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Indiana Servicemen/E Surnames

This list is not complete by any means. If you find a mistake or have an ancestor not listed, please email me and I will correct the entry or add your family right away. If you would like to add a photo, information about his/her service or documents, email me and I will build a page for them.

Name County Rank Branch War
Eachus, Robert L. Henry County PVT WWII
Eades, Alvin J. Vanderburgh County 1LT WWII
Eades, Charles J. Jr. Shelby County 2LT WWII
Eades, Clifton L. Howard County PFC WWII
Eades, nathan W. Marion County PFC WWII
Eagan, Virgil H. Lawrence County SGT WWII
Eagleston, Howard E. Allen CountyLieutenant Junior Grade WWII
Eakins, Kash T. Marshall County WWI
Earl, Russell L. Allen County PVT WWII
Earles, Paul E. Vermillion County PVT WWII
Earls, Charles A. Marion County TEC4 WWII
Early, Edward E. Perry County Electricians Mate First Class WWII
Early, John W. Marion County TSG WWII
Earnest, Aubrey D. Hancock County SGT WWII
Earwood, Milton R. Vanderburgh County SGT WWII
Eash, Charles S. Lagrange County TSG WWII
East, Chester A. Crawford County SSG WWII
East, Clifford E. Monroe County PFC WWII
East, Harry F. Laporte County PVT WWII
East, William H. Vigo County PVT WWII
Easterday, Orville L. Marshall County WWI
Easterly, James Clinton County Sp/Amer War
Easton, Raymond R. Lawrence County PFC WWII
Easton, Robert G. Lawrence County 1LT WWII
Eaton, Floyd Vermillion County CPL WWII
Ebeling, Marvin H. Laporte County SGT WWII
Eber, John R. Allen County PFC WWII
Eberhardt, Adolph T. Vanderburgh County MAJ WWII
Eberle, Paul J. Jr. Tippecanoe County SGT WWII
Eck, John Jackson County CORP Civil War
Eckelman, Gerald B. Fulton County PVT WWII
Eckerle, John R. Elkhart County TEC4 WWII
Eckert, Frank H. Lake County CPL WWII
Eckerty, Gene Gibson County SSG WWII
Eckhart, William V. Grant County 1LT WWII
Ecklund, Wallace B. Lake County TEC5 WWII
Eckrote, James R. Henry County PFC WWII
Eckstein, Robert D. Cass County PVT WWII
Economoff, Gerald Lake County 1LT WWII
Eddington, Edward H. Marion County PVT WWII
Eddington, Henry Jackson County PVT Civil War
Eddy, Charles J. Laporte County PFC WWII
Eddy, John R. Clinton County Civil War
Edens, Henry Jackson County PVT Civil War
Edgington, Charles C. Grant County PFC WWII
Edhonson, Paul J. Clay County PVT WWII
Edington, Paul F. Jackson County Navy
Edminsten, William A. Parke County WWI
Edmonds, William V. Marion County 2LT WWII
Edney, Roy Hamilton County Seaman First Class WWII
Edson, Loyd D. Jr. Elkhart County PVT WWII
Edwards, Delbert L. Randolph County SSG WWII
Edwards, Earl H. Rush County PVT WWII
Edwards, Gilbert K. Morgan County PVT WWII
Edwards, J.L. Jackson County Navy
Edwards, James W. Jackson County Recruit Civil War
Edwards, John Henry Jackson County Air Force
Edwards, Larry E. Jackson County Army Vietnam
Edwards, Michael E. Jackson County PVT Civil War
Edwards, Robert L. Jackson County Army Vietnam
Edwards, Wilbur F. Owen County WWII
Edwards, Wilbur F. Spencer County TEC5 WWII
Edwards, Willard E. Dearborn County PVT WWII
Effinger, Aloysius S. Vanderburgh County PVT WWII
Egan, Frank F. Vanderburgh County PVT WWII
Egeide, Christian Jackson County PVT Civil War
Eggeman, Omer A. Jackson County Army WWII
Eggerding, Alvin T. Marion County PVT WWII
Eggers, V.F. Hendricks County Fireman First Class WWII
Eggers, Vessie F. Hendricks County WWII
Eggersman, Robert I. Jackson County Marine WWII
Egler, Leroy J. Dubois County TEC5 WWII
Egli, James R. Marion County 2LT WWII
Egolf, Allan E. Whitley County WWII
Egolf, Allan E. Whitley County PFC WWII
Eherick, Robert W. Laporte County PFC WWII
Ehlerding, Herbert H. Adams County WWII
Ehrie, John W. Montgomery County WWII
Ehrmantraut, Frank J. Hamilton County Seaman First Class WWII
Eicher, Christian A. Allen CountyPVT WWII
Eicher, Howard R. Adams County WWII
Eicher, Howard R. Wells County SSGWWII
Eicher, Solomon Adams CountyPVT WWII
Eicher, Solomon J. Adams County WWII
Eickbush, Herbert F. Jackson County Navy WWII
Eickelbercer, Ervin I. Orange County PFC WWII
Eielder, John L. Marion County SGT WWII
Eikenberry, Virgil L. Knox County LT C WWII
Eiler, Ira R. Decatur County PFC WWII
Eisele, Luther D. Jackson County PVT WWII
Eisenhauer, Joseph B. Huntington County 1SG WWII
Eiting, Herbert Adams County WWII
Eiting, Richard E. Adams County WWII
Eldridge, Albert S. Hamilton County Seaman First Class WWII
Eldridge, Henry B. Clark County SGT WWII
Eldridge, Jake Elkhart County PFC WWII
Eley, Clelmer C. Adams County WWI
Eley, Harry E. Lake County PVT WWII
Elisha, Charles J. Lake County FL O WWII
Elkins, James I. Posey County PVT WWII
Elkins, Paul H. Greene County 1LT WWII
Elko, Andrew La Porte County Torpedomans Mate Third Class WWII
Ellan, John P. Tippecanoe County PFC WWII
Elledge, Michael D.Hendricks CountyStaff SGTArmyIraq
Elleman, Arno C. Pulaski County PFC WWII
Ellenberger, Carey W. Adams County Vietnam
Eller, Harold G. Hamilton County PVT WWII
Eller, Harold G. Owen County WWII
Ellermann, Gilbert Knox County PFC WWII
Ellett, Gilbert D. Morgan County TSG WWII
Elliott, Charles K. Hancock County PVT WWII
Elliott, Cyrus E. Montgomery County SGT WWII
Elliott, Ernest G. Jr. Crawford County PFC WWII
Elliott, Harold M. Delaware County PFC WWII
Elliott, Henry B. Lagrange County PFC WWII
Elliott, Jesse Clinton County Civil War
Elliott, John C. Clinton County Civil War
Elliott, John E. Marion County PVT WWII
Elliott, John M. Randolph County TSG WWII
Elliott, Loren E. Marion County PVT WWII
Elliott, Rawley A.C. Jackson County PVT Civil War
Elliott, Samuel J. Clinton County WWII
Elliott, Samuel J. Clinton County TEC5 WWII
Elliott, Thomas C. Jackson County PVT Civil War
Elliott, Wilber H. Hancock County SSG WWII
Elliott, William C. Jackson County PVT Civil War
Elliott, William Clinton County Civil War
Elliott, William E. Fountain County Seaman Second Class WWII
Ellis, Allen M. Gibson County 1LT WWII
Ellis, Charels L. Laporte County PFC WWII
Ellis, Charles E. Hancock County PVT WWII
Ellis, Elmer E. Allen CountyCPL WWII
Ellis, Francis R. Vanderburgh County CPL WWII
Ellis, Howard L. Morgan CountyTSG WWII
Ellis, James E. Daviess County TSG WWII
Ellis, Omen K. Vanderburgh County CPL WWII
Ellis, Ora C. Knox County SSG WWII
Ellis, Owen K. Sullivan County WWII
Ellis, Theodore Huntington County Civil War
Ellison, George R. Grant County Seaman Second Class WWII
Ellison, Lowell E. Hamilton County Seaman First Class WWII
Elliston, Milton O. Clark County AV C WWII
Ellsworth, Joseph W. Dubois County Aviation Machinists Mate Third Class WWII
Ellsworth, William W. Dubois County MAJ WWII
Elmore, Aetna G. Montgomery County WWI
Elmore, Thomas H. Benton County TSG WWII
Elsner, Edward P. Jr. Jackson County WWII
Elston, Francis J. Pulaski County TEC5 WWII
Elston, Russell G. Huntington County PFC WWII
Eltroth, Ralph E. Huntington County 1LT WWII
Eltzroth, John B. Wabash County PVT WWII
Elward, Allen H. Tippecanoe County 2LT WWII
Elzey, Calvin B. Wells County PVT WWII
Embree, Lloyd E. Grant County TSG WWII
Emerick, Donald C. Huntington County Machinsists Mate Second Class WWII
Emerson, Robert G. Cass County 1LT WWII
Emert, William J. Marion County PVT WWII
Emery, Wesley V. Lawrence County Storekeeper Second Class WWII
Emmelmann, Richard C. Hamilton County Ensign WWII
Emmenegger, Victor H. Wayne County PVT WWII
Emmert, Billy J. Hendricks County WWII
Empison, William Jackson County PVT Civil War
Enders, Robert K. Vigo County TSG WWII
Endicott, Clayton A. Clinton County WWI
Endicott, George W. Kosciusko County CPL WWII
Enebak, Delmar J. Marion County PVT WWII
Enfield, Burton N. Steuben County PVT WWII
Engel, Liebel I. Marion County SGT WWII
Engelbrecht, Vernon Allen CountyPFC WWII
Engelhart, Jerome P. Daviess County TSG WWII
Engelking, Edwin F. Dearborn County WWI
England, James B. Jackson County PVT Civil War
England, John Montgomery County WWI
Engle, George Adams County WWII
Engle, Richard E. Sullivan County PVT WWII
Engledow, Ora O. Hamilton County PFC WWII
Englehart, Clarence V. Grant County PFC WWII
English, Albert D. Greene County PFC WWII
English, Francis Marion County PFC WWII
Enlerding, Herbert Adams CountyPFC WWII
Ennis, Wilbur A. Daviess County PFC WWII
Ent, John D. Dearborn County PFC WWII
Ent, Norman C. Dearborn County Ships Cook Second Class WWII
Erb, Everett A. Tippecanoe County PFC WWII
Erdelac, Edward Lake County PVT WWII
Erhardt, Leonard Jr. Allen CountyCPL WWII
Erickson, Robert Henry County 2LT WWII
Ernest, Y. Allen County County 2LT WWII
Ernsberger, Howard J. Elkhart County PFC WWII
Erp, William S. Clinton County Civil War
Ervin, Chester E. Hamilton County Fire Controlman Second Class WWII
Ervin, William Huntington County Civil War
Eskridge, Lester E. Fountain County CPL WWII
Esmeier, Clifford M. Vanderburgh County SSG WWII
Espy, Samuel J. Marion County PVT WWII
Essex, Aaron W. Bartholomew County SGT WWII
Esslinger, Robet A. Miami County TEC5 WWII
Estell, Harold R. Ripley County PVT WWII
Ester, Williard J. Dearborn County 2LT WWII
Esterley, Richard F. Grant County PVT WWII
Estes, Donald C. Vanderburgh County 2LT WWII
Estes, Raymond E. Sr. Jackson County WWII
Etchinson, John T. Montgomery County WWII
Eubank, Walter E. Clinton County WWI
Eubanks, Robert R. Montgomery County Korea
Euler, William F. Posey County SSG WWII
Eusey, Donald M. Marion County SGT WWII
Evans, Benjamin Fulton County Civil War
Evans, Charles A. Marion County PVT WWII
Evans, Clarence P. Fayette County PVT WWII
Evans, Donald J. Martin County PVT WWII
Evans, Edward J. Marion County PFC WWII
Evans, Henry Marion County PFC WWII
Evans, Howard J. White County TEC4 WWII
Evans, Jacob Fulton County Civil War
Evans, James W. Delaware County Coxswain WWII
Evans, James W. Tippecanoe County 2LT WWII
Evans, John A. Wayne County TSG WWII
Evans, John H. Ohio County PVT WWII
Evans, Maynard Tippecanoe County CPL WWII
Evans, Robert W. Floyd County PFC WWII
Evans, Wilbur E. Lawrence County PFC WWII
Evans, William R. Hamilton County Ensign WWII
Evard, Donald B. Allen CountyTSG WWII
Eve, Nicholas V. Harrison County 1SG WWII
Everding, Hubert P. Wayne County PVT WWII
Everett, William Elkhart County PFC WWII
Everhart, Herman E. Huntington County 1LT WWII
Everhart, Willard N. Jr. Jackson County WWII
Everitt, William F. Scott County 2 LT WWII
Everly, Fred E. Marshall County SSG WWII
Evers, Lloyd M. Blackford County 2LT WWII
Eversol, Reason E. Jackson County PVT Civil War
Eversole, Daniel L. Jackson County PVT Civil War
Everson, Harold K. Montgomery County WWI
Evert, Raymond R. Lake County PFC WWII
Evins, John T. Marshall County WWII
Evon, Steve J. Vigo County PVT WWII
Ewer, William Fulton County Civil War
Ewing, Carl L. Vigo County PVT WWII
Ewing, Norman R. Marion County SGT WWII
Ewing, Robert T. Tippecanoe County CAPTAIN WWII
Eyed, George Hamilton County Storekeeper Third Class WWII
Eylems, John T. Jr. Tippecanoe County TSG WWII
Eylens, Lawrence J. Tippecanoe County WWI
Eyler, Allan D. Hendricks County Vietnam
Eytchison, Robert W. Marion County PFC WWII