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Help Vanderburgh GenWeb Grow...

Have you always wanted to help, but just lived too far away to do anything? Well, now you can help the Vanderburgh GenWeb grow!

I have a couple of projects that are in the works. The first one is typing both volumes of the WPA Supplemental Marriage records. This record gives the name of the bride/groom, their ages, their parents' name and the date of marriage from the years 1880-1898!!! Isn't that a great thing! I've just purchased both of the books and have volunteers to help type the records!

The next project is the index from Names of Persons and Firms in Vanderburgh. That book is coming in as well and I'll need volunteers to help me out with typing it. The process will be very similar... I'll Xerox the pages, send them to you for you to type. Once you finish typing the information, you'll send it to me in an email so I can post it! I'll let everyone know when we're ready to start this one!

The last thing is the WPA marriage records. They're different than the supplemental records. The supplemental records don't list who married whom, the marriage records do! I can't afford to buy the marriage record books, but if you are willing to donate a bit of money, we can buy them all and get them posted. Below are the volumes and the prices. I'll put a donate button below and you can donate any amount of money you choose. I'll list the donors names and amounts online. When we have enough to buy the books, I'll take the button down.

Multi-Volume Marriage Set from the years 1846-1920

Volume Letters Cost
1 A - Cla 45.00
2 Cla - Fyn 43.00
3 G - H 44.00
4 I - L 38.00
5 M - O 36.00
6 P - R 28.00
7 S 37.00
8 T - Z 40.00
  Shipping 5.00
  Total Amount $316.00

Mical Cisterna - $100
Tamara Kincaide - $25
Nancy Patrow $20
Barbara McGirr - $20
Carol Brisson - $10
Jean Enyart - $40
anonymous - $20

Total: $235 YEAH! Almost there!!!! Only $81 to go!!!

You can choose any amount you would like to donate. This is a "PayPal" button. If you don't have PayPal, you can use your credit card. If you'd rather send me a check, that's fine as well. You can send it to Marsha Bryant, 409 Troy Place, Raleigh, NC 27609. Make sure you include your email address, so I can thank you as well as post your name online!

WPA Supplemental Marriage Record Volunteers:
Letter(s) Volunteer
A Mical Cisterna
B Mical Cisterna
C Lisa Rogier
D Jan Foss
E Bobbie McCulla
F Bobbie McCulla
G Lisa Rogier
H Jan Foss
I Lisa Rogier
J Barb Manzi
K Barb Manzi
L Jan Foss
M A. C. Miller
N Kathy Kimberlin
O Kathy Kimberlin
P Kathy Kimberlin
Q Kathy Kimberlin
R Lisa Rogier
S Lana Knor
T-Z Tamara Kincaide

Next Project!  Index of Names of Persons, Businesses, Organizations, Churches, Schools, etc.
Compiled by the staff of Willard Library

They have done an every name index of a number of different books. If you find your ancestor's name, you can order the Xeroxed copy of the pages (not from me... from Willard Library or from Ye Olde Genealogy Shop)! It's a great resource!!!! Please volunteer so we can get this posted. Click on this page to see further information on the book.

Letter(s) Volunteer
A Claudia Wallace
B Claudia Wallace
C Susie Rose
D Susie Rose
E Susie Rose
F Rick France
G Lisa Rogier
H Lisa Rogier
I Lisa Rogier
J Judy Featherstone
K Judy Featherstone
L Judy Featherstone
M Lisa Rogier
N Judy Featherstone
O Judy Featherstone
P Judy Featherstone
Q Judy Featherstone
R Judy Featherstone
S Judy Featherstone
T Lisa Rogier
U Judy Featherstone
V Judy Featherstone
W Judy Featherstone
XYZ Judy Featherstone



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