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Death Records

You may submit your Vanderburgh County Death records (prior to 1900) to me. I will post those on the submitted death records page with your email address.

If you have any death record lists, please send them in to me to add to this section.

Indiana did not require Birth or Death Certifications until 1882.

WPA Indexes are available for Vanderburgh County Birth and Death Records, the WPA Index covers the years 1882 to 1920.

Browning Funeral Home Records are an index to Evansville's newspaper obituaries from the 1920's to the present. Willard Library has the records on microfilm, listed by alphabetical order. The records from the 1920's to the present are online.

Delayed Birth Certificates were issued by Vanderburgh County Superior Court to people who produced evidence of their birthplace (birthplace could be outside of Vanderburgh County) and birth date in order to receive a birth certificate enabling them to work for a defense industry during World War II. 25,000 certificates were issued during the war years. These records (approx. 10,000) are on microfilm with an index at Willard Library

Search the Social Security Death Index to help you find a date of death.



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