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Volume XXII, Number 2
December 1998


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December 1998

I have been with this society since its founding twenty-two years ago and I have never ceased in my admiration of the dedication of its members. We have out-of-state members who can't attend meetings but continue to support TSGS with their dues. We have local members who donate time and gas to fulfill duties. It takes money and manpower to keep an organization of our size running smoothly. There are publication sales and The Packet to be mailed, membership lists and mailing labels kept and updated, money accurately recorded and dispersed, surname files maintained, programs to be planned, and seminars organized. Members transcribe records, answer letters, conduct help groups, serve as webmasters, serve on committees, organize and produce works in progress, stuff envelopes with flyers, keep up with genealogical publications, and... .we all have a good time doing it. It is a good thing because it is all volunteer work. And, of course, The Packet depends on member contributions of articles for the quality of its content. All material is greatly appreciated. If it is not quite suited for The Packet, it is carefully preserved in Willard Library's files. Thank you, thank you, to all who are contributing.

Special thanks to Peggy Newton, an assistant librarian in Willard Library's Special Collections Department, who graciously proof-reads The Packet and is the cause of its typo-free appearance (except when I recklessly add something without her seeing it!).

In this issue, you will find an article on the meticulous proof that establishes the existence of an old west-side cemetery in Evansville conducted by local member Eleanor Glenn Tenbarge.

Happy Holidays,
Bettie Cummings Cook CG, Editor

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December 1998

Those of us who were involved in planning the annual October seminar wish to thank all who attended and helped make it such a successful day. We were pleased with the attendance and everyone seemed to be having lots of fun.

Now is the time to mark your calendar for October 16, 1999. Charles, director of the Tennessee State Archives and Library, will be our speaker at next year's seminar, again at the Airport Holiday Inn, Evansville. Hope to see you there.

I am reminded again how important it is to proof-read anything that gets into print. And even more importantly, to check the original source rather than be satisfied with what is found in a printed index or abstraction. A note from Brian E. Michaels, editor for the newsletter of Council of Genealogy Columnists, told of a tombstone inscription in a book of compiled records which stated that the deceased was born in "New York" when the stone itself read "York, S.C.," and that the person was born in 1882 and died in 1878, (four years before he was born), when the stone said he was born in 1822. With friends like this, who needs enemies!

At some time or other all of us will share with others the material we have copied or written. The moral of the story is to check and double check all you write (or enter into your computer data base or share on the internet). These kinds of mistakes are like the ripples from the stone thrown into the water - hard to erase and no one knows how far they will go.

Any misspellings or inadvertent mistakes that go out under your name diminish your credibility. The reader wonders whether other information you have sent is also incorrect. I get regular e-mail messages from a distant cousin who sends them out to a broad network of us who are researching the same family name. They are all of misspelled words and grammar mistakes. I hope he is not this careless with the "facts" he finds, and I have trouble taking seriously the information he passes along. Ignoring mistakes in what we produce hurts most those we want to help.

I hope all of you have added a new genealogy book or journal to your holiday wish list. Be prepared when your family asks what you'd like for Christmas.

This is my only chance to wish you a happy New Year. Think about some New Year's resolutions to get your files organized or those old photos sorted and labeled. You will be glad you did.

Best Wishes for a good New Year,
Marjorie Blocher Kinsey CG, TSGS President

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December 1998

The Tri-State Packet is pleased to publish queries from TSGS members. Queries are limited to 50 words & five typed lines. Please include your name, address and membership number (on the mailing label), and at least one name, date and location.
Submit your questions to:
TSGS Packet
c/o Willard Library
21 First Ave.
Evansville IN

My great-grandfather was WILLIAM COLLINS born 8 Aug 1832 Columbus, OH. Next found marrying my great-grandmother, MARY ANN FELSTEAD in Vanderburgh County, IN 20 March 1862. I cannot find him between 1832 and 1862 in Vanderburgh County. They came to Wayne County, IL about 1872 and he died there 16 July 1906. Need parents, siblings. Other Collins marriages about the same time are Melvina Collins to William Bryan, Edward Collins to Elizabeth C. Hall, K. D. Collins to Eunice D. Dodd, and Cacelean Collins to William Evans. Has anyone researched these Collins?
Sue Cullison, 115 S. 8th Street, Albion, IL 62806. #?????

Looking for information on HENRY BISHEY and wife SUSAN "GUSSIE" BISHEY born 1880; SAMUEL DICKEY and wife MARY ANN DICKEY married 6 Dec 1866; GEORGE T. HILL and wife NONA/NORA GORE married 2 Aug 1891; ANDREW J. McKINNEY and wife MELISSA McKINNEY married 15 Dec 1886; SAMUEL WHEELER and wife EMMA WHEELER married 25 Dec 1887. Believe all were in Gibson and Warrick County area. All replies answered.
Sandra Taylor, PO Box 117, Dale, IL 62829. #1593.

Seeking information on MARIA JOSEPHINE LUIGS (1847-1889), married JOSEPH SUTTNER in 1867. FRANZ CHRISTIAN RUSTIGE/RUSTING was her half-brother.
Walter Orey, 4840 Oak Vista Drive, Carmichael CA 95608. #1627

Researching ELI and JENNIE McALLISTER and family; BRILLIE (ASHLEY); INA MAE (SCALES) SEFTON; RACHEL (FISHER) ASHLEY, wife of JOHN ASHLEY and IVOR or CHARLES McGILL. All from Warrick County originally.
Fran Matl, 113 E. Church Street, Shullsburg WI 53586. #1860. e-mail:

Researching above names. Will share/exchange information.
Cheryl Herrmann, 1037 Peninsula Street, Ventura, CA 93001-3927. #1775. e-mail;

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