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Routh Cemetery Project
April 6,7 & 20th. Continuing to find, record
broken stones and level cemetery grounds.


April 6th. We found several new pieces as we
continued to clean this site.

April 7th. We left the headstones on boards to drain the moisture
from them.  Hopefully next trip we can begin to epoxy them
back together.   Come and help if you can!

April 20th visit. We have many small pieces to match
together. Mainly footstones above.

April 20th, ground is leveling out nicely and we reset the three stone bases.
Thanks again to Gordon, Sheila and Rich, Debbie  and Austin.

See more family stones we have found in April

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Photos and page ©  by  L.A.Clugh
 2002 Tippecanoe County INPCRP