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Indiana Servicemen/Am - Ay Surnames

This list is not complete by any means. If you find a mistake or have an ancestor not listed, please email me and I will correct the entry or add your family right away. If you would like to add a photo, information about his/her service or documents, email me and I will build a page for them.

Name County Rank Branch War
Ambler, James R. Vanderburgh County PVT-WWII
Ambrous, John E. Dubois County PFC-WWII
Amburgey, Guy V. Henry County Machinists Mate Second Class-WWII
Ameigh, James Fulton County --Vietnam
Amerman, N. R. Clay County PVT-WWII
Amick, Donald I. Hamilton County Pharmacists Mate First Class-WWII
Amick, Homer I. Clark County Seaman Second ClassNavyWWII
Amm, Henry F. Dearborn County --WWI
Amos, Gordon L. Marion County 2LT-WWII
Amos, John D. IIPorter CountyPFCArmyAfgan/Iraq
Amos, Marvin CyrilJackson CountyF LTArmyWWII
Amsden, Arthur A. Elkhart County PFC-WWII
Anderson, Carl J. Howard County PFC-WWII
Anderson, Charles F.Lake County CAPT-WWII
Anderson, Charles R. Marion County PVT-WWII
Anderson, Donald Laporte County 1LT-WWII
Anderson, Donald L. Putnam County PVT-WWII
Anderson, E. Preston Wayne County Aviation Ordnanceman Third Class-WWII
Anderson, Edwin S. Marion County SSG-WWII
Anderson, Earnest A. Marshall County --WWI
Anderson, Gaylord Owen County-- WWII
Anderson, Gaylord Clay County PFC-WWII
Anderson, George Lake County TSG-WWII
Anderson, Ivan E.Jackson County-ArmyKorea
Anderson, J.K. Orange County PFC-WWII
Anderson, James Sullivan County-- WWI
Anderson, James R. Marion County PVT-WWII
Anderson, John E. Hamilton County 2LT-WWII
Anderson, John F. Clark County PVT-WWII
Anderson, Joseph B. Bartholomew County SSG-WWII
Anderson, Lewis R. Floyd County CAPT-WWII
Anderson, Lowell A. Sullivan County-- WWII
Anderson, Lowell A. Randolph County PFC-WWII
Anderson, Merrill V. Scott County PFC-WWII
Anderson, Michael Clinton County Iraq
Anderson, Quentin W. Lake County SGT-WWII
Anderson, Ralph E. Miami County PVT-WWII
Anderson, Richard E.Allen County PFC-WWII
Anderson, Robert B. Lake County SGT -WWII
Anderson, Stanley M. Marion County CAPT-WWII
Anderson, Warren C. Vigo County SGT-WWII
Anderson, Wayne W. Vigo County SGT-WWII
Anderson, William E. Dearborn County PVT-WWII
Andress, Floyd J. Adams County WWII
Andrews, Elmer Dearborn County --WWI
Andrews, Kenneth Hamilton County PFC-WWII
Andrews, Orval H. Elkhart County PFC-WWII
Andrews, Paul T. Laporte County PFC-WWII
Andrews, Robert W. Randolph County PFC-WWII
Angel, Leroy R. Vanderburgh County PFC-WWII
Anglemeyer, Robert G. Wabash County PFC-WWII
Angleton, Roy R. Clay County PFC-WWII
Anglin, William G.Kosciusko County SSG-WWII
Ankenbruck, James R. Allen County PVT-WWII
Ansley, James H. Hamilton County PFC-WWII
Anson, Paul E. Allen County TEC4-WWII
Appel, Jesse L. Vanderburgh County Seaman First ClassNavyWWII
Appelman, Robert A. Porter County PFC-WWII
Appier, Charles R. Huntington County 2LT-WWII
Apple, George A. Shelby County 2LT-WWII
Apple, Marion H. Pulaski County PFC-WWII
Appleby, Walter E. Marion County TEC5-WWII
Applegate, Joseph T. Johnson County PFC-WWII
Applewhite, James F. Monroe County 2LT-WWII
Arbuckle, Donald P. Jasper County PVT-WWII
Arbuckle, George D. Howard County CPL-WWII
Archer, Raymond Jr. Marion County PVT-WWII
Ardeel, George J. La Porte County PVT-WWII
Armantrout, Otis M. Montgomery County-- WWII
Armel, Albert A. Marion County PFC-WWII
Armstrong, Charles W. Noble County SSG-WWII
Armstrong, Daniel Gibson County PVT-WWII
Armstrong, James C. Jr. Clay County FL O-WWII
Armstrong, James D. Grant County PVT-WWII
Armstrong, Robert M. Grant County CPL-WWII
Armstrong, Wayne A. Pike County Seaman First ClassNavyWWII
Armstrong, William E. Marion County SSG-WWII
Armstrong, William H. Marion County PVT-WWII
Armstrong, William R. Vigo County CPL-WWII
Arndt, Lawrence Laporte County CPL-WWII
Arnett, Bert L. Sullivan County PVT-WWII
Arnett, Floyd B. Owen County TEC5-WWII
Arnett, Joseph Kosciusko County PVT-WWII
Arnett, Robert L. Hamilton County PFC-WWII
Arnett, William F. Jr. Howard County 2LT-WWII
Arney, Harold M. Washington County PFC-WWII
Arnold, Earl R.Jackson County-Army
Arnold, Homer J. Jr. Parke County-- WWII
Arnold, Arthur L. Marion County PFC-WWII
Arnold, Charles A. Pike County PFC-WWII
Arnold, Charles D. Harrison County CPL-WWII
Arnold, Charles R. Morgan County PFC-WWII
Arnold, James H. Pike County SGT-WWII
Arnold, James N. Perry County PVT-WWII
Arnold, K.C. Pike County 2LT-WWII
Arnold, Lowell L. Washington County TSG-WWII
Arnold, Ralph E. Putnam County-- WWI
Arnold, Robert Jr. Allen County PVT-WWII
Arnold, Vernon Putnam County-- WWII
Arnold, William M. Daviess County PVT-WWII
Arvin, Vernon W. Benton County CPL-WWII
Asbury, Cecil P. Lawrence County PFC-WWII
Asbury, James F. Vermillion County SSG-WWII
Ashcraft, Verner Dearborn County TEC5-WWII
Asher, Henry F. Marion County PFC-WWII
Ashley, Frank A. Clinton County SSG-WWII
Ashley, Ira D. "Pete"Jackson County-Army WWII
Askins, Harold R. Marion County SSG-WWII
Atkins, Byron L. Boone County SSG-WWII
Atkins, Frank P. Floyd County PVT-WWII
Atkins, William A.Jackson County-ArmyWWII
Atkinson, Beryl Grant County PVT-WWII
Atkinson, Carl E. Grant County TEC5-WWII
Atkinson, Frank D. Benton County CPL-WWII
Atterberry, Carl O. Vanderburgh County SSG-WWII
Atwood, Charles Jr. Vigo County 2LT-WWII
Aubrey, John E. Delaware County TEC5-WWII
Auer, Lewis E. Kosciusko County CPL-WWII
Auer, Roy N. Kosciusko County CPL-WWII
Augustin, Charles R. Newton County 1LT-WWII
Ault, Howard Henry “Chub”Jackson County-ArmyWWII
Ault, James A. Brown County PVT-WWII
Ault, Jesse J. Jennings County SSG-WWII
Ault, Marvin Sullivan County PFC-WWII
Ault, Paul EdwardJackson County-Army-
Auman, Gaylord Allen County TSG-WWII
Austerman, Everett E. Wayne County CPL-WWII
Austerman, Myron W. Wayne County TSG-WWII
Austin, Chalmer W. Laporte County PVT-WWII
Austin, Homer B. Putnam County--WWI
Austin, Earl LynnJackson County--Vietnam
Austin, Emory P. Elkhart County PFC-WWII
Austin, Junior E. Pike County PVT-WWII
Avery, Frank K. Decatur County SGT-WWII
Avery, James L. Monroe County PFC-WWII
Axsom, Grant U.Marion County TEC5-WWII
Aydt, Richard J.Jackson County-NavyWWII
Ayers, Daniel R. Wayne County SGT-WWII
Ayers, Glenn Marion County TEC5-WWII
Ayers, Harmon H. Marshall County -- Korea
Ayers, James W. Marion County 1LT-WWII
Ayers, Richard I. Morgan County 1LT-WWII
Ayers, Thomas V. Lake County 2LT-WWII
Ayers, William R. Marion County PFC-WWII
Ayres, Freeman B. Henry County SGT-WWII