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Indiana Servicemen/O Surnames

This list is not complete by any means. If you find a mistake or have an ancestor not listed, please email me and I will correct the entry or add your family right away. If you would like to add a photo, information about his/her service or documents, email me and I will build a page for them.

Name County Rank Branch War
O'Bannon, Robert E. Greene County PFC WWII
O'Brien, Charles Floyd County TSG WWII
O'Brien, George T. Wells County CPL WWII
O'Brien, John W. Marion County 2LT WWII
O'Brien, Melvin R. Allen County 1LT WWII
O'Bryant, John W. Delaware County PFC WWII
O'Callahan, John J. Marion County PVT WWII
O'Callahan, Thomas D. Marion County PVT WWII
O'Connor, Edward T. Daviess County TSG WWII
O'Connor, Jack M. Marshall County WWII
O'Connor, Maurice Montgomery County WWI
O'Donnell, Charles J. Marion County CPL WWII
O'Donnell, Neil Hendricks County WWI
O'Donnell, Roger M. Hendricks County WWI
O'Dorne, Edward A. Marshall County SSG WWII
O'fer, John H. Clark County PVT WWII
O'Hair, Orville S. Putnam County WWII
O'Hern, Connie A. Clay County PVT WWII
O'Hern, Connie A. Parke County WWII
O'Neal, Charles W. Howard County TEC5 WWII
O'Neal, Noland L. Hendricks County 2LT WWII
O'Neal, Owen T. Vigo County CPL WWII
O'Neal, William Q. Montgomery County WWI
O'Neall, Dallas B. Greene County SSG WWII
O'Neall, William O. Montgomery County 2LT WWII
O'Neil, Edward W. Delaware County PVT WWII
O'Rear, William E. Vigo County CPL WWII
O'Reare, Howard E. Hamilton County TSG WWII
O'Rourke, Edward J. Lake County PFC WWII
O'Rourke, Stephen F. Allen County PVT WWII
Oakes, Cecil R. Allen County 1LT WWII
Oakley, Benjamin T. Marion County PFC WWII
Oakman, John Fulton County WWI
Oberlin, Carl L. Dekalb County PVT WWII
Oberlin, Joseph W. De Kalb County Lieutenant Junior Grade WWII
Obermayer, Phillip Fulton County WWI
Oberring, Albert J. Jackson County PFC WWII
Obradovich, Robert Lake County SGT WWII
Odell, Walter W. Hendricks County WWI
Oetting, Elmer C. Adams CountyWWII
Oexmann, Oscar P. Knox County PVT WWII
Offut, Carl E. Marion County PVT WWII
Offut, Robert H. Knox County SGT WWII
Ogborn, John J. Washington County Machinist Mate 1st Class WWII
Ogden, Hayes Marion County PFC WWII
Ogg, Samuel R. Wells County CPL WWII
Ogle, Kenneth L. Marion County LT C WWII
Ogle, Richard L. Hancock County PFC WWII
Ogle, William S. Marion County PFC WWII
Oiler, Benjamin F. Clinton CountyCivil War
Olenik, Adolph Lake County SSG WWII
Olentine, Richard M. White County Seaman Second Class NavyWWII
Oliphant, Foster Owen County WWI
Oliphant, Roscoe A. Decatur County TEC4 WWII
Olivadoti, Dominic Lake County PVT WWII
Oliver, Edwin L. Gibson County PVT WWII
Oliver, Jacob R. Jackson County CORP Civil War
Olsen, August H. Sr. Lake County TSG WWII
Oman, H. C. Whitley County Civil War
Omen, Glen C. Tippecanoe County SGT WWII
Omo, Harold F. Allen County Aviation Ordnanceman First Class WWII
Ooley, Wilbert H. Putnam County SSG WWII
Oplinger, Harold W. Allen County PFC WWII
Oprisko, John E. Lake County TSG WWII
Ordun, Maurice Laporte County 1LT WWII
Orem, Donald D. Clinton County PFC WWII
Orlop, Jack B. Marion County 2LT WWII
Ormsby, Jeremiah Fulton County WWI
Orrick, Jasper H. Montgomery County WWI
Orrill, Harold W. Jefferson County PFC WWII
Orth, Donald J. Lake County 2LT WWII
Orwig, Paul G. Porter County 2LT WWII
Osborn, Charles E. Dearborn CountyWWI
Osborn, Ralph E. Lake County PVT WWII
Osborne, Barry L. Hendricks County Vietnam
Osborne, Frank D. Vigo County 2LT WWII
Osborne, George T. Vanderburgh County PVT WWII
Osborne, Howard Monroe County PVT WWII
Osborne, Howard A.Jackson CountyAir Force
Osborne, James Fulton County WWI
Osburn, William E. Grant County 2LT WWII
Oscatharp, B. H. Jr. Pike County SGT WWII
Oshanick, John Lake County PFC WWII
Osonick, Michael Lake County SSG WWII
Ossenberg, W.A. Jr. Vanderburgh County PFC WWII
Osszewski, Henry W. Lake County PFC WWII
Ostendorf, Joseph E. Knox County PVT WWII
Osterhage, Robert Marion County CPL WWII
Ostler, William Clinton County Civil War
Ostrander, Howard P. Starke County TEC4 WWII
Ostrander, Raymond R. Noble County TEC4 WWII
Oswald, Byron J. Allen County PFC WWII
Oswald, Robert B. Allen County 2LT WWII
Oswalt, Ralph Montgomery County CPL WWII
Ott, Lyle C. Noble County PVT WWII
Ottee, John H. Jackson County Recruit Civil War
Ottenbacher, Samuel E. Hamilton County Aviation Radioman Third Class WWII
Otterman, Marvin M. Montgomery County WWI
Otterman, William Montgomery County CAPT WWII
Ottinger, Herman D. Fountain County PVT WWII
Ottman, John Clinton County Civil War
Overder, Louis N. Vanderburgh County PVT WWII
Overly, Carl E. Tippecanoe County WWI
Overman, Patrick H. Greene County 1LT WWII
Overpeck, James H. Parke County Vietnam
Overton, Cecil G. Posey County PFC WWII
Owen, Earl Montgomery County WWI
Owens, Claude C. Vanderburgh County PFC WWII
Owens, Clifford E. Tippecanoe County SSG WWII
Owens, Elmer E. Scott County PFC WWII
Owens, Fred A. Gibson County CAPT WWII
Owens, Glen F. Porter County Seaman Second Class Navy WWII
Owens, James R. Dubois County Electricians Mate Second Class WWII
Owens, James W. Floyd County CPL WWII
Owens, John N.Jackson CountyMajor GeneralArmyWWII
Owens, Robert D. Dearborn County CAPT WWII
Owens, Robert J. Putnam County SGT WWII
Owens, William E. Jackson County PVT Civil War
Owens, William F. Lawrence County Machinists Mate Second Class WWII
Owens, William L. Tippecanoe County WWI
Owens,Israel B. Jackson County SGT Civil War
Ozmann, Louis Marion County PVT WWII
Ozug, John F. Lake County PVT WWII