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Who Could Perform Marriages

in Tippecanoe County Indiana


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Title First Name Surname Church Name  / Township or Town Dates Served
Rev. R. D. Ulery Church of the Brethren 1856
Rev. Samuel Ulery Church of the Brethren 1828
Rev. Samuel Ulery Fairview Church - Perry township 1841-1881
Mayor George Ulrich Lafayette 1865-1867
Rev. Benjamin Underwood no date
Rev. William Underwood Second Baptist 1901-1906
Rev. George Upfold St. John's Episcopal 1850-1851
Rev. E. D. Urufel German Evangelical Lutheran 1891
Justice  Aaron Usher Lauramie township 1834
Constable Aaron Usher Lauramie township 1834
Rev. Russell D. Utter Methodist Episcopal 1903-1906
Rev. William Utter Ninth Street Methodist Episcopal 1889
Rev. Russell D. Utter, V.D.M. Romney Methodist Episcopal & others 1863-1917
Rev. R. B. Vail 1863-1917
Rev. William Vail 1881-1885
Justice  John W. Valentine 1856
Justice  Robert T. Valentine Fairfield township 1918
Rev. R.  B. Van Allen 1908
Rev. James G. Van Cleave 1908
Rev. W. T. Van Cleave Grand Prairie Baptist 1888-1894
Rev. W. T. Van Cleave 1889-1894
Rev. James G. Van Dewalker Methodist Episcopal 1869-1872
Justice  Edwin Van Dyke Shelby township 1924-1933
Justice  E. E. Van Scoyoc Randolph township   1914
Rev. William P. Van Winkles 1883
Rev. M. M. VanCleave 1885-1889
Rev. H. St. John VanDake Christian Church 1862-1863
Rev. Sietse Vandergwerf Reformed Church of America 1895-1896
Rev. Seitsr Vandermay Reformed Church of America 1896-1897
Rev. Herman M. Vander-Ploeg Holland Christian Reformed 1903-1911
Rev. Anthony Vanderwerf Reformed Church of America 1895-1906
Rev. Polpcarp VanMourick St. Boniface Catholic 1914
Justice  Aaron Vannatta 1850
Rev. P. Robinson Vannatta, D.V.M. First Presbyterian 1848-1850
Rev. P. Robinson VanNatter Presbyterian 1848-1853
Rev. Elza VanScheinek Dayton Methodist 1838
Rev. Arnold Venace 1868
Rev. Henry Venall 1859
Justice  Henry Vencill Shelby township 1857
Rev. Henry Vencill Clarks Hill Methodist 1857-1893
Rev. J. B. Vernon 1840-1852
Rev. W. G. Verpillar 1840-1852
Justice  Tobias F. Vess Randolph township   1910-1914
Rev. W. S. Vessels West Point Methodist Episcopal 1891-1894
Rev. D. Vines First Universalist 1840
Rev. I. S. Vinson 1866
Judge David P. Vinton Circuit Court 1861-1887
Judge Henry H. Vinton Lafayette 1905-1922
Justice  J. M. Virgin 1876-1877
Rev. Peter Vitz German Reformed 1871-1877
Rev. Daniel  Vole German Methodist Episcopal 1865-1868
Rev. Von Schmedler 1903-1904
Rev. Heckaliah Vredenburg Methodist Episcopal 1825-1851
Rev. Edward Vurpiurat St. Mary's Catholic 1911-1913


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