TIPCOA Obituary Research Request Form 2014
Please fill out this form as thoroughly as possible and mail to:  P. O. Box 2464, West Lafayette, Indiana 47996  with your check for $6.00    for each obituary and a self-addressed return envelopeYou may submit two requests per envelope.   Please send $12.00 for 2 obituaries.  

Not everyone had obituaries especially pre-1900's.  We will do our best to help you and we will answer you or return your request if we don't find one.  Good indexes start at 1901.  This is not refundable if we do a search.


Please submit a separate form for each person to be researched. Please print:


Your Name: _____________________________ Address: ______________________________

City: __________________________________ State: ________ ZIP: __________________

Phone: (______)_________________________ E-Mail: _______________________________


Fill in information that can help us below. A family group sheet would really help.


Ancestor's Name: ________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: ________________________ Place of Birth: _________________________

Date of Death: ________________________ Place of Death: _________________________

Father: _______________________________ Mother: _________________________________

Spouse: _________________________________________________________________________

Marriage Info: __________________________________________________________________

Names of Children: ______________________________________________________________



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