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Indiana Servicemen/Thu - Ty Surnames

This list is not complete by any means. If you find a mistake or have an ancestor not listed, please email me and I will correct the entry or add your family right away. If you would like to add a photo, information about his/her service or documents, email me and I will build a page for them.

Name County Rank Branch War
Thurman, Clark F. Marion County SGT WWII
Thurman, Squire Jackson County PVT Civil War
Thurman, William R. Shelby County TEC5 WWII
Thursby, Wallace E. Elkhart County Seaman Second Class Navy WWII
Thurston, B.K. Marion County MAJ WWII
Thurston, Claude Shelby County PVT WWII
Tibbetts, Robert Jr. Randolph County 1LT WWII
Ticen, Moses B. Clinton County Civil War
Tidd, Winfred A. Jackson County PVT WWII
Tienan, Ivan J. Pulaski County SSG WWII
Tieteman, Carl J. Marion County SSG WWII
Tike, Leon Vanderburgh County PFC WWII
Tilchenor, Felix H. Vanderburgh County SGT WWII
Tilford, William Jackson County PVT Civil War
Tilley, Ira P. Scott County PFC WWII
Tillman, Paul E. Dekalb County SSG WWII
Tillman, S.N. Spencer County T SG WWII
Tilney, Gerald K. Montgomery County SGT WWII
Timberlake, Wilbur G. Harrison County PVT WWII
Timberman, J. Henry County Aviation Radioman Second Class WWII
Timm, Francis K. Jr. Lake County AV C WWII
Timm, Marvin D. Lawrence County CPL WWII
Timm, Robert Laporte County 1LT WWII
Timmons, Edwin H. Grant County PFC WWII
Timmons, Garnie M. Putnam County WWI
Timmons, Glenn W. Greene County PFC WWII
Timmons, John E. Cass County 2LT WWII
Timmons, Robert L. Hamilton County PFC WWII
Timmons, Robert W. Lake County PFC WWII
Timmons, Stanley L. Tippecanoe County 1LT WWII
Tinch, Cosby A. Delaware County Seaman First Class Navy WWII
Tinch, James E. Laporte County SGT WWII
Tincher, John H. Knox County PFC WWII
Tindell, Roy Jr.Jackson County
Tingle, John W. Delaware County PVT WWII
Tinkham, Andrew Whitley County Civil War
Tirey, William R. Vigo County PVT WWII
Titus, Fern M. Parke County WWII
Titus, James R. Boone County Korea
Tobin, Robert E. Randolph County SSG WWII
Todd, Charles W. Montgomery County PFC WWII
Todd, Donald K. Montgomery County TEC5 WWII
Todd, Elvin L. Lake County TEC5 WWII
Todd, Ivan H. Greene County SGT WWII
Todd, John S. Cass County SSG WWII
Todd, Joseph M. Elkhart County 1LT WWII
Todd, Raymond E. Delaware County PFC WWII
Todd, Raymond Montgomery County WWI
Todd, Robert W. Montgomery County WWI
Toelle, Lowell Hamilton County 1LT WWII
Toffolo, Maurio Vermillion County PFC WWII
Toland, Randy Adams County Vietnam
Tolle, James E. Hamilton County Lieutenant Junior Grade WWII
Tolley, Robert C. Lake County PVT WWII
Tomczak, Anthony Lake County SSG WWII
Tomlinson, James E. Marion County 1LTWWII
Tompkins, Robert C. Vermillion County 2LT WWII
Tompkins, Robert T. Hamilton County Fireman FirstWWII
Tompkins, William Washington County PFCWWII
Tone, John F. Jr. Allen County2LT WWII
Toney, Charles Putnam County PVT WWII
Toney, Harold O. Fayette County S SG WWII
Tong, William E. Marshall County WWI
Tooley, Warren F. Knox County SSG WWII
Tope, Richard L. Adams County WWII
Toppe, Richard L. Adams CountyPVT WWII
Tormohlen, Walter Monroe County 1LT WWII
Torrance, Robert N. Switzerland County 1LT WWII
Torrey, Charles K. Daviess County PVT WWII
Torulka, Richard H. Fayette County PFC WWII
Toth, John Jr. Lake County SSG WWII
Totten, Cecil C. Crawford County PFC WWII
Totty, James E. Floyd County SSG WWII
Toung, Maurice Shelby County TEC5 WWII
Towne, Emerson L. Fulton County PFC WWII
Townsend, Earl Fulton County WWII
Townsend, Earl L. Carroll County 2LT WWII
Townsend, Henry S. Clinton County Civil War
Townsend, Isaac Fulton County Civil War
Townsley, Raymond B. Hendricks County CAPT WWII
Tracy, Edward M. Lake County PVT WWII
Trapp, Ernest R.Jackson CountySGTArmyWWII
Trapp, Donald L.Jackson CountyNavyWWII
Trapp, Ermil R.Jackson CountyTEC5Army WWII
Trapp, Murrel R.Jackson CountyPFCArmyWWII
Trapp, Richard C. Howard County SGT WWII
Trapp, Robert T.Jackson County
Travis, Jacob L. Vigo County Radioman Third Class WWII
Travis, James W. Bartholomew County SSG WWII
Traylor, Harry Jr. Pike County PFC WWII
Treadway, Herbert F. Pike County CPL WWII
Treadway, Herman L. Allen County CPL WWII
Treber, Edgar A. Marshall County PFC WWII
Treece, Luther C. Tippecanoe County PFC WWII
Trenner, Robert B. Allen CountyCAPT WWII
Tribbett, CliffordJennings CountyPVTArmyWWI
Tribbett, Lloyd E. Boone County Vietnam
Tribbett, Lloyd Montgomery County Vietnam
Tribbett, Robert Fulton County Civil War
Tribble, Joseph A. Elkhart County PFC WWII
Tricker, Jack Adams County WWII
Trill, Joseph Lake County PFC WWII
Trilley, William P. Floyd County 1LT WWII
Trimble, Joseph K. Benton County PVT WWII
Trimpe, Earnest A. Bartholomew County PFC WWII
Trimpe, EdwardJackson CountyTec SGTArmyWWII
Trinkle, Carroll Orange CountyPFC WWII
Trinkle, Harold W. Washington County PFC WWII
Trittipo, Lavern E. St Joseph County PFC WWII
Trittipo, Thomas A. Marion County SSG WWII
Troop, Alexander Lake County PVT WWII
Trophy, William L.Lawrence County 1LT WWII
Trost, Marvin L. IIIElkhart CountyStaff SGTArmyIraq
Trotter, John A. Hendricks CountyWWI
Troup, Wilbert K. Elkhart County PVT WWII
Trouse, Harold K. Wayne County S SG WWII
Trout, Arthur E. Clark County CPL WWII
Trout, Robert E. Howard County PVT WWII
Trout, Robert L. Parke County WWII
Troutman, Darius Fulton CountyCivil War
Troutman, Edward A. Lake County SGT WWII
Troutman, Orlando Fulton County Civil War
Trowbridge, Joseph Jackson County PVT Civil War
Trowbridge, Newton C. Jackson County PVT Civil War
Troxel, Lamar A. Marshall County Korea
Troyer, Reuben J. Howard County SSG WWII
True, Erle R. Hamilton County Fireman Third Class WWII
Trueblood, Samuel H. Jackson County Recruit Civil War
Trueblood, William E. Jackson County PVT Civil War
Truelock, Ralph A. Sullivan County PFC WWII
Truelove, Roy V. Martin County PVT WWII
Trueman, Dale J. Grant County 2LT WWII
Trueman, Delbert W. Grant County CPL WWII
Truex, Alvie L. Elkhart County SGT WWII
Truex, Francis W. Jr. Kosciusko County SSG WWII
Truex, Robert L. Laporte County SGT WWII
Trumbo, William A. Jay County PFC WWII
Trunck, John E.Vanderburgh County Soundman Third Class WWII
Tryon, Hobart Vigo County 2LT WWII
Tryon, William W. Vigo County PFC WWII
Tucker, Clarence S. Vigo County Carpenters Mate Third Class WWII
Tucker, Ernest W. Putnam County PVT WWII
Tucker, James R. Marion County TEC5 WWII
Tucker, John B. Kosciusko County Seaman First Class Navy WWII
Tucker, Raymond E. Pike County Coxswain Navy WWII
Tucker, Richard G. Porter County PVT WWII
Tudor, Max G. Jackson CountyElectricians Mate Second Class WWII
Tuell, David Jackson County PVT Civil War
Tuell, Philip S. Jackson County SGT Civil War
Tull, Paul E. Jefferson County 2LT WWII
Tully, John T. Miami County SSG WWII
Tumbleson, Lyle D. Adams CountyKorea
Tungate, Clarence R. Henry County CPL WWII
Tungeitt, Charles W. Jennings County SGT WWII
Tungeitt, James W.Jackson CountyArmyAirForce WWII
Turner, Benjamin Jackson County PVT Civil War
Turner, Carl E. Delaware County PFC WWII
Turner, Forest E. Wayne County PVT WWII
Turner, John E. Howard County AV C WWII
Turner, Lawrence D. Switzerland County TEC5 WWII
Turner, Leonard A. Clark County TSG WWII
Turner, Oscar E. Montgomery County WWI
Turner, Raymond J. Clark County PFC WWII
Turner, Robert H. Montgomery County SGT WWII
Turner, Robert H. Montgomery County WWI
Turner, Robert I. Delaware County Seaman First Class WWII
Turner, Terrell M. Sr.Bartholomew CountyNavy WWII
Turner, T. Randolph County PFC WWII
Turner, Wayne C. Clark County TEC5 WWII
Turney, Kenneth E. Marion County PVT WWII
Turpin, Adolph Marion County SSG WWII
Turpin, Charles L. Lake County Electricians Mate Third Class WWII
Turpin, Raymond A. Gibson County 2LT WWII
Turpin, Theodore Greene County PVT WWII
Tuskan, James R. Lake County PVT WWII
Tuskan, John Jr. Lake County TSG WWII
Tutterow, Marvin E. Brown County PVT WWII
Tuttle, Arthur R. Sr.Scott CountyNavy Korea
Tuttle, Cadwell W. Whitley County Civil War
Twichell, Jack A. Elkhart County PFC WWII
Twichell, Richard W. Elkhart County CPL WWII
Tyer, Charles N. Miami County PVT WWII
Tyer, Earl E. Pulaski County PFC WWII
Tyer, Max G. Marion County PVT WWII
Tyer, Thomas D. Lake County PVT WWII
Tyer, Wells A. Vanderburgh County Baker Third ClassWWII