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Indiana Servicemen/Wib - Win Surnames

This list is not complete by any means. If you find a mistake or have an ancestor not listed, please email me and I will correct the entry or add your family right away. If you would like to add a photo, information about his/her service or documents, email me and I will build a page for them.

Name County Rank Branch War
Wibbler, Floyd E.Dubois County SSG WWII
Wibel, Glen H. Lake County PVT WWII
Wible, John H.Lagrange County PFC WWII
Widener, William H.Clinton County Civil War
Widmann, Lawrence T.Allen County PFC WWII
Widnes, Jake Carroll County PVT WWII
Wiederhold, Charles R. Lake County PFC WWII
Wielgos, Frank A. Lake County SGT WWII
Wienede, Harold M. Jackson County PFC WWII
Wiesehan, Louis Wayne County PFC WWII
Wiesemann, Michael J.Starke CountSPCArmyIraq
Wiethoff, Clifford Allen Dr.Jackson CountyLieutenant Junior GradeNavyWWII
Wiggerly, Robert S. Delaware County PFC WWII
Wigman, Clarence F. Lake County SSG WWII
Wilcox, George J. Vanderburgh County Seaman Second Class Navy WWII
Wilcox, Harmon C. Lake County TSG WWII
Wild, Frederick Vanderburgh County PFC WWII
Wilde, R.A.Jackson CountyMarinesWWII
Wilder, William R. Rush County PVT WWII
Wildridge, Marion J. Daviess County TEC5 WWII
Wiley, Raymond F. Henry County Fireman First Class WWII
Wilhoite, Ivan W. Boone County WWII
Wilkerson, DonaldElkhart CountyMSGTArmyKorea
Wilkerson, George E. Delaware County PVT WWII
Wilkerson, Robert L. Marion County PVT WWII
Wilkes, Albert H. Spencer County TSG WWII
Wilkey, Carl Sullivan County Vietnam
Wilkey, David A. Jr.Elkhart CountySPCArmyIraq
Wilkins, Fred W. Boone County PVT WWII
Wilkins, James M. Clinton County Civil War
Wilkins, Kenneth W. Allen County PVT WWII
Wilkins, William Allen County SSG WWII
Wilkinson, Howard B. Gibson County PVT WWII
Wilkinson, Richard L. Montgomery County T SG WWII
Wilkinson, Richard L. Montgomery County WWI
Will, Elmer L. Lake County SGT WWII
Will, Wilmer L. Marion County TEC4 WWII
Willard, William Fulton County WWII
Willen, Donald W. Vanderburgh County PVT WWII
Willey, Horace E. Franklin County Fireman Second Class WWII
Willey, Joseph E. Dekalb County TEC5 WWII
Willhite, Lawrence W. Lake County Pharmacists Mate Third Class WWII
William, Alfred Clinton County Civil War
Williams, Albert F. Clark County CPL WWII
Williams, Alfred Jackson County PVT Civil War
Williams, Carl M. Morgan County PVT WWII
Williams, Charles E. Grant County PFC WWII
Williams, Charles E. Hamilton County Aviation Ordnanceman Second Class WWII
Williams, Charles R. Grant County CPL WWII
Williams, Clarence E. Lake County PVT WWII
Williams, Clifford A. Lake County PFC WWII
Williams, Darell R. Owen County WWII
Williams, Darrell R. Clay County TEC3 WWII
Williams, Darwin M. Jr. Marshall County Korea
Williams, David Pulaski County CPL WWII
Williams, Donald E. Crawford County PFC WWII
Williams, Donald E. Marion, County PVT WWII
Williams, Edward B. Lake County PVT WWII
Williams, Edward R. Floyd County SGT WWII
Williams, Eugene H. Delaware CountyPVT WWII
Williams, Fred C. Marion County PFC WWII
Williams, Frederick W. Vigo County 2LT WWII
Williams, Gale H. Lawrence County PVT WWII
Williams, George Jackson County PVT Civil War
Williams, George K. Marion County 2LT WWII
Williams, George Vigo County SSG WWII
Williams, Harold C. Carroll County PVT WWII
Williams, Harold E. Johnson County SGT WWII
Williams, Harry C. Vigo County PFC WWII
Williams, Henry H. Morgan County TSG WWII
Williams, Ira M. Hamilton County CAPT WWII
Williams, J. J. Clinton County Civil War
Williams, James A. Vigo County 2LT WWII
Williams, John A. Marion, County PFC WWII
Williams, John D. Floyd County PVT WWII
Williams, John H. Jr. Bartholomew County PFC WWII
Williams, Joseph F. Morgan County TSG WWII
Williams, Joseph Jackson County PVT Civil War
Williams, Kenneth E. Gibson County PFC WWII
Williams, Kenneth R. Gibson County PVT WWII
Williams, Len D. Wabash County PFC WWII
Williams, Lloyd C. Jasper County PVT WWII
Williams, Lloyd G. Tippecanoe County PFC WWII
Williams, Marlen N. Jackson County PVT WWII
Williams, Marshall B. Switzerland County CPL WWII
Williams, Morris H. Allen County PFC WWII
Williams, Norman E. Jennings County 2LT WWII
Williams, Reed Bartholomew County PFC WWII
Williams, Robert L. Hendricks County WWII
Williams, Robert L. Lake County PVT WWII
Williams, Simon O. Jackson County PVT Civil War
Williams, Timothy Fulton County Civil War
Williams, William B. Perry County PFC WWII
Williams, William B. Wayne County MAJ WWII
Williams, William E. Jay County Radarman Third Class WWII
Williamson, Eonald L. Marion County 1LT WWII
Williamson, Everett C. Lake County PVT WWII
Williamson, James Parke County WWI
Williamson, Joseph K. Dekalb County TSG WWII
Williamson, Melvin E. Porter County PFC WWII
Williamson, Robert E. Delaware County 2LT WWII
Williamson, Robert J. SGT Army Vietnam
Williamson, Samuel Huntington County Civil War
Williard, William C. Fulton County PFC WWII
Williford, William D. Vigo County PVT WWII
Willing, John W. Marion County F W WWII
Willingham, Earl J. Vanderburgh County SGT WWII
Willis, Delbert Y. Vanderburgh County PVT WWII
Willis, Donnis W. Sullivan County WWII
Willis, E.S. Warren County PFC WWII
Willis, Richard Huntington County 1LT WWII
Willis, Robert E. Lawrence County Motor Machinists Mate Third Class WWII
Willmoth, William J. Lake County SGT WWII
Willoughby, Lonnie C. Marion County PFC WWII
Willoughby, Norman L. Vigo County PVT WWII
Willoughby, Sampson C. Bartholomew CountyTEC4 WWII
Wills, Isreal Clinton County Civil War
Wills, James E. Hendricks County TEC5 WWII
Wills, James F. Jackson County PVT Civil War
Willy, William T. Sullivan County FL O WWII
Wilson, Aesop Jackson County Musician Civil War
Wilson, Bryan S.Tippecanoe County CPL Marines Iraq
Wilson, Carl W. Bartholomew County PVT WWII
Wilson, Charles B. Marion County PFC WWII
Wilson, Charles E. Hamilton County Seaman Second Class Navy WWII
Wilson, Chester J. Fayette County PVT WWII
Wilson, Cline Fulton County Civil War
Wilson, Donald D.Jackson CountyArmyKorea
Wilson, Donald M. Grant County SGT WWII
Wilson, Edward Washington County PFC WWII
Wilson, Edward Washington County PFC WWII
Wilson, George F. Marion County TEC4 WWII
Wilson, George W. Hamilton County PFC WWII
Wilson, Harry E. Jr. Morgan County FL O WWII
Wilson, Herschel C. Marion County CAPT WWII
Wilson, Jack E. Sullivan County WWII
Wilson, James H. Cass County WWI
Wilson, James M. Marion County SGT WWII
Wilson, James V. Clinton County Korea
Wilson, Jethro Clinton County Civil War
Wilson, Johnny G.Jackson County PFCArmyKorea
Wilson, John O. Vigo County SGT WWII
Wilson, Joseph B. Vanderburgh County CPL WWII
Wilson, Joseph W. Cass County WWI
Wilson, Lawrence E. Montgomery County WWI
Wilson, Lewis L. Miami County 2LT WWII
Wilson, Marvin L. Huntington County PVT WWII
Wilson, Marvin Switzerland County Fireman First Class WWII
Wilson, Melvin M. Allen County PVT WWII
Wilson, Murlyn E. Lagrange County PVT WWII
Wilson, Raymond L. Clay County PVT WWII
Wilson, Roscoe A. Floyd County SSG WWII
Wilson, Roy L. Tippecanoe County WWI
Wilson, Russell D. Cass County PVT WWII
Wilson, Thomas T. Jr. Shelby County PFC WWII
Wilson, Wallace L. Floyd County CPL WWII
Wilson, Wallace Sullivan County PVT WWII
Wilson, Walton W. Clinton County WWII
Wilson, William Jr. Lake County PVT WWII
Wilson, William W. Gibson County SGT WWII
Wilson, Winfield S. Cass County WWI
Wiltrout, Glen E. Kosciusko County Boatswains Mate Second ClassNavy WWII
Win, David Jackson County PVT Civil War
Windbigler, Rollin D. Wabash County PVT WWII
Wine, C.A. Blackford County SSG WWII
Winengo, John C. Jackson County CORP Civil War
Wines, Ernie J. Laporte County PFC WWII
Wing, Howard R. Wayne County PFC WWII
Wingate, Lowell D. Fayette County PVT WWII
Wingate, Robert W. Clinton County Civil War
Winiger, Bernard A. Vanderburgh County SGT WWII
Wininger, Frank M. Morgan County SSG WWII
Wininger, Frederick W. Howard County PVT WWII
Wininger, Rondal E. Hamilton County PFC WWII
Wininger, Rupert C. Monroe County PFC WWII
Winklepleck, Daniel R. Owen County WWI
Winkler, Charles G. Marion County PVT WWII
Winkler, Claude C. Knox County CPL WWII
Winkler, Lloyd F. Clay County PFC WWII
Winkley, Manley F. Hamilton County PFC WWII
Winkley, Russell Dearborn County WWI
Winland, Harold D. Gibson County CPL WWII
Winscott, Richard Jackson County PVT Civil War
Winters, Jeannette L.Lake CountySGTMarineAfgan/Iraq
Winters, Kenneth E. Elkhart County SGT WWII
Winters, Vernon Marion County SSG WWII
Wintz, Urban G. Ripley County PFC WWII