256 - History of Vermillion County Biographical and Historical Record of
Vermillion County, Indiana
edifices in the nation. Its size is 32 x 54 feet, besides a "rostrum" 8 x 14 feet; its style is of course modern and of fancy finish, and the cost about $2,800, not counting the pews and other furniture. It was dedicated June 26, 1887, by Rev. T. D. Fyffe, of Roseville Indiana. The location is in the northern part of the village, in Samuel Aikman's addition. The leading men in building this church were W. M. Taylor, Samuel Aikman and Samuel Hall.

Dana Baptist Church was organized in 1880, with twelve members, by Rev. G. T. Willis, of Hoopeston, Illinois. Pastors, Revs. Willis, Cartwright, of Fountain County, Indiana, William McMasters of Montezuma, Palmer, of Waveland, and Mr. Franklin. At present there is a vacancy. The membership numbers twenty. Charles Thompson has been deacon from the time of organization, and G. H. Fisher, at the first clerk, is now also deacon, Elizabeth Thomas Meyer, clerk. The church, a fancy brick structure, in the northern part of the village, is 36 x 60 feet in dimensions, and was erected this year (1887) at a cost of about $2,500, not counting the pews.

Dana Christian Church was organized temporarily about the first of September, 1886. A Sunday-school of about sixty pupils is superintended by Prof. A. J. Wilson. A few zealous Christians, led by Rev. J. W. Jarvis and his business partner John Morris -- although the latter is not a member of the church -- have just built a fine house of worship at Dana, in the northwestern part of the town the first church erected by this people in Vermillion County. It is a brick structure, 32 x 54 feet in ground area, neatly finished and furnished in modern style, and cost $2,335.38. It was dedicated April 17, 1887, by Elder L. L. Carpenter, of Wabash, Indiana. The present membership of the church is about fifty. Elder J. W. Jarvis is the "temporary" pastor.

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Concerning some of the earliest dates in the following compilation, there, as is always the case in such sketches, some doubt, as it is impossible for the historian to reconcile contradictory accounts, to verify all the guesses or to fill out the blanks desired.

1819. -- Alexander and Elizabeth Morehead, natives of Ohio, settled in Vermillion Township either this year or in 1822 (authorities vary). They died in 1844 and 1849 respectively. Their son Samuel is now a resident of Newport. Jacob A. Morehead, who died many years ago, and Joseph A. Morehead, still living, were both born in this county in 1826.

1820. -- Richard and Susan (Henderson) Haworth, said also to be the first settlers of Vermillion Township, came from Tennessee in the fall of 1820. Mr. Haworth died in 1850, aged fifty-seven years, and his wife died in 1854, also at the age of fifty-seven. (See biography of George F. Haworth.) John Hopkins, who died in 1873, at the age of sixty-eight years, was a lad of fifteen years when in 1820 he became a resident of this county. His mother is yet living.

1821. -- Joel Dicken came from Prairie Creek, Kentucky, settling where Newport now stands. His son, Benjamin K., long a resident in the vicinity, was born in 1818, and died recently in Michigan or Wisconsin. Daniel C. Dicken, born in this county in 1822, and Simeon Dicken, both died in this township. Martha E., widow of the latter, was born in North Carolina. September 1, 1821, brought to this county in 1826 or 1827, and died December 30, 1881. Another Martha Dicken was born in Kentucky in 1804, and emigrated to this county in 1822, and died February 18, 1882. Joseph Eggleston, father of William the lawyer, came to this county in 1821, and died many years ago. John L. Eggleston, born in 1827, is a resident of Newport.

1822. -- To this year is credited John Wimsett, from Virginia, who died many years ago. Jacob Wimsett, born January 8, 1827,