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Submitted by: J. P. Smith

Friend, John Harvey, 1810- 1896

He was born 9 July 1810, into a Society of Friends West Grove monthly meeting near Centerville, Wayne county, Indiana, to William and Rachel (Townsend) Harvey. Reaching maturity he asked the Meeting for approval to marry Malinda Canaday, a daughter born 25 May 1817 to Charles and Sarah (Russell) Canaday. The marriage was 14 Jul 1833 in West Grove MM, Centerville, Indiana.

Malinda and John removed to the Westfield Monthly Meeting in White River township, Hamilton county, Indiana to support the newer Meeting and begin farming. He was a progressive farmer, owning the first reaper in the area and his farm yield awards are impressive. They also harvested clay on the farm to make the bricks for a two story home that still stands, west of the village of Aroma. Their union was also productive with four children: Rachel 1834, William 1838, Charles 1842 and Sarah 1845. Sarah’s twin, Aaron passed away.

The wife, Malinda, passed on 18 March 1884. John carried on, gradually observing his faith at home due in part to his gradual hearing loss. 17 March 1896 when he passed, his coffin was plain and carried on a farm wagon to the Aroma cemetery as he requested. He will be missed by his friends and neighbors because of his helpfulness and sterling character.

Written by J. P. Smith.