200 - History of Vermillion County Biographical and Historical Record of
Vermillion County, Indiana


The territory comprising Vermillion County was originally a part of Vigo County. In 1821 Vigo County was divided by the organization of Parke County, which comprised Vermillion as a part of it, and Roseville, on the Big Raccoon Creek, was the county seat.

In 1823, by an act of the Legislature of the State, Parke County was divided by the Wabash River, the part west of the river being organized as Vermillion County, and named from the rivers. The Big Vermillion had been for many years the boundary between the possessions of the Peankeshaws on the south and the Kickapoos and Pottawatomies on the north, and during the period of ownership by France it was a part of the boundary between Canada and Louisiana.

Vermillion County was created by an act of the General Assembly, approved January 2, 1824. The full text is as follows:

"SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana, That from and after the first day of February next, all that part of the counties of Parke and Wabash included within the following bounds shall form and constitute a new county, that is to say: Beginning on the west bank of the Wabash River, where the township line dividing townships numbered thirteen and fourteen north of the base line, of range number nine west of the second principal meridian crosses the same; thence west to the State line; thence north to the line dividing townships numbered nineteen and twenty north; thence east to the Wabash River; and thence south with the meanders of said river to the place of beginning.

"SECTION 2. The said new county shall, from and after the first day of February next, be known and designated by the name of the county of Vermillion, and it shall enjoy all the rights, privileges and jurisdictions which to a separate and independent county do or may properly belong or appertain: Provided always, That all suits, pleas, plaints, actions and proceedings which may before the first day of March next have been commenced, instituted and pending within the county of Parke, shall be prosecuted to final judgment and effect in the same manner as if this act had not been passed: Provided also, That

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the State and county taxes which are now due within the bounds of the said new county shall be collected and paid in the same manner and by the same officers as they would have been if the creation of the said new county had not taken place.

"SECTION 3. Robert Sturgus and Samuel Caldwell, of the county of Vigo, Moses Robbins, of Parke County, William Pugh, of Sullivan County, and William McIntosh, of the county of Putnam, are hereby appointed commissioners, agreeably to the act entitled 'An act for the fixing of the seats of justice in all new counties hereafter to be laid off.' The commissioners above named, or a majority of them, shall convene at the house of James Blair, in the said new county of Vermillion, on the first Monday of March next and immediately proceed to discharge the duties assigned them by law. It is hereby made the duty of the sheriff of Parke County to notify the said commissioners either in person or by written notice of their appointment, on or before the first day of February next: and the said sheriff of Parke County shall receive from the said county of Vermillion such compensation therefor as the county commissioners of said new county of Vermillion shall deem just and reasonable; who are hereby authorized to allow the same out of any monies in the treasury of said county, not otherwise appropriated, in the same manner as other allowances are made.

"SECTION 4. The Circuit Court of the county of Vermillion shall meet at the house of James Blair, in the said new county of Vermillion, until suitable accommodations can be had at the seat of justice; and so soon as the courts of said county are satisfied that suitable accommodations can be had at the county seat, they shall adjourn their courts thereto, after which time the courts of the said county shall be holden at the seat of justice of said county established by law: Provided always, That the Circuit Court shall have authority to adjourn the court from the house of James Blair as aforesaid, to any other place, previous to the completion of the public buildings, should the said court or a majority of them deem it expedient.

"SECTION 5. The Board of County Commissioners of the said county of Vermillion shall, within six months after the permanent seat of justice of said county shall have been selected, proceed to erect the necessary public building thereon.

SECTION 6. The agent who shall be appointed for the sales of lots at the seat of justice of said new county shall reserve and receive ten per centum out of the proceeds of all donations made to the said county, and also out of the proceeds of all sales made of lots at the county seat of said county, and pay the same over to such person or persons as may be appointed by law to receive the same, for the use of a county library for the said county of Vermillion, which he shall pay over at such time and place as may be directed by law.

"SECTION 7. The powers, privileges and authorities that are granted to the qualified voters of the county of Dubois and others named in the act entitled 'an act incorporating a county library' in the counties therein named, approved January 28, 1818, to organize support and conduct a county library, are hereby granted to the qualified voters of the county of Vermillion; and the same powers and authorities therein granted, and the same duties therein required of the several officers and persons elected by the qualified voters of Dubois and other counties therein named, for the purpose of carrying into effect the provisions of the act aforesaid, according to the true intent and meaning