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TCCRG helped repairs at the Feerer-Black-Pioneer

Cemetery in 2000 &2001

Located on County Rd. 430 South.

            Thanks to a call from Wea Township Trustee Matthew Koehler, TCCRG was able to
            work in this wonderful neighborhood cemetery.   Our group began by cleaning all
            the family monuments. Then on to repair the broken stones.  Take a look at the
progress we made as we continued to work with this neighborhood group
in their endeavor to save this worthy historic cemetery.

Volunteers cleaning the stone in June 2000.


We used epoxy to reconnect the family stones.  After
working on the easier stones, we had the hard repairs left.
 I'll admit these two below were a big challenge for me.
But thanks to the encouragement of John Walter of Fayette
Co., Indiana they are connected and holding together so far.

You may view the repairs of Samuel Shortridge stone by clicking here.


On  May 18th 2002 the local DAR & SAR organizations dedicated a new
Military stone for Samuel Shortridge who fought in the Revolutionary War.

The Michael's stone was even a bigger challenge.
Solomon & Levenah Michael's broken in 10 pieces.

Son and daughter of S. & R. Michael died one day apart.
July 20th & 21st, 1839.
This is a very big stone and you can see the grout
colors didn't quite dry to the same color of the stone.
We will continue to find ways to improve this stone.


If your inclined to send a thank you note to the
Township Trustee.  Here is his address & email.

Mr. Matthew Koehler
 4345 Wea Ridge Road
 Lafayette, IN  47909

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Photos and page ©  by  L. A. Clugh
 2002 Tippecanoe County INPCRP

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