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September 21, 2002
Resetting John & Sarah Routh  *

Thanks to Missy Parish, Terri Brown, Rodney Deaton,
Gordon & Sheila Hooker for a great workday.
We successfully reset the largest family stone.
Bible inscription on top of John Routh stone
*click for the image*
~They rest from their
labors and their works
do follow them~

Terri adding mortar mix

Rodney & Missy cleaning Isaac Routh
Ready to reset Isaac Routh stone
Gordon and crew lowering Sarah Routh stone with the help of a hoist

John Routh stone in May. 
Cleaning surface with a stiff 
nylon brush  and drill
Take a look after  scrubbing
Nice Job!


A spectacular view at the end of  the day.  The two large Routh stones were
reset, along with several footstones.  New cleaning methods were learned,
 several more section matches were made and cracks & holes were filled.
 I am so proud of what we accomplished today.
Thank you all again.


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 2002 Tippecanoe County INPCRP