Pension File
LEWIS H. BECKMAN, 1841-1924

Transcription by Carolyn Schwab
Original application 16 pages
Pension Application #108,076

30 APR 1869
        Affidavit from ALEXANDER M. STAATS       
                 1st Lt. Of Company A 6th Regiment Indiana Cavalry
        LEWIS H. BECKMAN received a gunshot wound to the calf of the left leg
                 Battle of Richmond  30 AUG 1862
        LEWIS H. BECKMAN received a gunshot wound through the left thigh
                 Stoneman raid in State of Georgia  30 JUL 1864
31 MAY 1869
        Declaration for invalid Army Pension
        LEWIS H. BECKMAN, age 27 years
                 Enlisted in Clinton, Vermillion Co., IN  10 JUL 1862
                          Sergeant of Co. A, 6th Regiment of Indiana Cavalry
                          Commanded by JOSEPH HASTY
                 Honorably discharged 17 JUN 1865
                 Received gunshot wound to left leg in Battle of Richmond  30 AUG 1862
                 Received gunshot wound through left thigh in raid in Georgia  30 JUL 1864
                 Unable to do much manual labor because of injuries
        Resides in Helt, Vermillion Co., IN  farmer
        Appoints HAMLIN & WRIGHT as attorneys
                 ROBERT E. STEPHENS
                 WILLIAM F. WISHARD
No date
        Names of hospitals while a prisoner
                 First was a private house for 6 weeks
                 Last was a hospital at Heilsborough, GA for 2 weeks
                 Was removed to Macon, GA for one month
                 Then to Andersonville Prison
                 Attended by surgeons unknown to me
                          Signed by LEWIS H. BECKMAN
12 MAY 1871
        Declaration for increase of Invalid Army Pension
        LEWIS H. BECKMAN  age 29 years
        Resides in Clinton, Vermillion Co., IN
        Receives a pension of $3.00 per month         Feels he should receive at least $8.00 per month
        Occupation farmer as far as he is able
                 JOE B. CHEADLE  known for 9 years
                 JOHN W. HARTMAN  known for 9 years
11 JAN 1899
        Resident of Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN
        Married to LAURA E. CRANE  10 SEP 1868 in Newport, Vermillion Co., IN
        Record of marriage in Clerk office and family records         No previous marriages
        Children living
                 ALICE B. BECKMAN  5 NOV 1869
                 CHARLES O. BECKMAN  22 APR 1873
                 H. RAY BECKMAN  3 NOV 1881
11 APR 1915
        Born Vermillion Co., IN
        Served 71st Indiana Infantry and 6th Indiana Cavalry
        Enlisted at Clinton, Vermillion Co., IN
        Married to LAURA E. CRANE  10 SEP 1868  Newport, Vermillion Co., IN
        No previous marriages
        Married by Rev. WRIGHT
        Wife died 12 JUL 1907
        Names and dates of all children living and dead
                 ALICE                           5 NOV 1869
                 CHARLES O.                  22 APR 1873
                 LENA B.                  19 JUL 1879         deceased
                 HENRY R.                  3 NOV 1881
16 NOV 1916
        Pensioned 11 MAY 1912 at $24.00 per month
        Now age 75 years  as of 16 NOV 1916
        Resides at H. Co. National Home  Danville, IL
3 DEC 1923
        Declaration for Pension
        Age 82 years
        Born 16 NOV 1841 in Vermillion Co., IN
        Served in 71st and 6th Indiana Cavalry         Height 5'9"
        Complexion light
        Eyes grey
        Hair light
        Occupation farmer
        Since leaving service, has lived at Clinton and at Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN
                 And at National Home in Danville, IL
                 Farming until 1884, groceries for 12 years, life insurance until 1911
                 At National Home since then
        Wife is deceased  died 12 JUL 1907
        Has one son living that is 50 years old.
                 J.E. LINCK  Danville, IL
                 LOUISE HARRINGTON  Danville, IL
1 JUL 1924
        Pension being increased to $72.00 per month as of 16 MAY 1924
28 OCT 1924
        LEWIS H. BECKMAN was killed by a railroad train near Danville, IL  27 OCT 1924
        Next of kin  Mrs. J.S. HOAGLAND  daughter  of Mitchell, SD