St. Mary's Catholic 1875-1877
Rev. John Rylander Methodist Episcopal - Stockwell 1872-1880


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