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Indiana Servicemen/Ta - Thr Surnames

This list is not complete by any means. If you find a mistake or have an ancestor not listed, please email me and I will correct the entry or add your family right away. If you would like to add a photo, information about his/her service or documents, email me and I will build a page for them.

Name County Rank Branch War
Taber, Samuel Jackson County PVT Civil War
Taber, Victor N. Marion County TSG WWII
Tabor, Graydon M. Jr. Marshall County WWII
Tackett, Paul J. Washington County PFC WWII
Taflinger, Marvin R. Scott County SGT WWII
Talbot, Frank M. III Monroe County 2LT WWII
Talbott, James Fulton County Vietnam
Talbott, Raleigh L. Clark County PVT WWII
Taliaferro, Arthur B. Vanderburgh County TEC5 WWII
Tall, Steve Lake County SGT WWII
Tamer, Mitchell F. Marion County CPL WWII
Tandy, Leroy L. White County SGT WWII
Tannehill, Wm. Whitley CountyCivil War
Tanner, Jacob N. Jackson County PVT Civil War
Tanner, Matthew W. Jackson County SGT Civil War
Tanner, Robert J. Marion County PVT WWII
Tanquary, John I. Clinton CountyCivil War
Tanselle, Richard L. Hendricks County 2LT WWII
Tarant, George Marshall County SSG WWII
Targett, B.E. Clay County PVT WWII
Targonski, Paul Washington County PVT WWII
Tarmater, Rush E. Sullivan County TEC4WWII
Tarnow, Duane E.Laporte County TEC4 WWII
Tarnow, Lloyd H. Laporte County CPL WWII
Tarrant, George Marshall County WWII
Tarwater, Beryl E.Vigo County PFC WWII
Tarwater, Lacy D. Marion County SGT WWII
Tarwater, Rush E. Sullivan County WWII
Tasch, Philip E. Marshall County PFC WWII
Tassold, Frank Jackson County CORP Civil War
Taylor, Carl Benton County PVT WWII
Taylor, Charles C. Jr. Knox County PFC WWII
Taylor, Clifton E. Hamilton County Platoon Sergeant WWII
Taylor, E. Allen Parke County Seaman Second Class WWII
Taylor, Francis L. Wayne County CPL WWII
Taylor, Francis M. Hamilton County Ensign WWII
Taylor, Francis M. Jr. Tippecanoe County CPL WWII
Taylor, Franklin J. Cass County PFC WWII
Taylor, George G. Clinton County SSG WWII
Taylor, Harold H. Allen CountyPFC WWII
Taylor, Harry T. Hendricks County Gunners Mate Second Class WWII
Taylor, Homer F. Monroe County PFC WWII
Taylor, Jack E. Vanderburgh County PVT WWII
Taylor, James R. Sullivan County SSG WWII
Taylor, Joseph E. Hamilton County Seamans Mate Third Class WWII
Taylor, Keith E. Grant County PVT WWII
Taylor, Maurice L. Montgomery County WWI
Taylor, Merrill E. Cass County CPL WWII
Taylor, Paul E. Marion County PVT WWII
Taylor, Paul J. Parke County WWII
Taylor, Raymond E. Decatur County PVT WWII
Taylor, Robert G. Sullivan County WWII
Taylor, Robert W. Monroe County PVT WWII
Taylor, Stephen V. Grant County PFC WWII
Taylor, William Jackson County PVT Civil War
Taylor, William M. Floyd County PVT WWII
Taylor, Willis E. Adams CountySSG WWII
Teague, Kennith J. Montgomery County Korea
Teal, Carl F. Marion County PFC WWII
Teal, Clay A. Delaware County SSG WWII
Teal, Lloyd R. Wabash County Seaman First Class WWII
Tearney, James E. Hamilton County Lieutenant Junior Grade WWII
Tedner, Edward L. Vanderburgh County PFC WWII
Tedrow, Charles Clinton County Civil War
Tedrow, George R. Henry County PVT WWII
Teeple, Richard H. Adams CountyPFC WWII
Teeple, Richard J. Adams CountyTSG WWII
Teeter, L.V. Fulton County LT C WWII
Teeters, John D. Jr. Jay County PFC WWII
Temperly, George R. Jefferson County SGT WWII
Temple, Blair Washington County SSG WWII
Temple, Eugene R. Marion County TEC5 WWII
Temple, Robert I. Elkhart County 2LT WWII
Tenbrook, William M.Howard County PFC WWII
Tenison, Eldon R. Posey County TEC4 WWII
Terek, Joseph E. Jr. Lake County PFC WWII
Terhune, William A. Clinton County TSG WWII
Terkhorn, Herbert W.Jackson CountyGunnerAir ForceWWII
Terry, Carroll E. Posey County SGT WWII
Terry, Dwight E. Putnam County 1LT WWII
Terry, Kenneth H.Jackson CountyArmy
Terry, Preston Hamilton County PFC WWII
Terry, Robert W. Blackford County Seaman Second Class WWII
Tewell, Orville D. Sullivan County WWII
Thacker, Calvin R. Monroe County PVT WWII
Thacker, Donald L. Allen CountyTEC5 WWII
Tharp, Paul A. Clinton County Vietnam
Tharp, Robert L. Howard County PVT WWII
Tharp, Victor E. Vermillion County 2LT WWII
Tharp, Ward K. Howard County SGT WWII
Thatcher, Delbert Adams CountyPVT WWII
Thayer, Robert K. Marshall County WWII
Thayer, Robert K. St Joseph CountyPFC WWII
Theis, John H. Jasper County PVT WWII
Theobald, Edward C. Knox County 1LT WWII
Theurer, George F.Jay County TEC5 WWII
Thien, Rudolph O. Floyd County PVT WWII
Thistlethwaite, W.T. Wayne County 1LT WWII
Thomas, Anthony Lake County PFC WWII
Thomas, Arla L. Howard County SGT WWII
Thomas, Booth Jackson County PVT Civil War
Thomas, Carl W. Marion County SSG WWII
Thomas, Charles Vermillion County PFC WWII
Thomas, Clarence Fulton County TEC5 WWII
Thomas, Don H. Morgan County PFC WWII
Thomas, Donald O. Marion County CAPT WWII
Thomas, Donald P. Grant County PVT WWII
Thomas, Edward L. Floyd County PFC WWII
Thomas, Elbert R. Putnam County WWI
Thomas, Everett L. White County PFC WWII
Thomas, Floyd E. Steuben County CAPT WWII
Thomas, Gilbert Vermillion County PFC WWII
Thomas, Gregory A. Marion County SGT WWII
Thomas, Horace W.Marion CountyNavyWWII
Thomas, Ivan B. Delaware County PVT WWII
Thomas, Jack E. Kosciusko County 1LT WWII
Thomas, James L. Floyd County Radioman Third Class WWII
Thomas, Jesse L. Lawrence, County PFC WWII
Thomas, John W. Hamilton County 2LT WWII
Thomas, Joseph M. Parke County WWII
Thomas, Lorin S. Jr. Owen County WWII
Thomas, Mandron C. Tipton County PFC WWII
Thomas, Max W. Jackson County PFC WWII
Thomas, Norman P. Fulton County PFC WWII
Thomas, Norman P. Marshall County WWII
Thomas, Oliver H. Johnson County PFC WWII
Thomas, Oscar H. Harrison County PFC WWII
Thomas, Raymond C. Marion County PFC WWII
Thomas, Raymond C. Parke County WWII
Thomas, Richard H. Vermillion County PVT WWII
Thomas, Richard Huntington County Civil War
Thomas, Samuel E. Lake County PFC WWII
Thomas, Vincent E. Morgan County PFC WWII
Thomas, William H. Jackson County PVT Civil War
Thomas, William J. Vanderburgh County SSG WWII
Thomas, William R. Posey County MAJ WWII
Thomas, William V. Union County PFC WWII
Thompson, Basil C. Marshall County MSG WWII
Thompson, Dale E.Jennings CountyNavyKorea
Thompson, Dale E. Washington County TEC4 WWII
Thompson, Eugene L. Marion County PVT WWII
Thompson, Frank V. Laporte County PVT WWII
Thompson, George W. Jackson County PVT Civil War
Thompson, Harold M. Howard County 2LT WWII
Thompson, Howard W. Randolph County PFC WWII
Thompson, Isaac C. Parke County WWI
Thompson, James E. Scott County PFC WWII
Thompson, James R. Allen County2LT WWII
Thompson, James W. Bartholomew County SSG WWII
Thompson, John E. Dekalb County SGT WWII
Thompson, John G. Sullivan County SGT WWII
Thompson, John H. Gibson County Seaman Second Class WWII
Thompson, John Jr. Vigo County PFC WWII
Thompson, John W. Sullivan County WWII
Thompson, Joseph P. Posey County PFC WWII
Thompson, Lance M.Grant CountyCPLMarineIraq
Thompson, Leo F. Washington County TSGWWII
Thompson, Melville Boone County PVT WWII
Thompson, Neil E.Jackson CountyArmy
Thompson, Paul Hendricks County WWI
Thompson, Paul L.Vigo County TSG WWII
Thompson, Richard Jackson County PVT Civil War
Thompson, Richard N. Marion County PVT /td>WWII
Thompson, Thomas Jackson County Recruit /td>Civil War
Thompson, Thomas P. Lake County 1LT/td> WWII
Thompson, Wilber T. Johnson County Aviation Machinists Mate Second Class /td>WWII
Thompson, Wilbur L. Marion County SGT /td>WWII
Thompson, William E. Jackson County PVT/td> Civil War
Thornberry, J.J. Jr. Vigo County PFC /td>WWII
Thornburg, Chalres M. Wayne County PVT /td>WWII
Thornburg, Ralph W. Marshall County 2LT /td>WWII
Thornburgh, Harold Fulton County/td> WWII
Thorne, Edwin H. Hamilton County TSG /td>WWII
Thornhill, Charles W.Jackson CountyArmy
Thrasher, Robert D. Monroe County PFC/td> WWII
Thrasher, William H. Monroe County SSG /td>WWII
Thread, William K. Lake County TSG/td> WWII