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Indiana Servicemen/Ra - Rei Surnames

This list is not complete by any means. If you find a mistake or have an ancestor not listed, please email me and I will correct the entry or add your family right away. If you would like to add a photo, information about his/her service or documents, email me and I will build a page for them.

Name County Rank Branch War
Rabick, Andrew Lake County PFC WWII
Rackett, Roy C. Lake County PVT WWII
Radcliff, William R. Orange County PVT WWII
Rader, Sherman B. Marion County PVT WWII
Radford, Howard B. Lake County SSG WWII
Radloff, Frank A. Jr. Lake County PVT WWII
Rafalco, Martin J. Marion County SSG WWII
Rafferty, Michael A. Elkhart County MAJ WWII
Ragen, George R. Wayne County CPL WWII
Rager, Paul E. Randolph County PFC WWII
Ragsdale, Edward H. Marion County SGT WWII
Ragsdale, John P. Jr. Marion County 2LT WWII
Raikes, Victor R. Vigo County PFC WWII
Railing, Alton S. Adams County SSG WWII
Railsback, Keith R. Sullivan County WWII
Railsback, Keith Sullivan County TEC4 WWII
Raines, Hubert L. Hancock County TEC5 WWII
Rainey, Hubert O. Lawrence County SGT WWII
Rainsford, Bert Jr. Marion County TEC5 WWII
Raley, Basel G. Sullivan County WWII
Ralidak, Joseph S. Lake County SGT WWII
Rally, Basel G. Sullivan County PFC WWII
Ralstin, Eldon L. Fayette County 1LT WWII
Ralston, Roy F. Knox County PVT WWII
Ramey, Dudley P. Delaware County Gunners Mate Third Class WWII
Ramey, Owen H. Delaware County Ensign WWII
Ramiser, Phillip E. Floyd County PFC WWII
Ramp, Donald L. Whitley County TEC5 WWII
Rams, Earl E. Pulaski County PFC WWII
Ramsey, Donald A. Johnson County Marine Vietnam
Ramsey, David J. Allen County PFC WWII
Ramsey, Harold R. Grant County PFC WWII
Ramsey, Henry J. Jay County PFC WWII
Ramsey, Ivan W. Posey County SSG WWII
Ramsey, John W. Marion County PFC WWII
Ramsey, Robert W. Clinton County 2LT WWII
Ramseyer, Pearl W. Boone County WWI
Randall, Oran Sullivan County WWII
Randall, Oren F. Sullivan County TEC5 WWII
Randolph, Clarence E. Marion County SGT WWII
Randolph, Douglas M. Elkhart County SSG WWII
Randolph, Loren J. Clinton County PVT WWII
Raney, Robert E. White County CPL WWII
Ranford, Robert L. Randolph County SSG WWII
Rankel, John K.Marion CountySGTMarineAfghanistan
Rankin, Warren C. Laporte County TSG WWII
Rankin, William H. Vanderburgh County SGT WWII
Rankins, James H. Sullivan County PVT WWII
Ransdell, Vere Tippecanoe County WWI
Ransom, Francis A. Laporte County PVT WWII
Ransom, Lafayette Marion County CPL WWII
Rapp, Marion A. Laporte County CPL WWII
Rappeport, Louis Marion County CAPT WWII
Rarcliff, Walter E. Parke County WWII
Rarridon, Clifford A. Marion County PFC WWII
Rasche, Silas P. Dubois County PVT WWII
Raschka, Robert C. Laporte County CPL WWII
Rasmussen, Carl H. Marion County PVT WWII
Ratcliff, Derrill Blackford County CAPT WWII
Ratcliff, Frank T. Montgomery County TEC5 WWII
Ratcliff, Lee A. Hendricks County 1LT WWII
Ratcliff, Sidney R. Hamilton County Machinists Mate Third Class WWII
Ratliff, Donald R. Marion County 2LT WWII
Ratliff, Lee A. Hendricks County WWII
Rattray, Edwin D. Vanderburgh County MAJ WWII
Ratz, Albinus L. Dearborn County WWI
Raub, Francis L. Marion County SSG WWII
Raub, Waldo C. Dekalb County 2LT WWII
Rauch, Kenneth L. Elkhart County TEC5 WWII
Rauch, Lester K. Elkhart County TEC5 WWII
Rauch, Russell H. Marion County 1LT WWII
Rawlings, Hubert W. Delaware County PFC WWII
Ray, Jack Johnson County SSG WWII
Ray, James W. Marion County PFC WWII
Ray, Lawrence R. Jennings County SGT WWII
Ray, Robert E. Marion County PFC WWII
Ray, Russell D. Scott County Army WWII
Rayhill, Paul E. Lawrence County CPL WWII
Rayl, Harold W. Howard County PFC WWII
Raymann, James E. Daviess County Machinists Mate Third Class WWII
Raynes, William A. Montgomery County WWI
Raynes, William A. Porter County Gunnery Sergeant WWII
Rea, James C. Vigo County 1LT WWII
Read, James E. Gibson County SGT WWII
Reagan, Shawn M. Jennings County Air Force
Ream, J. P. Fulton County WWI
Ream, William G. Benton County PFC WWII
Reames, Clifford A. Elkhart County 2LT WWII
Reardon, Elbert L. Clark County PVT WWII
Reaser, Donald W. Allen County TEC5 WWII
Reasoner, Allen T. Grant County AV C WWII
Rebeck, Edward H. Lake County PFC WWII
Reber, Roy Adams County WWII
Reber, Roy D. Wells County PFC WWII
Rebstock, Robert C.Knox County SSG WWII
Record, Harold E. Clinton County SSG WWII
Rector, Donald W. Delaware County PFC WWII
Rector, William E. Henry County TEC5 WWII
Red, Harold G. Boone County WWII
Redick, Elvin O. Marion County PFC WWII
Redman, Don W. Gibson County 1LT WWII
Redmon, Robert C. Miami County PFC WWII
Redmond, James A. Delaware County PVT WWII
Redmond, Joseph V. Boone County Vietnam
Reece, Everett C. Grant County Seaman First ClassNavy WWII
Reece, Irdle V. Henry County PVT WWII
Reece, Maurice R. Grant County PFC WWII
Reed, Dale G. Cass County PVT WWII
Reed, Edward K. Hamilton County Lieutenant Junior Grade WWII
Reed, Edward L. Laporte County PFC WWII
Reed, Elias E. Delaware County TEC5 WWII
Reed, Francis L. Marion County SGT WWII
Reed, Franklin Jr. Whitley County WWII
Reed, Franklin P. Whitley County PFC WWII
Reed, George C. Huntington County SSG WWII
Reed, Harold F. Starke County SGT WWII
Reed, Jack E. Laporte County 1LT WWII
Reed, John J. Cass County PFC WWII
Reed, John O. Dr. Marion County Army WWII
Reed, Kenneth L. Jackson County Army Korea
Reed, Lester Jefferson County TEC5 WWII
Reed, RalphFountain County PFC WWII
Reed, Richard Pulaski County 2LT WWII
Reed, Richmond C. Jefferson County SSG WWII
Reed, Robert R. Elkhart County TEC5 WWII
Reed, Robert Vanderburgh County PFC WWII
Reed, Rolla R. Lake County PFC WWII
Reed, Russell L. Vermillion County SSG WWII
Reed, William R. Parke County WWII
Reeder, Robert B. Grant County 1LT WWII
Reedy, Henry F. Vigo County SSG WWII
Reedy, Homer E. Bartholomew County PVT WWII
Reek, William O. Allen County PFC WWII
Reel, Floyd A. Daviess County PFC WWII
Reel, Mack Knox County M SG WWII
Reel, William B. Tipton County 2LT WWII
Rees, Lloyd L. Delaware County PVT WWII
Reese, James R. Miami County PVT WWII
Reese, John L. Marion County PFC WWII
Reese, Roger B. Whitley County PFC WWII
Reese, Thomas B. Clark County SGT WWII
Reeser, Harlly R. Cass County WWI
Reeve, Charles S. Marshall County WWI
Reeves, Earl E. Jr. Allen County 2LT WWII
Reeves, Irvin K. Benton County PFC WWII
Reeves, Milton C. Bartholomew County 1LT WWII
Reeves, Murel E. Benton County TEC5 WWII
Rehling, Earl E. Grant County PFC WWII
Rehm, Stephen J. Whitley County PVT WWII
Reich, Robert L. Vanderburgh County TSG WWII
Reich, Vernon W. Harrison County SGT WWII
Reichenbaugh, J.O. Blackford County Fireman First Class WWII
Reichert, Henry J. Jr. Jennings County Navy WWII
Reichert, John J. Hamilton County Signalman Second Class WWII
Reichert, Joseph Allen County Ensign WWII
Reid, Eugene L. E. Sullivan County WWII
Reid, Eugene L. Marion County PFC WWII
Reid, Francis H. Tippecanoe County PFC WWII
Reid, Paul J. Allen County PVT WWII
Reinbold, Charles F. Jackson County Air Force Vietnam
Reinhart, James L. Jackson County Army Air Force WWII
Reinheimer, Merle F. Cass County WWI
Reinoehl, Wilbur T. Parke County WWII
Reinrio, Alexander J. Lake County PFC WWII
Reish, Omer G. Fulton County WWI
Reisner, Berl L. Vermillion County PFC WWII
Reiter, Melvin W. Vanderburgh County PVT WWII