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Volume XXII, Number 3
March 1999


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March 1999

I once worked on a committee with a witty friend who sighed and remarked, "I hate to be on a committee, when you ask for opinions everybody's got one." Editing a journal is like that. When asked what articles appeal to readers most - everyone has a different opinion. We join societies and subscribe to journals in the areas of our interest to see material that will help us further our research. It may be court records, or it may enlighten us about events of the time period whose actions affect the lives of our ancestors. Editors endeavor to present a variety of articles on the area. If there is material you would like to see in this journal, your Editor would be pleased to hear about it. I believe that different opinions can be resolved into that which is beneficial to all. I am especially appreciative of all The Packet contributors who care enough to take time from their busy schedules to provide quality articles.

It is the policy of TSGS that data appearing in The Packet has not appeared in any other publication. Material reproduced from The Packet requires the permission of the Packet Editor. It is unlikely permission will be denied but genealogists everywhere should be informed enough to know that courtesy expects it and the copyright law demands it.

Bettie Cummings Cook CG, Editor

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March 1999

It's never too early to get your children interested in family history. Just because they don't ask about the people they never knew, doesn't mean they aren't interested if the story was told well. Start by telling the stories of your grandparents as they were told to you. Putting them on tape or paper will make them more permanent, and is something you should do anyway. This time, think of it as an entertaining story for your children or grandchildren. Help them see those ancestors who are now dead as the real live people you knew. Don't worry about getting everything in order, first to last. Think of the incidents you will relate as chapters in a book of short stories. Try to put an approximate date on the occurrence, or at least a decade. It also makes it more real if you can connect the story you tell to other things that were going on at that time. If your grandchildren aren't living close enough to see very often, why not make audio tapes regularly to send to them. Children love to get mail and this can be a means of staying in touch that will last longer than a phone call.

I hope these ideas will encourage each of you to start writing or taping your own life story. It's never too early to start, and the more you do it, the more your memory will dredge up from the back of your mind. Set yourself the goal of an hour a week to write about some aspect of your earlier life. These stories also don't need to be in any special order. Eventually you may want to sort them into categories, but the most important thing is to get those memories recorded in some way.

As I look out the window at the fading snow and sleet being melted by rain that's supposed to turn into more sleet, I am tempted to give myself a break, kick back and read that new genealogy book I got for Christmas. Hope it's spring when you read this.

Happy hunting to all of you.
Marjorie Blocher Kinsey

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March 1999

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SAMUEL BATES ca 1680 - 1746, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, married MARY CORP 1711. JOHN BATES 1797 - 1862 died Warrick Countym IN. Any information apprecieated.
Donald V. Baker, 4414 N. Fourth Ave., Evansville, IN 47710-3528 (812) 422-8626 #1133

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