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Repairing the Samuel Shortridge tombstone

2 pieces were found during the cemetery reconstruction.

After cleaning and scrubbing these pieces I began to attach them
 with clear Mastico epoxy.  The pipe clamp was used to hold
the two together to insure a good connection while it dried.

I then began to build a form with wood shims and duck tape. 
This will keep the mortar in the right area.  You also see the
 white plumbers putty.  I used this to fill the bottom cracks.   It
will stop the 2nd fill of epoxy from running out the bottom.

Now I'm ready to add mortar to the missing sections.  I then
used John Walters, "Void Mix" to rebuild the missing area.

Rap it in a wet cloth and let this dry overnight.  Then I
removed the forms.  I added a second filling of Mastico
epoxy using the buff color and some tan colored grout
to try to match the color of this stone.

On the left all finished and ready to return to it's place.
On the right, someone found the bottom section of his stone. So after a
few more trips and this was connected.   There is obviously different lighting.

Cheryl Runkel & I reset this stone in October 2001.  It was hand dug through tree roots.

These techniques are taught at the workshops every Spring & Fall

by John Walters.  We are so grateful to have him.

The next year 2002, the local chapters of the S.A.R.
and the D.A.R. held a re-dedication ceremony
to install a new military marker for his service.
They both now stand ready to receive family descendants again.

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 2002 Tippecanoe County INPCRP

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