Submitted by Martha A. Crosley Graham
From: The Solons of the State as Sketched by the Sentinel, Indiana and Ohio the Nativity of the Great Majority of Our Legislators: Indianapolis Sentinel (Indianapolis, IN), Saturday, January 23, 1875, Volume: XXIII, Issue :206, Page: 6

Was born in Clearmont county, Ohio, July 29, 1807. His father was of Irish and his mother of German decent. Edward Toney's ooportunities for a schooling were confined to a house without a shingle roof, a glass window or a plank floor. Fitted by education for farming, he adopted that avocation. Since 1830 he has resided in Vermillion county and held all the offices within the gift of the citizens of that county, except constable, and to that he did not aspire; and yet he never sought offices; "waiting for the wagon," as he would express it. Always opposed to corruption, he had to abandon the Republican party sometime since, and now he is independent in politics. For further particulars why he left the Republican party address the gentleman from Vermillion at Hillsdale.