230 - History of Vermillion County Biographical and Historical Record of
Vermillion County, Indiana

Clinton Township


JOHN VANNEST, the first settler of Vermillion County, located on section 9 of this township, in 1816.  See a previous chapter for particulars.  The second settler in the county, John Beard, also located in this township, building the first house in the town of Clinton, and in 1819 or 1820 the first mill in the county, afterward known as Patton's Mill, three and a half miles southwest of Clinton.  He was also the first justice of the peace in the county.

William Hamilton came in March, 1818.  His son John is the oldest living resident of the county, and very frail.  William, another son, died about 1878.

Nelson Reeder, deceased, was but two years old when his parents came from Ohio and settled here in 1818.

Judge Porter, from New York State, settled here in 1819.  His son Charles, born in 1816, was a good citizen, but ended his life by suicide.

John J. Martin, who died about three years ago, was in his second year when his parents immigrated to this township in 1819.

The same year, Daniel McCulloch, who was born in the State of new York in 1797, settled in Clinton Township, upon a farm five miles southwest of Clinton, where he died a number of years ago.  W. B., his son, who was born in 1830, is still a resident here.

John Wright, Sr. now an undertaker at Clinton, was born in New York State in 1818, and in 1820 his parents brought him, in emigration, to this county.  George Wright came in 1832, and died many years ago.  His wife Mary, who was born November 13, 1805, in New York, came to Indiana in 1817, settling near Terre Haute, and in 1832 came

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to this county where she died December 18, 1882.  Her only surviving child, William Wright, has been county commissioner.

Major Chunn, an officer in the regular army, came here from Terre Haute some time previous to 1820, and was an efficient soldier in driving away the Indians; was also a participant in the battle of Tippecanoe.  He was a justice of the peace here for many years.  His son Thomas is still a resident of this township.

John Clover, from Ohio, located in Clinton Township in 1821, with his son Joseph A., who is yet living six miles west of Clinton.

Joshua Dean, who was born in Virginia in 1801, settled here in 1822, and died about ten years ago.

A family named Andrews located in this township the same year, in which were several sons.

Henry and Eli Shew, natives of North Carolina, were boys when they became residents of Clinton Township.  The former was born in 1815 and came in 1825, and the latter born in 1819, was brought here in 1823.

Captain William Swan was born in Pennsylvania in 1802, settled in Clinton Township in 1823, was a member of the first jury in the county, followed the river, making over sixty trips to New Orleans on both rafts and flats, was a Universalist in his religious belief, and a Freemason, and died January 29, 1887, at Clinton.

Washington Potter, still living, was about eight years old when, in 1823, he was brought to this township.  He is a native of Ohio, and a carpenter by trade.

Silas Davis, a cooper and farmer, now living in Kanasas, was born in Ohio in 1818, brought here in 1823, and liveed here many years.

The parents of William and Israel Wood came in 1824.  The latter are still residents here.

John W. Hedges came also in 1824.  His son, Dr. I. B. Hedges, was born October 30, 1819, died February 24, 1883, and was buried in Clinton Cemetery.  He was a respectable, well known physician, of many years' standing in his native county.

In 1824 came also Mr. Crabb, father of Walter G., who was born in Fayette County, Ohio.  The former moved into Parke County.

James H. Allen, of Clinton, born in Ohio in 1822, has been a resident here since 1827.

John Payton, an early merchant of Clinton, was born in Ohio in 1818, and settled here in 1828.

This year also came James Clark, Sr., from Ohio, where he was born in 1798, became a farmer a mile and a half west of Clinton, and is now deceased.

Samuel Davidson, also deceased, was born in Ohio in 1817, and settled in this township in 1830.  Martin M. Davidson, born in Ohio in 1829, was brought here in 1832, lived here many years, and is now a resident of Terre Haute.

George W. Edwards, of Clinton, was born in this State in 1827, and became a resident here in 1830.

Andrew Reed, born in North Carolina in 1820, settled here in 1830.

Thomas Kibby, who was born in this State in 1810, came to Clinton Township in the fall of 1830, and is still a resident here.

Benjamin R. Whitcomb, born in Vermont in 1798, and his cousin and business partner, John Whitcomb, came in 1828, settling in the village of Clinton, where they were among the first merchants, pork packers, etc.  John died August 29, 1830, aged forty-one years.  Benjamin R. died April 23, 1861, and his wife, Anna S. died May 21, 1869.