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Submitted by: JP Smith

Wedding Papers of Jehiel Williams & Sarah Harvey

The Wedding Papers of Jehiel Williams & Sarah Harvey - December 15, 1842.

Whereas Jehiel Williams of the County of Hamilton, State of Indiana, Son of John Williams, and Mary his wife of the County of Wayne, State of Indiana, and Sarah Harvey, daughter of William Harvey and Rachel his wife, of the County of Hamilton, and State aforesaid, have declared their intentions of marriage with each other before a Monthly Meeting of the religious Society of Friends held at Westfield and having the consent of parents, Said proposals are allowed of by Said Meeting.

These I am therefore to certify to all whom it may concern, that for the full accomplishment of their Said intention this the Fifteenth Day of the Twelfth Month of the Year of the Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty Two. They the Said Jehiel Williams and Sarah Harvey appeared in public Meeting of Said People held at Sugar Ridge ( a branch of Westfield MM), and the Said Jehiel Williams taking the Said Sarah Harvey by the hand, declared that he took the Said Sarah Harvey to be his wife, promising with Divine Assistance to be to her a loving and faithful husband until death should seperate them. Then the Said Sarah Harvey did in like manner declare that she took him, the Said Jehiel Williams to be her husband, promising with Divine Assistance to be to him a loving and faithful wife, until death should seperate them, and moreover, they, the Said Jehiel Williams and Sarah Harvey, she according to the custom of Marriage, adopting the name of her husband. Now as a further confirmation there to these Presents set their hands.

And we, whose names are here unto ___ Jehiel Williams___
subscribed being present at the
Solemnization of Said Marriage have ___ Sarah Harvey___
witnessed and thereto have set our
hands the day and year above written.

___ William Harvey     __Elvira Pary   ___Solomon Cook___
___ Rachel Harvey___Abel Elliott___Rachel Ridgeway___
___ Caleb Harvey___Sarah Elliott___Sarah Picket___
___ Malinda Harvey___Riley Bond___Kezia Ridgeway___
___ John Harvey___Sarah Boon___William Picket___
___ Rachel Cook___Henry Pickett___Thomas Rich___
___ Rachel Harvey___Henry Bushong___Jabez Brown___
___ Jacob Griffin___ ? Rich___John Boon___
___ Emily Cook___John Ridgeway___Jonathon Bushong___
___ Enos Pray___Richard Ridgeway
___ Nathan Cook___Elihu Cook___Fielder Brown___
W.C. Bray, Notary Public