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We at Trails to the Past are a very laid back, great group of people who's only goal is to provide free genealogy to researchers, to help, assist and aid researchers in their journeys to acquire the information they need to find their long lost ancestors. We do have a lot of fun together laughing, joking, and helping each other, but our greatest goal is providing as much information as possible on our sites for you our researchers.

We are not a political organization, there's no elections to various offices, no unintelligible by-laws to memorize, no list of rules and regulations to adhere to - we'll leave that to the other groups.

Trails to the Past is all about putting data and historical information online for free access, and enjoying each others company while we're doing it - that's it. We're just trying to do our jobs the best way we know how, with the least bit of conflict possible. So just to be absolutely clear: If you enjoy the political world of online genealogy, if you like serving on committees, if you think there aren't enough by-laws in the world today, if you really enjoy the debating of rules and regulations and deciding who is and isn't following them - we are not the place for you. ~© 2010  Daryl Lytton & Trails to the Past

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To continue reading, go to Trails to the Past FAQ, or if you have already decided to join us, just send me an email.

Just remember the important things are: simple, organized and updated regularly. That's all there is to it. Oh yes, you must love your county!

Just The Basics

This section of the site is to help you become a WebMaster. It's really not as complicated as it looks. There are ways of creating wonderful sites with very little understanding of how to write HTML code. I think it is a good idea though to have some knowledge of code in order to have more control and confidence when creating your site. If you already know about coding, and want to adopt a county, email me!!

If you are a beginner, here are some excellent resources to get you started.

  • WebTech University Small simple, basic and free classes. I did them myself to learn.
    From the site:
    "We offer free classes for the complete beginner and those with some knowledge in creating simple web pages along with graphics to use on these pages!
    Our HTML 101 class is the perfect choice for the first time webmaster.
    The Intermediate and Advanced HTML classes are designed to educate you in the more advanced techniques (Tables, Frames, Forms, Lists, & more)."
  • You should go and download Pat Geary's "Planning a Genealogy Website EBook 2nd Edition". It is a PDF file ebook which will come in handy. Pat is very good, and the ebook is free.
  • I find Pat Geary's site more than helpful. Genealogy Web Creations is a great place to go if you get into problems. There are also templates, which I use on all my sites (with many changes to personalize for my own preference). They are built in stone and you can change them as you wish. Her tutorials section is great and all this is free!
  • HTML Code Tutorial
  • Help for the Beginning Web Author
    Pat Asher's very basic explanations and how to. Very good!

Helpful Lists at RootsWeb

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The information on this site may be used for use in personal family records, with source citation. The pages in entirety may not be duplicated for publication in any fashion without the permission of the owner. Commercial use of any material on this site is not permitted.
Please respect the wishes of those who have contributed their time and efforts to make this free site possible.