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Eli Holaday

Submitted by: JP Smith
Randolph County

Eli Holaday, Oct. 1851- 25 June 1839, married Eunice Curry 29 Oct. 1875 in Randolph county.

Eli was a cobbler by trade, and would admonish his grand-daughter for playing hopscotch, fearing it would wear her shoes out prematurely. That was Harley and Bessie's little girl, Lura Lucile, who would marry (Joseph) Howard Smith of Madison county.

In 1865, fourteen year old Eli and his family got up early one morning, hitched up the buckboard, and drove to the train tracks near Mooreland. They waited in the cool, wet spring weather, huddled under black umbrellas. Their wait was over when President Lincoln's funeral train slowed to go through town, to allow folks to pay their last respects to a fellow Hoosier.

As related by Glendon Smith, May 1999.

On "Decoration Day" (Memorial Day), Eli would make his way back to Mooreland, sit on a tombstone and chat with friends and family. As related by Marylou Davis.

ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT between Eli Holaday of the first part, and Omer Snodgress of the second part as follows:
Said Snodgress rents the farm (in Mooreland, IN) for one year from Sept. 1st, 1914, to Sept. 1st, 1915, with the privilege of longer if satisfactory to both parties. Snodgress to furnish all seed, and to give one half of all that is raised on said farm except wheat, oats or rye, 2/5ths delivered at market or in bin as requested. Snodgress to furnish grass seed & sow and to have pasture for three horses, 2 cows and a reasonable number of hogs. Holaday to have pasture for 1 cow & 2 cows if necessary, then if any extra pasture or hay to be divided equal. Snodgress to keep up the fences, keep weeds cut, & manure hawled & keep the farm in good condition. If any material to buy, Holaday to pay for it when leaving the farm rye straw or anything that belongs to the farm property, to be removed only by agreement. Said Snodgress to raise a reasonable amount of chickens and deliver to said Holaday 1 doz. hens each year, also 1/2 of all the fruit on the farm. Snodgress further agrees to give peaceable possession at the end of the year, by giving him 90 days notice.

{ Eli Holaday
{ Omer Snodgress
Copy of original agreement provided by Ethelda Snodgress, September, 2000.